77 thoughts on “Judge Faith – Single White Male; Rent-A-Crash (Season 1: Episode #83)

  1. The landlord should have had to pay for the tenant's musical equipment too because he controlled the room at the time and enabled the environment where that theft could occur. The unlawful eviction compensation wasn't enough. He should have recouped about 7 grand.

  2. First Case – I wonder if it was even legal for the defendant to sublease that house. He sounds very shady. No way should he still remain in that place if I were the landlord. Subleasing to a drug dealer? Crazy.

    Second Case – It's great to help people out and be in ministry but you have to use wisdom too. Renting a vehicle for another person who doesn't have the money to even handle it is extremely risky because you are going to be ultimately hurt by that decision. A better alternative maybe to offer to drive her or help her look for an affordable car, but the moment you start mixing money that relationship is doomed. If they can't work together to solve this issue, then how can they do ministry. The fact that they are both professing believers and going to the court to resolve their issues is already extremely ungodly.

  3. Come on judge faith be consistent your losing control in your court episode 36 was out of control and this one was the same be consistent don't just pick and choose which cases you want to be civil and others out of control

  4. her show is slightly unconventional which i think is the reason why it's as successful as it is. i like it. i like her. She's not taking the lackluster, stalin approach. but she's educated and qualified . go faith

  5. Case: Rent-A-Crash, Josh Rhodes, You should not have pay money to live in Garage. That was not legal and that Man took advantage of your situation and believe me, he knows who took your belongings..

  6. If a tenant KNOWINGLY moves into an illegal apartment, why is it that the landlord has to pay for his moving expenses?

  7. Judge Faith Jenkins is fair, and she's awesome and for sure she's nothing like Judge Judy who insults people etc,

  8. Those two women are mouthy, especially the "street minister". For being a "minister", she is vengeful and super nasty.

  9. I watch these episodes every morning. They help wake my head up and get me ready to go! Thanks for the uploads and the education! <3

  10. Honestly that's bs that he can't get the money for rent back like the guy was doing a illegal apartment he should paid him back and go to jail for that. He totally not claiming that money on his taxes.

  11. The 2nd case. The plaintiff comes in nice and subdued speaking in a childlike voice. Then……the ghetto minister comes out.

  12. Defendant in the first case is shady. He was taking the money illegally and he knows exactly what happened to that man's possessions.

  13. My dad was a judge too and wanted me to become one though I ended becoming an accountant. I think Judge Faith is one of the best judges I ever watched at work. Very smart and extremely just. Good job Judge Faith. God bless you.

  14. OMG SHUT UP!!! you can always tell when someone is guilty when they just wont s.h.u.t. u.p.!! The defendant in the second case is too proud to be a minister of God, she can't even let the plaintiff have her say.

  15. What is the point of the "symbolic folder" that the bailiff hands the judge at the beginning of each case? I've noticed that she immediately sets it aside and, at the end she leaves the bench with a folder packed with documents, often including the original (seemingly) empty one. It's just a little bit odd. Right up to season 3 she does this.

  16. Wow this guy…. This poor plaintiff is struggling to have his daughter over .They would have a field day with the defendant in Massachusetts . Here in Mass they don't play that .You can get fined bigtime for that.

  17. 1st Case: I'm confused as to why Judge Faith is entertaining this case when, from the get go, it's established the defendant was illegally subleasing out of a garage.
    Aside from that, the plaintiff chose to live there for 18 months with his daughter staying with him occasionally. He could have found another place or broken the illegal agreement (at any time), especially since it was hazardous to his health–no heat, no water, drug busts etc. It's absurd to have lived there that long under such conditions.
    Plaintiff can't afford a legal apartment but can afford a 600 dollar amp, 1,000 amp, guitars (plural), a mixer, and a 2,000 68" tv? Buddy, you need to rearrange your priorities a bit. Do you want somewhere nice to stay or do you want a bunch of nice things that doesn't offer you a warm and safe place to live?

  18. First Case:
    If I was living with a person that made his living that way, I wouldn't bring my child there. Clearly, he wasn't that bothered by it all until he had to move. If he gave two shits about the drugs, he would have left, let alone bring a child into that environment. He said it himself, the child's mother found out because the child told her. He didn't bother telling the child's mother because he knew damn well it's no place for a child. But if he cared so much, the child would never have been in that situation where she had to go outside to pee.

    He's bitter, and angry and instead of taking responsibility for his own stupidity, he wants to blame the rent collector. You lived with a drug dealer and you're shocked that your expensive belongings got stollen? LMAO. C'mon now. Addicts are in and out of there. Shame on him for his ignorance. That's a lesson that needed to be learned.

  19. I had to turn this episode off by the second case. By season 2, JF would have told those two loud mouth women to shut it and take turns. Or bailiff Juan would have. This was painful to watch.

  20. Anyone else notice how sweet they always sound at the beginning of the cases and then they start shouting and screaming at each other! 👼to😈

  21. The person that talks the loudest and screams the loudest about Jesus he's probably the one that doesn't have the best relationship. There's no way she could think that she is a good representative of Jesus Christ

  22. Why this guy spent all his money for musical instruments instead of renting a room from a decent landlord? I don't believe that those things needed for his job, because in that case he could make enough money to rent a better place.

  23. 2nd case defendant, already thinks she's guilty because her eyes are sliding around like that. Just don't trust her off the bat. And that half-hearted apology with the rolling eyes and sliding her tongue around in her mouth.

  24. Why would you stay in a garage for 18 months if all that was going on I would have gave him nothing he could have left he chose to stay that's on him

  25. 1st case:
    Why move into an illegal place? Why pay rent at all due to it being illegal in the 1st place? Why put up with it for 18 months? Defendant was defending the drug dealer way to hard. Since he knew, why not go to the police? O wait, someone other than you had to call. I'm willing to bet he was paying you to keep quiet. I'm also willing to bet you knew who took the plaintiffs belongings.

    2nd case:
    Just another case proving that you will be backstabbed at some point when helping people. Sometimes it's worth the risk but sometimes not. She should've drove the defendant instead & this would've NEVER happened. Also, another reason to ALWAYS get insurance when RENTING a car.

  26. The plaintiff refusing to take insurance for her rental shows a total lack of moral correctness — and a lack of religious correctness.

  27. 2nd case- the defendant is a perfect example of an ungrateful ass person. Those are the kind of ppl you can’t talk to or tell them about themselves or else they get angry.

  28. I hate people like this. They think they’re church going people but they’re not. Just using pathetic scripture to hurt people.

  29. In the first case,once the plaintiff knew drugs was being sold ,from that home he should have moved than. If that house had gotten busted while his child was there, he could have lost his visitation rights , he should always put the care of his child first. On the second case, I wouldn't want neither one, of these ladys ministering anything to me. They are loud,rude and disrespectful. They are also, perfect example of people that can dish out the word of God, but can't live by the word of God.

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