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Kia vs Honda, Which is Better

Kia vs Honda, Which is Better

rev up your engines, today by popular
demand I’m gonna talk about Kia cars vs. Honda cars, now I often get people
including my old customers say, hey maybe I’ll buy a Kia because the Honda’s well
I know they’re pretty good cars but the kias cost a lot less than a
good-looking cars and they seem to run pretty good when I road test them, so
they asked me, should I buy the kia or should I buy the Honda, there are reasons
when you might buy a Kia, here’s the history and you can make your own
decision, now kia is a Korean car maker that started making cars basically in
1974, now as of 2015 kia is minority owned by Hyundai another Korean car
manufacturer, in another strange twist of fate Kia is actually a minority owner of
twenty-something Hyundai subsidiaries so they’re all intermesh just like
tentacles, so today when you’re talking about Kia you’re really talking about
Kia Hyundai they’re pretty much one company intermeshed with a bunch of
different other companies, and Hyundai their kind of a little on the sneaky side,
their logo they made it an H and it was relatively similar to the
honda, so it kind of looked like you were looking at honda on these cars even
though they were made by Hyundai and back in the day there are pretty crappy
cars, when they first started selling they weren’t that good cars, there were
tin can little cars, if you compared the early Kia and Hyundai with the Honda’s
the Honda’s beat him hands down for example Honda even today is the biggest
manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world, they make 14
million engines a year, they’re very good at making engines, and they’ve been making
cars a lot longer than the kia Hyundai group
have, they started making car seriously in 1963, so in terms of time and
perfecting stuff of course Honda’s got a leg up on Kia and Hyundai, they’ve been
doing it a lot longer and they are serious engine company, for example kia and
Hyundai a few years back
they got a plant in Georgia and it turns out that they were actually making the
engines wrong and had a problem in the timing chains breaking and the engines blowing
up, and they had to replace an awful lot of engines in their vehicles for that
reason, the kias of today 2019 they’re much better than earlier models there’s
no arguing that, from my customers here’s what they tell me about their Kia’s and
Hyundai, most of them were pretty happy with buying a Kia or a Hyundai, they cited
it cost less than a Honda, pretty much got
the same kind of gas mileage, even though it wasn’t quite as zippy as the hondas
were, the ones that kept them for a longer period of time most of them
weren’t happy, to compare that to my honda customers experience, I got Honda
customers have 370-400,000 miles on their Honda, I don’t have any kia or
Hyundai customers that got even close to that with theirs, so if you’re looking
for a car that costs a little bit less, can be an okay run around car you might
think about buying a Korean car, but if you want something that’s going to last
longer, sure you pay a little bit more for it, the difference between the kias and
the hondas price isn’t that different
anymore, it used to be a big difference but it isn’t anymore, customers of mine
that had Hyundai that had oddball problems when they’re under warranty, they kept
taking a back and back to the kia or the Hyundai dealer and they wouldn’t get
them fixed correctly, and I have to say that that rarely happened with any of my
customers that had Honda’s when they’re under warranty if something went wrong,
they take it in, it got fixed and when I compared this in the experience that my
customers that had at the kia or Hyundai dealers, their worlds apart, maybe it’s cuz
they were newer dealers I don’t know but the experience that my own customers had
with those things when they’re under warranty, they said I’m not going with that
company again they didn’t treat me right but of course the whole point of buying
a car is getting one you don’t have to get fixed all the time, now I know they
come up with the Genesis and all these fancy little racy cars now, cuz they all
want to compete but let’s face it the majority of sales of both Honda
and Kia Hyundai are standard transportation vehicles, and if you
compare the Honda Civic to any of those Kia’s it runs circles around them in
terms of performance, in terms of gas mileage and in terms of how long they
you last before they break down, so if you’re gonna buy a brand new vehicle
today, hey I’d say definitely buy Honda versus a kia or a Hyundai, but let’s say
and you see a used Hyundai or Kia that’s a reasonable price and it runs good, you
still want a mechanic to check it out like me of course, who know if it’s wrecked
flooded or stolen, but you can get one cheap it could be a decent car,
realize you’re gonna get the kia or Hyundai a lot
cheaper then you’re gonna get a used Honda, because Honda’s have a reputation
the kids love the civics they soup them up, so their resale values are really
high, so in that case it might not be a bad idea to buy a Korean car, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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100 thoughts on “Kia vs Honda, Which is Better

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  2. honda beats toyota .kia and hyundai hands down. i own a 2005 accord decked out with 170k on the dash and parts and maintance is cheap . its my daily driver . but i alson own a 6series bmw when i want to go flashy .

  3. Actually Hyundai took inspiration from Toyota like the chimes and the logo and the lock and unlock sound. Plus Hyundai has a good warranty so if it fails you can get it fix and it lasts way longer than a Hyundai. But the newer Hyundai’s are one of the most reliable cars. 2019 Genisus G70 one JD power award for the best car.

  4. I absolutely love my 2012 Kia Optima still, and still going strong after 7 years.

    I do want to mention, regarding your comment about getting things fixed at the dealer, that this completely depends on the dealer (and can be a factor for ANY car manufacturer). I have been taking mine to the dealer I bought it from (Suntrup / HW Kia in St. Louis) for all of my oil changes, as well as 2 warranty repairs and have never had a problem with them. The service folks are great and are easy to work with. So saying that particular car manufacturer dealers are better or worse than the other is completely subjective.

  5. 2007 Honda CRV
    …..WORST AUTO I HAVE EVER OWNED……NEVER WILL I BUY A HONDA …..ODOMETER READING 107,00O MILES….1979 Toyota Tercel was another crappie unit.
    Do not mean to contradict but that's my experience.
    1991 FORD RANGER 4X4
    1987 MAZDA B2000 TRUCK
    2005 GMC DENALI 1500 TRUCK
    1997 SATURN

  6. Five years ago I bought a 1998 KIA Sportage diesel MT 4×4 surplus from South Korea with 400k mileage and its engine is still solid today CY 2019. My mechanic father still can't believe that KIA made such solid engine. I searched on Google about KIA's engine and found out that KIA and Hyundai also makes large Military Personnel Carrier Trucks. Something that Toyota and Honda don't do. 😊

  7. I bought my 2010 Forte with around 110,000 miles in December 2018, at 118,000 now and haven’t had any problems yet!

  8. Kia has been better than Honda for me so far. More reliable in my experience. Honda wasn't that bad either… just not as reliable as advertised.

  9. Hi Scotty. Greetings from Baku. I'm owner of the CRV 2018 2,4 l engine. What do you think about Hondas CVT transmissons? Are they reliable enough?

  10. I road a bicycle/bus for a while. From that and close observation I've often seen Kias and Hyundis sounding bad and even a tail light out on a rather newer model. There's good reason why they're cheaper. Though, I've heard that the quality can also depend on the factory that a given make/model came from?

  11. Honda's automatic transmission is weak and goes bad very fast, mine was SUV Honda, and i've seen Accords with the same problem.

  12. Won’t get fixed anymore the dealership may tell you it’s not covered and if you don’t do the repairs it will be 50. A day storage fee shameful Again it’s not the car it’s the Dealership

  13. Excellent!!!

    I’ve sold for all 3 companies.

    I’ve been in automotive internet sales in ‘04.

    Cut my teeth in the business with Chevy, Honda & Jeep dealer in Silver Spring, Md.

    Owned an ‘08 Rondo EX & ‘10 Optima 6 Speed.

    I’ve sold preowned Hyn. & Kia…. the quality doesn’t even par with Honda.

    Ok for a few years. Depreciation is a drag.
    Lease a Kia or Hyundai.
    Don’t finance or buy out right.


    Owned ‘78 Civic 1200, ‘08 Accord LX 5 speed, ‘89 Civic Hatchback and leased a ‘92 Prelude SI and ‘2011 Honda Insight EX.

    Thanks Scotty!!!

  14. Hello Scotty, can you tell me which kind and brand of cooling water is best to a diesel engine?

  15. My brothers 2013 Kia Optima engine blew up at 102k mile. We called Kia and they said it was a recall and manned up to fix the car free of charge. 👍

  16. Own a '19 Accord. Recently drove an Optima….NO COMPARISON whatsoever. My Honda's 10 speed shifts buttery smooth. The Optimas transmission shifts like it was always searching for gears. Set apart the build quality. Japan will always up one up, as flashy as hyundai/kia try to be.

  17. The blue Kia hatchback you showed us what I have, I have a white 2012 Kia Rio hatchback 6 speed manual, I bought it for only $1340

  18. 2:46 Here are some reasons why Kia’s are zippier:
    Most honda’s have naturally aspirated engines with CVT’s. Kia’s have turbo’s with normal transmissions.

  19. Remember that Kia and Hyundai car's parts are so much cheaper than Honda parts so even if you need to fix something it wouldn't cost you much. My brother has a 2006 Hyundai XD and he never had issues with anything

  20. Hyundais are very reliable my mother has a 2010 Santa Fe and I have a 2009 Honda Crv it's my first car and I haven't had any problems besides interior wear

  21. I remember a time when Honda wouldn't replace their defective engines.  Their attitude was "We're Honda and we can do no wrong" the engine breaking is your fault.

  22. I have Honda Elisyon 300k km ( I added half of that in one year and half ) it just started burning oil little bit so Im adding somewhere 300-500 grams , but still it is doing pretty well

  23. I have Kia stinger GT2 and it doesn’t have any problems so far and it has decent warranty than any other brands. Most importantly any other reliable car maker like honda n toyota don’t make the segment like Stinger and Telluride(they do but relatively old)

  24. But but what about that 6-7 hours to replace the blower motor on a Honda? Just one other FYI. 90% of all phones are made in Korea or Japan sooooooo. If my car last as long as my iPhone 5 I'll be happy.

  25. Honda only give 5year 100,000 mile warranty
    Kia gives 100,000miles and 10 year warranty if kia was such a bad car why would they give u a 10 year warranty

  26. You narration style suits an animation movie character. Somebody from Disney should seriously examine. You are good Scotty. I love cars. Sad that you don’t rate jeep’s reliability satisfactory. I own a Toyota budget car here in India. Yes it’s very reliable and the service is very good. But the most affordable jeep for, the Jeep Compass always kept me wanting. It’s build quality is better than Japanese for sure but don’t know how reliable are the engine, mechanicals and electricals. Here in India not too many good options lower down for Honda and Toyota. Even though you are comparing American scenario, I always look into your videos because of your effortless, brief and to the point explanations. And I believe only a VETERAN can do this. Keep it up Scotty.

  27. my 2016 tucson has under 32 thousand miles, not a single problem so far except the temperature monitor. my 2007 camry had kept breaking down on me, the transmission failed the engine blew up at 150 k.

  28. I got 150k on my kia sorento. Never had an engine problem but all accessory are trash headrest fell off, ac blower handle broke cant point the air where i want it. Gas tank button doesnt work.

  29. I have a 2014 Kia Forte EX Koup. I drive 100 miles a day 5 or 6 days a week to & from work. When I bought the car a year ago it had 77,000 miles on it today I am a little over 105,000 miles with no issues at all so far. I get 38 miles per gallon highway and about 29 gallons mix daily driving. At times the car does feel sluggish when pressing on the gas from a red light so I put cataclean in the gas tank once a month. I also put Lucas complete engine treatment in my engine oil each time I get my oil change with full synthetic oil.

  30. Poor Scotty doesn't want to come out of the old box.
    Take a look around..
    Start searching first, then compare, and open the mouth after.
    Can't even pronounce Hyundai and talking about Hyundai is very funny.
    Something you said has to be double checked from now on.

  31. Considering to the comments of Hmg owners, you wrong scotte , 2nd : what’s about making donuts in my genesis coupe around your civic type r, !!!! You wil be more awkward !! Don’t you

  32. I have a 2013 Kia Optima SX. It has 191k miles, I travel from Texas to Florida for work. I will always drive a kia, they have came a LONG way!

  33. As someone who owns a 2019 Kia Rio Hatch and a 2019 Honda HR-v AWD. I can say both are good cars the Kia is great commuter car and gets 40+ on the hwy. The Honda is better road trip car and AWD is awesome in the slick stuff.. if you are worried about resale buy a Honda if you just want a good driver nothing wrong with new Kia..

    BTW also own another Honda , 1989 wagon and it's been an awesome vehicle.

  34. My engine just got blown on my kia optima sxl for no reason. I called kia and they refused to fix it because it's out of warranty. I will never own a kia again.

  35. I've been a technician half my life and I've been watching this gentleman's videos for monthes and he is wrong as much as he is correct

  36. My Kia 2011 Sorento is at 164k miles. Never had an issue with it until a few months ago. Had to replace the throttle body and it runs like it’s brand new again lol.

  37. how dare yall compare kia’s bitchass cars with Honda , honda has been competing with the big dogs since its foundation. racing pedegree in its blood too

  38. I've had a 2016 kia forte for about a year now and I've beat the piss out of the thing. Runs like clockwork still…very impressed and would consider buying another

  39. Honda cannot be compared wth kia. Kia is still at a learning stage. Jst making cute models dsnt mean they r reliable

  40. I've had my hyundai elantra for 18 years. In that time a couple of problems but standard wear and tear. Just changed the clutch last year. I'm definitely a fan.

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