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[JP39S1] Japan Times Car Rental and Driving Experience! How to go around Mount Fuji?

[JP39S1] Japan Times Car Rental and Driving Experience! How to go around Mount Fuji?

– Whoa, I want to get out of this car.
– Me too. The smell is really distracting. – Hey, this is good.
– F***, come on, stop distracting me. Stop doing dumbs***. Hi guys, so after a pretty
long midnight bus ride… From Kyoto to this place called Mishima. We’re finally here at our car rental place. Finally. After a… 8 hours… F***ing s***. How was the bus ride? I would say it’s comfortable yet uncomfortable.
Because I cannot get to sleep properly. True, but it’s not that bad. Not that bad. Finally, today we can get to rent our car. And
I can once again, scold this motherf***er. – F*** you!
– So… Let’s go! I’m sorry, could you wait a moment, please. – Is your passport with you?
– Yes. Duh, I’m screwed if it’s not with me. She told me to wait, so
I’ll just seat over there. – Sorry, please wait a moment, please.
– Wait, she asked us to wait. This is a good one. But it’s nothing near Fuji. – This is…
– A lot of parks and museums. – That means these are all…
– They are all attractions. – Attractions? – Oh, I thought this shows you other car rental offices.
– F*** no. Hold this. Keep this. Stop digging your
nose, you’re on camera. – Your name? – Yes.
– Okay. Return to… – 16th.
– Return on the 16th… – Narita Airport?
– Yes, that’s correct. – Okay. So I don’t know what the hell is going on.
He’s on the phone with another guy. – Thank you.
– What’s up? – He’s telling us that we purchased the basic package and asked us if we want to upgrade.
– Oh… Gave me a shock, I thought
we won’t be able to rent. – So you don’t ever purchase any upgrades?
– There’s no need. – Really? But if you’re gonna rent and drive alone
I would highly recommend you to upgrade. 12,960 Yen. For the whole duration? – Oh, one-way charge.
– Can you check if we’ve already paid the charges? – No, he said no. This is for the one-way charge. – Yes, we’re supposed to pay it here.
– You sure? – Yes. Look, yeah we’ll need to pay extra. – Payable locally?
– Yeah, it’s payable locally. It’s correct. About SGD200. We have to pay an additional 12,960
Yen, which translates to about 171 SGD. We’re returning the car at Narita
Airport, which is where we will fly off. The extra charges will be for the transfer. Because we won’t return at the same place, we’re returning
it at the airport. So we’re gonna pay that amount. Right now we’re gonna settle all the
documents and we’re gonna start driving. – Narita Airport gas station map.
– Oh, okay. – Gas type, regular.
– Okay. – If you had any accidents, please call this number.
– Okay. – This is your agreement.
– Okay. – Have a nice day.
– Thank you so much, thank you! Oh, this one? Whoa, super cool. This is the
cute one that I’ve been mentioning. Our first, car rental here in Japan. Yeah, here is a minor scratch. This. Okay. Please sign. Please enter. At the side, look. No keys. – Step on the brake.
– This pedal and… – Push.
– Oh… Yeah. Oh, okay! Oh, thank you! Thank you so much! Thank you! So right now, yup, we’re
done with the vehicle check. And as you can see, this is our
new car and David is inside. Suzuki, very cute car. Ready to
hop in and have my blood puked. Because his driving skills
suck, okay anyway… Let’s go! Okay, hello guys. Now we’re here… Before we go on, I have to tell you that… Please don’t get us killed. And this is so much
bigger than the last car. Welcome to our next
driving journey, in Asia. Once again, I’m gonna puke blood because… Yeah, I’ll need to guide this motherf***er. Okay, so… First things first! Please double check your mirrors and stuff. Actually, we don’t know where to go but… Didn’t you save it down just now? Iwamotoyama Park, okay, first
things first we’re heading there. To check out the awesome view of
Mount Fuji, on our first day here. And let me search using the GPS first. Whoa… If you guys were here you would have fainted. – So are you ready?
– Yup. Mirrors all set already? Okay? Come, release your handbrake. Okay, step on the brake, shift to drive.
Okay, good. – Let’s go. – Ready?
– Yes, let’s go! You’ll have to check on the right, not left. Remember. – Can you drive with confidence?
– Wait, there’s a car coming. Right, check on the right. Whoa, can you not brake harshly? – Any cars?
– No. – Any cars? – No.
– Let’s go. Faster. Alright good, return the steering
wheel slowly. Okay, good job. Very good, this is our first
time driving in Japan! – And how do you feel? – F*** you dude, we just started driving.
– Watch out for cars, relax… – God it stinks.
– Glad you knew. F***ing stinks. My feet
really f***ing stinks. Three days without removing my
shoes, no wonder it stinks. – Whoa, I want to get out of this car.
– Me too. The smell is really distracting. – Hey, this is good.
– F***, come on, stop distracting me. Stop doing dumbs***. Air it with the fresh air of Japan. You better hold on tight, I’ll be
laughing if you dropped your socks. I’ll just buy a new pair then. Not that bad right? High roof and stuff. It’s like a van but not a van. I don’t think this is available in
Singapore so… Yeah, come let’s go. 1.1 kilometers. Safety distance, safety distance. Good job, good job. Very good. You’re learning. Whoa, it’s really my socks that stinks.
It’s time to throw it away. It’s time. F***ing throw this away already. Hello, how much space do you
want to give to this lady? – How much space are you giving? How about 1 kilometer?
– No, because at first I didn’t notice her as a lady I thought it was a vehicle, okay? – Okay, okay. Keep driving.
– Give me the benefit of the doubt will you? F***er. Careful, careful. Stop braking so harshly,
you don’t have to brake so harshly. Don’t’ brake, don’t f***ing
brake all the way. Slow down, not brake all the way, okay? My socks stink. I think it’s my socks, not my shoes right? Anyway, I’ll just air my shoes. Where do you turn right? – There, after the blue sign.
– Awesome, very good. – If I were to make a right turn here we would both be going to heaven.
– Heaven? I would have f***ing jump out of the car. I will unbuckle my seatbelt instantly,
leap out of the car and bid you farewell.. How’s the driving so far? How do you feel? – 30 minutes.
– Chill, chill. – But not too chill though.
– It’s okay, I mean the traffic here. It’s pretty okay. – Because it’s pretty much the same in Singapore.
– But the road is a little narrow though. This part of Japan is more relaxed. – Good for a novice.
– And the weather today isn’t so good huh? Today the weather, not so good. – Very cloudy. Hopefully, when we reach the park
we can see Mount Fuji. Hopefully. Finally after so long, I
can sleep in the car again. No need for any f***ing
public transport. Sweet. There’s a speed camera. Oh no, it’s the car. Oh, there’s toll? Just keep driving, keep driving. Stop. Take that, take it. Take the ticket. F***ing s***. – Here.
– Go, go, go! Yes, go, go! Seatbelt. – Left turn here.
– Wait, let me stop the car. – What for? – Because I need to time to buckle the seatbelt.
– F*** you! Oh… – Give me a moment! Then how else am I suppose to buckle my seatbelt?
– I told you to buckle your seatbelt but you don’t have to stop the f***ing car. Isn’t that worse than not
wearing any f***ing seatbelt? – But there’s a space over there.
– No, you can’t stop like that! – Okay, okay. But what if a semi truck is behind?
It’s not gonna be a f***ing motorcycle. And what the hell is this? Just hang on to it first. I don’t know what this is. S***, my socks smells really bad. Smells f***ing bad. Something must have died in there somewhere. – I don’t know if it’s… – What the hell…
– My shoes don’t smell that bad though. You better upload this footage of
you smelling your shoes to YouTube. – Yeah, it’s definitely my socks. It f***ing stinks.
– F*** you, of course it is. It’s the stinkiest. All the sweat on your feet is
soaked up by the f***ing socks. It’s time, it’s time to get rid of the socks. It’s because
f***ing hell I wet my socks while I’m in the toilet. Slowly, slowly…
Speed bumps, speed bumps…

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22 thoughts on “[JP39S1] Japan Times Car Rental and Driving Experience! How to go around Mount Fuji?

  1. Wah seh rent car. That time we went we missed the bus from Mishima to Fuji. By the time reach Fuji sky so dark. Then walk all the way to our hostel. Damn scary. xDDDDD Maybe you should consider be private driving instructor hahaha

  2. David會不會被你罵哭阿😂😂😂


  3. Ha ha you're really scolding David with passion. Ha ha ha more driving videos in future please ha ha ha

  4. HAHA I always love the episodes where David is driving! You sound like an old couple it's so funny

  5. 哪有人停高速公路綁安全帶的啦😂話說你們上高速公路拿的那張好像是下exit的時候要繳回

  6. Hi , rental car is it ex ? I’m going end Nov , thinking drive car to kawaguchiko and yeti ski resort . Any advice ? Thanks

  7. You know I just learned the car company hires people to drive your car back to Mishima. The company then pays the driver take the train back to Tokyo.. It's different here in the USA the car just sites at the destination lot, you will see cars with different license plates on them until some one drives it back to it's home state.

    One of the guys in this episode is homeless and returns cars out of Osaka.

  8. How was the traffic like to Mt Fuji? Where do u guys start from? Thought of self driving but constantly put off the idea as some say better take the public transport. But for 5 pax, I'd rather self-drive. Shd I just chiong ah.

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