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Kenwood KFC-1666S factory replacement car speakers | Crutchfield

Kenwood KFC-1666S factory replacement car speakers | Crutchfield

Hey I’m JR, and these are the Kenwood
KFC-1666S. They are some of our top-selling and least expensive six and
a half inch speakers. If you are looking for factory replacement speakers, if you
just want to make an upgrade to your speaker without building a crazy system
with amps and subwoofers and all of that, this is the perfect speaker for you. We
sell a lot of these to people that simply want to make their car sound a
little bit better, replace a blown speaker, or something like that. You
really can’t go wrong with these. There is a one-inch PEI balanced-dome tweeter
to give you good full, rich mids and highs, and a nice polypropylene woofer with a
treated cloth surround to give you good, soft, deep lows. They’re a standard four-ohm
speaker, they’re rated to do about 40 hertz up to 22K, so a full-range speaker,
and if you want to power them, of course they’re efficient enough to work with
your factory radio, if you want to power them with an aftermarket radio, you can,
they can go up to about 30 watts of power RMS so you could also use them
with a small amplifier. So like I said, a simple, easy replacement speaker that is
a big-time upgrade over your factory speakers. This is a typical factory
speaker, it’s got this little whizzer cone, it’s cardboard, sounds horrible. This is
going to sound so much better, a much better tweeter, much better woofer. It
will last longer and sound significantly better, and depending on where you want
to install them you might need grilles. Grilles, of course, are included as well.
There’s a ton of reviews, and they’re almost all positive, average score is four
and a half out of five stars from over 500 Crutchfield customer reviews. I want
to read a couple of them to you now. A customer from Powder Springs, Georgia
says, “I installed these speakers as just replacements for old stock speakers, but
to my surprise they were so much better than just that. They sounded so good I
decided to replace all of them. So you can do a pair in the front and a pair in
the back.” Another customer from Fort Mill, South Carolina put these in his 2017
Jeep Renegade, and says, “These speakers are even better than I anticipated, clear,
crisp sound with strong but not overwhelming bass. They are also
adaptable to different kinds of mounting needs. They’re a great value and
provide excellent performance for the cost.” And lastly, another customer from
Pensacola, Florida put these in their 2012 GMC Sierra and then said, “Just what
I was wanting in a replacement door speaker for my truck. Sounds great and
reasonable price. Going to order more for my dad’s HHR, since his factory door
speakers are toast.” So if your factory speakers are toast, or if you just want
something that sounds better, this should certainly be a contender.
It’s the Kenwood KFC-1666S six and a half inch speakers. We think you’re gonna
love them if you just want to have some better sound in your car. Thank you so
much for watching, if you have any questions on these speakers, go ahead and
throw it in the comments, we do look at those and we try to answer them whenever
possible. Hit that like button and subscribe to our channel so you’ll get
an alert every time we put up a cool new video like this one. Thanks for watching.

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