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Kids Take OVER! 😱 MYSTERY YOUTUBE FAMILY Chooses Our Lunch! 🍎 Bunches Of Lunches

Kids Take OVER! 😱 MYSTERY YOUTUBE FAMILY Chooses Our Lunch! 🍎 Bunches Of Lunches

– [Jennifer] Hey guys and
welcome to the family Fudge. I’m Jennifer and I’m super
excited about today’s video because we’ve invited a
mystery You Tube family to choose our lunches for us. And the mystery family is Phillips FamBam. We totally love these guys. They are a family of vloggers
and over on their channel all their videos are
uplifting and positive. They do grocery hauls; I’m
talking huge grocery hauls. Lots of fun food challenges. I absolutely love their
room makeover videos. Recently they stated making these videos where they go into Walmart and they find secret, hidden clearance items, which, if you’re like me, and you love to go bargain hunting,
you should definitely check out those videos. They are so fun. I will go ahead and leave
a link to their channel in the description box below, so don’t forget to go check them out. And now, let’s get onto the lunches. (whoosh) So, four fill up FamBam lunches today, I’m going to be using a
different kind of lunchbox. These ones are called Good Bins, and I really love the fun, bright colors, and even though these
kind of look like they’re on the smaller side, they
actually hold a lot of food. Now, since my kids actually
love making lunches almost as much as I do, they’re also going to be helping me put
these lunches together. First off we’re going to be
making Emberlynn’s lunch. Emberlynn is their youngest daughter, so I invited my youngest daughter to help me make this lunch. – [Lily] Hey guys, it’s Lily. And I’m excited to make this lunch today ‘cuz I love Disney princesses, too. – [Jennifer] Yes, we decided to go with a Disney princess
theme for Emberlynn’s lunch because she made a video recently where she unboxed a bunch
of Disney princess items, and, of course, you know we love Disney princesses, too, don’t we? – [Lily] Yeah, the first
thing we’re gonna do is make Emberlynn’s sandwich. – [Jennifer] Now she
requested something that we don’t eat a lot at this house, do we? – [Lily] No – [Jennifer] And that is.. – [Lily] Tuna. – [Jennifer] Tuna. I actually really like tuna. I used to eat it all the time as a kid, and I especially love
a Subway tuna sandwich. They are delicious. – [Lily] So I got my bowl, I got my bread. Now I’m gonna empty all
my tuna into my bowl. We’re just going to add mayo to this. No mustard, no pickles, just mayo. – [Jennifer] Yeah guys,
let us know in the comments down below how you make your tuna. What do you add to it? When I was a kid, my mom used
to chop up hard-boiled eggs and put it into the tuna, which
sounds really weird maybe, but it tasted good. – [Lily] So now I’m
scooping it onto the bread. I’m gonna spread it out and pat it down. – [Jennifer] And now
we have a very special sandwich cutter for Emberlynn’s lunch. – [Lily] It’s a princess crown! – [Jennifer] Now I found
this cutter a long time ago, I think it was at Publix actually, or it might have been
a store called Ingles. I can’t remember, but this
sandwich cutter is awesome because it doesn’t waste
a lot of the bread. It basically just takes off the crust. – [Lily] You have to push down pretty hard to get this to work. You just have that. Our sandwich is done. Next, we’re gonna prepare the fruit. – [Jennifer] So for Emberlynn’s lunch, she requested strawberries; we
love strawberries, don’t we? – [Lily] Yeah! – [Jennifer] Because the next
step is only for adults to do, or grown ups, or people that
are used to using knives, because I’m gonna turn
these strawberries into rose strawberries. You know, Belle and the
rose, they kinda go together. So this is not very
difficult to do at all, you just have to be really careful when you’re using a paring knife. Basically I just take my strawberry, and I leave the stem on. Then I very carefully make
small cuts all the way around the strawberry, but I’m not
cutting all the way through. I’m leaving the slice
in tact, and I’m bending it out slightly. That way they’ll open up and
look like the petals of a rose. You think it looks like a rose? – [Lily] Yeah! – [Jennifer] Now these are really easy, but they do take a little bit of practice to get them just right. – [Lily] The next thing for
Emberlynn’s lunch is cucumbers. – [Jennifer] Now this is one that Lily can actually help me
cut because we’re using the crinkle cutter, and
it’s not very sharp at all, so it’s definitely kid safe. I get questions about
this cutter all the time, and it’s actually really old. I got it from Pampered Chef like, I dunno, ten years ago, but it
still works just fine. – [Lily] So I’m making
some pretty big slices. – [Jennifer] Now we have
heard that Emberlynn’s favorite subject at school is math and she’s really good at
it, so we’re gonna use our number cookie cutters. They’re really tiny, and we’re gonna punch out these cucumber slices. This is just a really fun and easy way to personalize this lunch. – [Lily] I’m just using the
one, two, and three cutters in the center of each slice. – [Jennifer] And we’re gonna be including the big pieces of cucumber and the little pieces of
cucumber in the lunch. None of this is getting thrown away because it’s all perfectly edible. Oh yes, and the trick to getting things out of little, teeny cookie cutters is to use a little pick and
sort of push the food out. So as you can see, we’ve got
our delicious tuna sandwich, and now we can go ahead and
add our strawberry roses. These are really big strawberries, so I’m not gonna be able to fit that many. Next we’re gonna add
in our cucumber slices. I’ll go ahead and put all the
little pieces on the bottom, and I’m going to arrange the
big pieces towards the top. Now, before we move
onto Emberlynn’s snack, I’m just going to take
this really fun crown pick, and stick it right into our strawberries. This just adds a really cute decoration. [Lily] And for a snack, I’m going to add some good old barbecue chips. – [Jennifer] Do you like barbecue chips? – [Lily] Yeah! My favorite is plain potato chips. – [Jennifer] Like the
ones in the yellow bag? – [Lily] Yeah. Next, I have a special treat to add. – [Jennifer] We thought since this is a princess themed lunch that
these princess fruit snack would be perfect. – [Lily] But Elsa’s actually a queen. I’m a big fan of fruit snacks. – [Jennifer] Now, the very last thing for Emberlynn’s lunch is her drink, and she requested water, so I decided to recycle our princess
bottle with Jasmine on top. So we just put the water right in here. – [Lily] That’s everything
in Emberlynn’s lunch. – [Jennifer] And now that
Lily helped make the lunch she’s actually gonna get to eat it. (ding) – [Lily] I’m done! – [Jennifer] All right,
let’s see how you did. Ooh, you ate most of it. – [Lily] Ahh. – [Jennifer] What was your favorite part? – [Lily] Um, the chips! – [Jennifer] The chips. Next, we’re going to be
making Ethan’s lunch, and my helper is… – [Jackson] Jackson! – [Jennifer] Hey Jack, are
you ready to make this lunch? – [Jackson] Yeah! – [Jennifer] So, for Ethan’s lunch, we went with a Fortnite
theme because we know he’s a huge fan of the
game, but I have to admit I’ve never played Fortnite,
so I’m not exactly sure what it’s all about. You know about Fortnite? – [Jackson] No! – [Jennifer] Not really? I do know that there’s
a really cute llama, so we’re gonna go with that. – [Jackson] For this
lunch, I’m gonna start with the main course first. For his sandwich, I’m
using some wheat bread, some slices of turkey, some lettuce, and some mayonnaise, but that’s it. But I am gonna use this llama cutter. Ta-da! [Jennifer] Next up, we’re
going to add some fruit. – [Jackson] For Ethan’s lunch,
we’re gonna add an apple, and I’m gonna try my best for this apple slicer to cut it up, which is actually a lot harder
than I thought it would be. – [Jennifer] (chuckles) Yeah, I definitely had to step in and help here. Now, you guys have probably heard about adding lemon juice
on top of the apples, not turn brown in lunchboxes,
but we’re gonna try a different method because
sometimes lemon juice can be really sour, and not
all kids like that taste. – [Jackson] Instead, I’m gonna take a bowl filled with water,
and then I’m gonna add a little orange juice. Then I’m gonna add all
of these apple slices to the mixture. That way the orange juice
can keep the apples fresh. – [Jennifer] But it won’t be very sour. – [Jackson] So, I’m gonna
have to turn this lunchbox the other way so I can
fit the sandwich in. In this next section, I’m gonna
add all of the apple slices. But this was a really big apple. I couldn’t even fit the
whole thing in here. Next, I’m going to add some vegetables. He chose carrots. I’m gonna add a bunch of baby carrots in here with some ranch. Next, for Ethan’s snack,
he picked blue Doritos, which are the Cool Ranch flavor. – [Jennifer] Now, this next item, Ethan didn’t actually
request, but I thought it would be really fun to try. These are the sweet and
fiery fruit Gushers. Now, we’ve never tried these before. They’re supposed to
include a hot mango flavor, a fiery peach flavor,
and a spicy watermelon. Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve ever tried these
sweet and fiery Gushers. Something tells me they might either be really good or really bad. (chuckles) We’ll have to find out. – [Jackson] And the
last thing we’re adding to Ethan’s lunch is blue Gatorade. – [Jennifer] Jackson, did you notice that there’s a lot of blue
items in this lunch today? – [Jackson] Yes. – [Jennifer] You think Ethan’s
favorite color might be blue? – [Jackson] Maybe. – [Jennifer] What’s yours? – [Jackson] Green. So that’s everything in this lunch. And afterwards, show you what I ate. (ding) – [Jennifer] Okay, time to open ‘er up. Looks like you ate almost everything, except for a few carrots. That was a lot of carrots. What did you think about
the sweet and fiery Gushers? – [Jackson] They were
actually really good. – [Jennifer] How spicy were they? – [Jackson] Kind of. – [Jennifer] Just kind
of spicy, not too bad? – [Jackson] Uh huh. – [Jennifer] Did any of
the other kids try it? – [Jackson] Yes. – [Jennifer] What’d they think? – [Jackson] They didn’t really like it. – [Jennifer] They didn’t like it? Well, I probably won’t buy those again. (whoosh) Now, that brings us to Ashlynn’s lunch. Ashlynn is the oldest daughter in the Phillips FamBam
family, so I’ve asked my older daughter to help make this lunch. – [Kenzie] Hi guys, Kenzie here! – [Jennifer] And since
we know that Ashlynn, and basically the whole family,
are huge fans of soccer, we decided to go with a soccer theme. And for Ashlynn’s lunch
we’re actually going to be throwing in an extra lunch container so that we have enough
room for the main course. So, this container is not
a specific brand at all. I actually found this
randomly at a store called WinCo, which is a grocery store that’s pretty much only on the west coast, but it’s also a store that I know Phillips FamBam actually shops at. Unfortunately, there are
no WinCos here in Florida, but we do have lots of Aldi stores here, which is probably the next best thing. So, enough about the lunch container; let’s start making this lunch. Are you ready Kenzie? – [Kenzie] Yeah, so the
first thing I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna add all this
lettuce to the container, because for Ashlynn’s main course, she requested a Caesar salad. Uh, oh, I spilled tons of the lettuce. I’m just putting it back in the bowl, it’ll just be fine. – [Jennifer] (chuckles)
Yeah, it’ll be fine. I’m always spilling stuff
when I’m making these lunches. And you know why? Because I’m usually using my left hand, and I’m not left-handed. – [Kenzie] Now that all
of my salad’s in there, I’ll pop on my ice pack. That way the lettuce
will stay nice and cold. And in the smaller container, I added a little of Caesar salad dressing. I’ll go ahead and snap the lid on, but then I have a few
toppings for the salad that I’m going to put
in this other container. I’m using the silicone liners
to keep these items separated. In the star one, I’m gonna put all of this grated Parmesan cheese. Parmesan cheese is so
good in Caesar salad, and what’s also good in Caesar salad, well any salad really, is the crouton! That’s probably my favorite part! So, I’m gonna add a scoop
of them right into here. The next thing Ashlynn
picked for this lunch is cucumber, and voilà! Perfectly sliced cucumber! Next up, I’m going to add strawberries. And what I’m going to do, is I’m going to cut off all the leaves. You don’t want to eat those. So, I already washed these strawberries, so they’re nice and clean. And now, I’m gonna take a kid-safe knife, and I’m gonna slice off the tops ‘cuz you don’t want to eat that part. I’m gonna add these
strawberries right in here, and to decorate these strawberries, I’m going to put soccer flags in them! One right here, and one right here. Nice! Next, I’ll add in my cucumber slices. Then it’s time for Ashlynn’s snack. She really likes Cheez-its,
so what I’m gonna do is add some regular Cheez-its, but I’m also gonna mix them
with these new, tiny Cheez-its. These really are tiny, but
they taste exactly the same. Now this lunch is looking pretty good, but I am gonna throw in a special treat- cookies ‘n cream Pocky sticks! ‘Cuz it’s white and
black like a soccer ball. They’re really good. And the last item in
Ashlynn’s lunch is the drink. She likes water. (ding) – [Jennifer] Okay,
guys, lunchtime is over. Now, I have to say that
Kenzie and I ended up sharing this salad because it was really big. – [Kenzie] Yeah. – [Jennifer] But how did you do on the rest of the lunch, Kenzie? – [Kenzie] It was delicious! – [Jennifer] What was your favorite part? – [Kenzie] My favorite
part was, I’d have to say the cookies ‘n cream Pocky. – [Jennifer] Yeah, everybody
likes the treat, don’t they? – [Kenzie] Uh huh. (whoosh) – [Jennifer] Next up, I’m going
to be making Elijah’s lunch. And I’m gonna be making
this one all by myself because I’ve run out of
kids that can actually help. And for his lunch, I have
some Spider Man decorations because I know he loves Spider Man. So for this lunch today, I’m gonna start with the main course
first, which is a sandwich. And Elijah requested another sandwich that we don’t make very often, but that’s really a
great thing about letting other people pick out your lunch. You get to try different things, and you’re not just eating the
same sandwich over and over. So, I’ve added three or
four slices of roast beef. On top of that, I’ll
add some fresh lettuce. And then, I’m not gonna add anything else. I know Elijah doesn’t
like all other toppings and spreads, so it’s
just meat and lettuce. Let me know in the comments
down below if you dislike mayo. Now, like I said, I love
these Good Bin lunchboxes, but there is a drawback. The largest section of the
lunchbox won’t actually fit a full size sandwich just the way it is. So if you’re somebody that
packs a lot of sandwiches in your lunches, you might not want this particular lunchbox. So, what I’m gonna go ahead and do, is cut this sandwich into strips. Basically three pieces; just like this. And then I’m going to use
a couple of sandwich picks. I get these nice long
picks at the Dollar Tree, and they’re really perfect for sticking into your sandwich. Now that I have my
sandwich picks in there, I can easily pick up all the sandwiches without them falling apart. Now that that’s done, my next step is to prepare the fruit. For Elijah’s lunch I’m
adding some strawberries, and I decided to keep
these nice and simple. I’m just going to quarter them up. And then for his veggie,
he requested celery. So, I’m actually gonna
take my big celery sticks, and I’m going to slice them in half so that they’re a little bit thinner, and then I’m gonna cut them in half again. That way they can hopefully
fit in the lunchbox a little bit easier. So, to our lunchbox, in goes our sandwich. In the second section, I’m going
to use some silicone liners to separate these items. I’ll add my strawberries to this side. I’ll add a little Spider
Man topper to these just to make them look fun. And then on this side, I’m
going to add the celery with a little container
of ranch for dipping. Next up, I’m going to add the snack. For Elijah’s lunch, he
requested goldfish crackers, so I actually picked the pizza
flavored goldfish crackers. I thought that would be really fun. And then, for his special treat, I’m also going to be throwing
in some fruit snacks. These are the Spider Man,
Far from Home edition. And then speaking of Spider
Man, for Elijah’s drink I’m adding a Good 2 Grow bottle. This is a fruit punch flavored drink with, of course, that
awesome Spider Man topper. (ding) Okay guys, lunchtime is over. Now, this lunch was made for Griffin, but he’s just a toddler,
so he did end up sharing with several of the other kids, but maybe we can get Griffin to tell us what his favorite part was. – [Griffin] I ate it all! – [Jennifer] What was your
favorite part of this lunch? – [Griffin] Goldfish and the strawberries. Can you make it for us again? – [Jennifer] You want me
to make this lunch again? – [Griffin] Uh huh! C’mon, let’s go! – [Jennifer] Let’s go
make it again right now? – [Griffin] Uh huh. – [Jennifer] Okay. – [Griffin] C’mon! – [Jennifer] Okay guys, okay let’s go. He wants to make this lunch
again, he loved it so much. – [Griffin] Look at this! – [Jennifer] Okay guys, thank
you so much for watching. Don’t forget to give this
video a big thumbs up, and subscribe if you’re new. And don’t forget to go
check out Phillips FamBam. You are going to love their channel. The link will be down below. – [Griffin] And… – [Jennifer] Thanks for watching! – [Jennifer And Griffin]
See you next time!

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