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Kid Picks Between A Family Cruise… Or A Toy Car | What Would Your Kid Do?

Kid Picks Between A Family Cruise… Or A Toy Car | What Would Your Kid Do?

This is the exciting bit ok because all the
prizes that you get to choose are down to you. Shall we have a little look at your first choices? (Applause) Would you like option number 1? That is a blender. Dad:
Ooo. Stainless steel, six blade system
and a 1.8-litre working capacity. (Laughter) Can’t tempt you with that? I can see you Maybe blending some smoothies and fruit juice. I know what you want to ask… Is it dishwasher safe? And I can tell you it is. Let’s find out then what the blender is up against. It is a Fender kid’s guitar! This is a ¾ sized Stratocaster. Perfect for little ones. Would you maybe like to learn how to play the guitar? Amelia:
Yeah Shall I go and get it? Yeah.
Ok you wait there It’s in torino red! It’s very important for your
guitar to match your cardigan. Ok there we go, what do you think to that?
How does that feel? (Laughter) Do you feel like a rock star? Yeah! Who’s your favourite musician? My daddy has his own guitar and he’s very good
at playing his guitar Your daddy plays the guitar and now you could play alongside him couldn’t you? Yep! A little family band So what do you think then? Would you like
a blender or a fender? Guitar! The guitar!
Ok that makes sense. (Applause) Let me take that back off you.
There we go. Shall we have your final prize choice? YES! That was a big strong yes Amelia
Ok here we go. You could take your family on a cruise! Dad:
Excuse me. (Applause) A Caribbean cruise no less. Mom:
What! Do you know what a cruise is? No! This is a huge ship and it stops off in various
places around the Caribbean, Jamaica and Barbados. Hot places!
There’s a lot of fun to be had on board. Have you seen pirates of the Caribbean? No?
it’s nothing like that Can you do a pirate accent?
“Arrrrr!” That’s very good, very good. “Arrrrrr!”
Alright me hearties So that’s the first prize or you could take
yourself for a cruise with this (Applause) A car! An actual car, do you have a license
to drive? I’ve never drived before… You’ve never drived before?
Okay, well that’s alright. But my mommy and daddy
let me go in the front of the car Do they?
In the driver’s seat or the passenger’s? The driver! Oh Wow! Just when they’ve had a few? (Laughter) This ones got an electric motor.
Absolutely free of congestion charge. It’s got a top speed of four miles an hour! (Cheer) Would you like a little drive of the car? Yeah! To see if you like it?
Okay, let’s go over. Come on. (Applause) Have a sit down.
Okay. Clunk click, every trip. There we go, right! So you need to press that button there
to switch it on. *Engine starts. Fancy, that! (Applause) Oh, stop, stop! (Laughter) Sorry guys. I’ll get your insurance details later. (Laughter) There we go, that’s it lovely.
Well done! (Applause) How was your first driving lesson? Good! I’m a pretty good teacher.
You’ll be on the highway before the end of the week. So this is the time you have to make a choice. We have a family holiday on
a cruise around the Caribbean Or you’ve got that car I definitely want to have the car but I think
my mommy and daddy would pick the Caribbean trip. (Awww) (Applause) It’s all down to what Amelia would like. A cruise around the Caribbean Or a cruise around the garden in your own car. What do you fancy Amelia? The car!
Yes, the car! Shall we bring your mum and dad back?
Let’s just check they’ve stopped crying. (Laughter) Only joking, they’re not. Let’s welcome them back, come on down (Applause) That is mine, that is mine and I even got
my own guitar and it’s a red one. (Laughter) (Cheers) It’s alright, I’ll chat to these two and
you crack on. We’ll see you at home later yeah? I mean the Caribbean sometimes has storms Parents:
Yeahhh. She did really well though didn’t she?
She did really well Let’s give it up for Amelia, ladies and gentlemen
and her parents Claire and Andy! (Cheers) So that’s all from us and remember if you’re
a 100% sure what your kid would do. Then I don’t think you’ve been paying
attention. Say goodnight Amelia
Goodnight Amelia!

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