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JOSHUA JJ VALLOW – Missing from Rexburg Idaho for Months – Lori Vallow Daybell Case

JOSHUA JJ VALLOW – Missing from Rexburg Idaho for Months – Lori Vallow Daybell Case

Welcome to it’s a crime I’m Linda today
we’re going to be talking about one of Lori Vallow Daybell’s missing children
Joshua Vallow also known as JJ vallow I did do a previous video on Ty Lee Ryan
and since the latest info was that the children had went missing at different
times I really wanted to do separate video for each of them you can check ty
Lee’s video right here and I will have it in the description below but before I
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if you support this video and share this video where you can with that being said
let’s get into it JJ valo is 7 years old and was last seen
on September 23rd 2019 he has brown hair brown eyes and his 4 feet tall and
weighs 50 pounds JJ is also autistic I’m gonna explain a little bit more about
him and also I’m gonna do a timeline so we get a better idea from his point of
view and what’s happened now you may or may not know that before Lauri married
Chad DeBell she was married to a man named Charles valo
she also had separated from him they were married for 13 years and separated
in early 2019 now back to JJ JJ is adopted Lori and Charles valo adopted JJ
in 2014 and you may even have seen JJ’s grandparents Larry and Kay Woodcock they
have been pleading for the safe return of JJ and Ty Lee and even put out a
reward for them and Larry and K are JJ’s biological grandparents they have a son
who is the biological father of JJ but K Woodcock told ksl TV news that her son
was addicted to drugs when JJ was born and JJ’s bio mom who dated her son used
drugs during her pregnancy so Larry and Kay took care of JJ and before his first
birthday Lori and Charles adopted him so JJ is Charles’s great nephew
and Charles is JJ’s great-uncle and now adopted dad
yes it’s confusing just like the whole entire story now in 2014 they moved from
Arizona to Kauai Hawaii and they owned a little juice business on the island
until 2016-2017 and then they moved back to Arizona
so now we fast forward to January 2019 and at this point things start getting a
little rocky with Lauri and Charles okay a lot rocky
for them and Lauri starts doing some shady things on January 28th Lori
valo allegedly transfers $10,000 from Charles’s business account into their
personal account and then she moves it into an unknown account she then
transfers 2,000 of Charles enterprise points to a personal account but Charles
doesn’t find this out till early February and on January 29th just the
next day Lori also allegedly transfers another $25,000 from Charles’s business
account into their joint account and then takes that money and puts this into
this unknown account so now she’s transferred thirty five thousand dollars
and these two thousand enterprise points the account is then stated that it is
left with nine hundred and eleven dollars there’s also some transactions
after that there was a $500 withdrawal and there was also a $250 withdrawal and
then a credit card payment made leaving the bank account with sixty one dollars
and fifty three cents but it’s unclear this last bit if Lori is the one who
took out the money or if it was Charles on that same day there was a phone
conversation with Charles and Lori because Charles was on a business
meeting out of town and she says to Charles that
she was a god that she was assigned to carry out the work of the 144,000 at
Christ’s second coming July 2020 she also said she would have to murder
him if he got in her way and tried to stop him now here’s where she does some
shady things besides pilfering the money Charles has his own business and
payrolls do so she wipes him clean and now he’s left not being able to pay his
payroll and she did all this while he was out of town like I mentioned so he
gets to the airport to fly back home only he finds out she canceled his
flight so he has to buy a last-minute ticket for $600 and then when he lands
and goes to the parking lot he can’t find his vehicle anywhere Lori had used
a spare key to go and get his truck and Charles had to go and rent a vehicle for
three days because he didn’t find out for three days where she actually put
his truck so he gets home and the locks have been changed and he then finds out
that she hides all have his clothes right down to his underwear and hides
his computer and his computer is part of his business it’s also noted that she
takes JJ’s medicine that he’s on because he takes a medication I’ll get into that
in a little bit but he takes that to help with some of the symptoms from his
autism she also takes JJ’s iPad which he uses also to help him throughout the day
and she goes and takes JJ’s service dogs caller as well and I’ll explain more
about the service dog so she does all that and if that’s not enough she takes
off for 58 days leaving both JJ and Charles and remember now JJ’s only six
at this point and leaves them with 61 dollars in the bank account now it’s not
clear where she went for the entire 58 days but some of it she spent with Ty
Lee in Hawaii and reports are also saying that
spent some time in Arizona at her brother Alex Cox’s house so now it’s
February and on February 6 Charles finds out about the transferred enterprise
points that Lori made and finds out that she’s also called JJ’s school to see if
he was in class and Charles was worried that Lori was going to use these
enterprise points and take JJ out of state so two days later Charles decides
to file for divorce and two days after that Charles changes his 1 million
dollar life insurance policy and takes Lori off of it as his beneficiary and he
is concerned at this point for his life because of her threats so then he has a
discussion with his sister kay Woodcock and Kay says Charles and I had a
conversation he had a million dollar policy with Lori as the beneficiary and
he told me he wanted me to be the sole recipient I told him to leave it to his
boys but he was worried about what Lori was going to do now Kay insisted the
money go to Charles’s two sons from a previous marriage and his adopted son JJ
so Charles said to her Lori doesn’t want me anymore she doesn’t
want JJ and you’ll end up raising JJ so I want you to have the money so then on
February 15th Charles files a document asking for
temporary custody of JJ exclusive use of the house the vehicle and return of the
stolen money and return of JJ’s personal items and the Process Servers at this
point can’t find Lori to serve her so now I don’t know what happened but by
March 1st Charles decides to drop the divorce proceedings and there was talk
that the two were going to work things out and give it another try but a week
later Charles withdrawals JJ from his school and they moved from Arizona to
Houston Texas now Lori at this point is gone but at the end of March Lori
returns home from her 58th date adventure and abandonment
if we fast forward a bit into June on June 20th lorry moves into a rental home
in Chandler Arizona and Laurie you then contacts JJ school which is called the
life Academy which by the way is a super awesome school and really helps kids who
have special needs and she contacts the school and tells them that the family is
back in Arizona and she will be enrolling JJ in the school again so on
July 11th Charles valo comes to pick up JJ where
Laurie’s living and he gets shot by Alex Cox Laurie’s brother and Alex states
that it was self-defense JJ was actually taken to school that day and Ty Lee was
seen standing beside Laurie in a police body cam and they were asking her
questions about how long have you lived there and Laurie is very jovial in this
video and she’s acting like no big deal nothing’s even happened and the police
officer says you know how long have you been here she goes oh like I’ve only
moved here a couple weeks and she was haha sorry neighbors something like that
and his very bizarre behavior here her husband of 13 years even though they had
recently separated has died in her living room from two gunshot wounds but
she’s like nothing’s even happened later that afternoon she decides to have a
pool party at the house and numerous neighbors were talking about her having
a pool party in it being very very loud but Laurie says to her oldest son Colby
that Charles has had a heart attack and then she texts Charles’s son’s from the
previous marriage and tells them that their dad died through a text they asked
what happened and Laurie tells them that she’s still waiting on a medical
examination report but seriously she texts them the news probably because she
doesn’t want to sound too happy when she delivers the news and in her mind she
thinks she’s getting a million dollars so if you haven’t seen the body
cam footage you really should because it’s just a very interesting take on her
behavior now Charles’s sons are in the dark about what’s going on but Charles’s
ex-wife decides to look up on the medical examiner website and finds out
that it’s a homicide later that month Lori tells JJ’s school
that he committed suicide so which one is it Lori heart attack or waiting on
the medical examiner or suicide and Charles’s ex-wife Cheryl says this
Lori’s family scheduled no funeral services nothing the valo family put
together a memorial and Lori sent all of Charles’s ashes Kate and Larry begged
Laurie to have JJ there but she didn’t let him go to his own dad’s funeral
they didn’t even have an obituary so a few days after Charles was killed
Laurie calls the insurance company to find out about the 1 million dollar life
insurance policy that Charles had and she thinks she’s getting but the agent
actually informs Lori that she’s not going to be getting the money as Charles
has changed his policy two weeks later Cawood cook gets a text from Lori and it
says this first she sent a photo of the change of beneficiary form where it
named Kay as the sole beneficiary and she wrote five kids and no money and his
sister gets everything and the five children she’s referring to is Colby
Ryan her oldest Ty Lee Ryan JJ valo and Charles’s two sons and that
was the last text that Cade got from Lori and one of the things that happened
right after this is that the communication with JJ and his
grandparents both Larry and Kay started to diminish and in August that was the
last time they heard from him and Kaye Woodcock says that she believes that the
disappearance could be tied to the money and she says I believe if Charles had
left the million dollars she would have given
JJ back to us and we would be extremely happy I wish he would have because JJ is
worth more than anything in the world she puts a price on people and if they
are no longer of value to her she eliminates them she goes on to say to
her it’s all about the dollars it’s all about the fact we got the money and she
did not she was bound and determined to hurt us and she used JJ that’s been her
revenge now by the end of July JJ’s school the life Academy finds out that
Charles actually got shot and didn’t commit suicide so the Academy does their
due diligence and submits a CPS file report with the Arizona’s Department of
Child Safety and in that timeframe Laurie decides to put up the service dog
for sale and she lists it for $2,500 now JJ’s service dog is named Bailey and he
was a very important part to JJ’s life JJ had a habit of wandering off and he
had trouble sleeping at night so the trainer said that he would get up in the
middle of the night and they had to have all doors locked and everything secured
so he wouldn’t wander off into the neighborhood he says one of the first
nights that JJ slept through the night and stayed in his bed was the first
night that Bailey’s stayed there with him and you can’t just sell a service
dog so the trainer catches wind and sees this ad for sale for Bailey and he
messages Laurie and says you have to give the dog back to the rescue group so
Laurie tells the trainer well you need to come get Bailey because we are moving
to Idaho and that doesn’t even make sense because a service dog would go
with her and the trainer said he was shocked when he got the call and asked
why she wants to give up the dog and she says well because Charles passed away
and the trainer asked if everything is okay but she said it’s too hard to talk
about right now so August 5th JJ goes back to the life Academy school and JJ’s
grandparents actually called to see if he’s a
okay they call the school to see if he’s okay now on August 10th there is a
thirty-six second face time call with JJ and his grandparents and they said that
JJ loved to talk through FaceTime they would always communicate together they
said but this day something seemed really off and they mentioned that it’s
almost like somebody was telling him what to say and coaching him and Larry
says his grandfather there was somebody else there they were holding the device
normally JJ would hold the device and he’d run around with it and they just
said yeah it was really quick 36 seconds and it was like okay buh-bye I gotta go
and that was it that was the last time they talked to him so now by the end of
August Lori leaves her Arizona home and moves
to Rexburg Idaho and on September 1st they are in Rexburg and neighbors told
investigators that JJ had played with their son multiple times since Laurie
had moved into the apartment and they said that was about September 1st
September 2nd so September 3rd Laurie enrolls JJ in a Rexburg Idaho school
named Kennedy Elementary and something to note this is not a specialized school
we’re not even sure if Laurie even told them that JJ has autism and he has
certain needs for learning and two days later after she enrolls JJ into this
school on September 5th she sends an email to his old school and
she tells them that she’s been offered a job out of state and had to accept it
and JJ won’t be returning and she says this since the circumstances in our
lives have changed dramatically since my husband passed away last month I have
been offered a job out of state and have had to accept it we have had to move
quickly since the job started ASAP so I’m sad to inform you that Joshua won’t
be returning this year we are doing our best to adjust to our new life so then
on September the next day a neighbor of Laurie and
the family takes a picture of Ty Lee and JJ and another child in front of their
townhouse and JJ’s sitting on the ground but the neighbors said they took the
picture because they thought it was really odd that a child would dump their
a basket full of stuffed animals into a puddle outside and this is what the text
said the new kid brought a laundry basket full of toys
mostly likes stuffed plushie types and dumped them all in a massive puddle in
the corner of the grass now on September 8th which is just two days later Laurie
her brother Alex Cox Ty Lee and JJ head to Yellowstone National Park the FBI
released photos of them and are asking people if they were there to submit any
photos just in case they’re in the background or any video that they may
have and if you do have videos it says to go to slash Rexburg and you
can upload photos and video there now 9 days later on September 17th
there was a doorbell camera that captured footage of JJ going outside to
play with another kid and it shows JJ running across the yard with another kid
and he’s heard saying get the hell out of here and you can hear the friends say
don’t say that word that’s a bad word and once they go into the town house you
can hear a woman saying don’t say that word I mean it don’t say that word and
this is the possibly the last video of JJ before his disappearance neighbors
also remarked that they were concerned about JJ’s behavior because he seemed
irritable and angered really easily and they said that he would spend long
periods of time outside without supervision and neighbors also said that
Laurie told them that her husband had recently died and she moved to rexburg
so her daughter could go to school and fYI Ty Lee wasn’t registered in a school
they also said that lorry never mentioned to them that JG was autistic
and told at least two neighbors that he was her niece’s drug baby she said this
after they confronted lorry about his behavior and lack of adult supervision
when Kay Woodcock saw this video and Larry they said that this is just
chilling to me that is her adoptive son and for her not to even acknowledge him
in that way I can’t wrap my mind around it and it just scares the hell out of me
she says it scares me that she wasn’t tending to him all this changed for this
little boy with autism consistency is key for him and side note if you’re not
very aware with autism once you meet one person with autism you meet one person
with autism meaning every person who has autism is very different and can show
different signs different symptoms etc so she’s saying consistency is key for
him and he likes schedule and he used his iPad for that he was on medication
but his grandparents say that his irritable behavior is a troubling sign
they said they fear he was acting up because he wasn’t taking his meds and
Larry says I have never seen him out of control that way ever and there was no
doubt she was withholding his medication for him to act that way and then kay
says she had a bottle of his medicine yeah she has a bottle of his risperidone
it’s what they found there and risperidone according to court documents
is a tranquilizer prescribed to treat irritability caused by autism and that’s
something they use with children who have autism so the day after this video
was taken laurie contacts a nanny through care comm and she inquires about
care for JJ and mentions he has autism and so the nanny goes over to Laurie’s
house and meets with Laurie and JJ and according to the nanny Laurie mentioned
what some of his in seas were and mentioned the recent
family trauma and revealed some details about ty Lee and this is what the nanny
said she explained to me how they recently moved here from Arizona her
husband had just died of a heart attack and how JJ doesn’t quite understand the
situation Lori said how she and her husband adopted JJ and that he was her
nephew her daughter also lives in Rexburg and is going to college she said
her daughter doesn’t like to babysit JJ without being paid so she wanted me to
work for her okay side note before I get into that that does not make any sense
Ty Lee wouldn’t babysit JJ without being paid but she’s about to pay a nanny to
watch JJ wouldn’t you rather your money go to Ty
Lee than somebody else oh wait I know why you’re getting a nanny because Ty
Lee is nowhere to be found continuing on the nanny says
occasionally her daughter would come visit for dinner or to do laundry but
she never said that she lived there with them it appeared that only Lauri and JJ
lived there from the looks of things and from what she told me the nanny said
Lori looked well put-together and happy and that she was very welcoming and gave
me a hug she said that her first impression of Lori was that she seemed
kind of stressed out being a newly widowed mom alone with her autistic son
so the next day on September 19th the nanny comes back to babysit JJ for a
while JJ happily played with neighbors but eventually started crying and
screaming the nanny said I tried to calm him down
distract him with the show tell him how sometimes people need a break and how he
needs to share she said he threw the chair from their wooden table down
flipped the ottoman over by their couch and then ran upstairs I let him cry for
a bit hoping he would calm down but he didn’t JJ was upset and said his mom
wouldn’t want me to come over again that he hated me and didn’t want to be my
friend shortly after his freakout his mom her brother and the friend walked in
from the garage they said that she was gonna go to a
airport and pick up a friend and it was described that it was actually Melanie
Gib or it was described that it was a friend who does podcasts with her which
the person that did the podcasts was Melanie Gibbs so we’re not sure if
that’s who it was or not shortly after his freakout the mom calm JJ and asked
me what happened I explained the situation and she babied him as if he
could never do no wrong I felt a little overwhelming the amount of love she was
showing him instead of trying to teach him and calm him the nanny was paid she
left and assumed that it was understood that she would watch JJ again but this
was the last day she saw Laurie and JJ now just a little comment about his
behavior if he’s not on his meds which is to help with the anger and some of
the behavior issues if he’s not on his meds this is gonna happen but I also
want to mention this this child who was seven years old had his dad die
his sister is missing he’s at a new school that does not cater to the needs
like his last school he doesn’t seem to be on his medication and he doesn’t have
his service dog plus he’s in a new home and this child thrives on schedules and
consistency so anyone I believe would have behavioral issues at this point now
on September 23rd just days later JJ was last seen attending his school at
Kennedy Elementary and Laurie withdrew her son the next day on September 24th
which just so happens to be Kylie’s birthday and she claims that she is
going to homeschool JJ so on that September 24th that next day the nanny
asks Laurie about more work and Laurie tells her that JJ is now with his
grandparents and that she was in Hawaii and would be
back in around a month and that was the last time the nanny heard from Laurie
the nanny followed up a boat a month later to see if there was work and she
didn’t get a response a week later after JJ was last seen on October 1st
Laurie rents a storage unit in Rexburg guess she’s not in Hawaii like she told
her nanny things were brought into that storage unit and you can see I’ll puts a
link here to the video or in the description and I will also have the
playlist of Laurie valo in the description as well but there were
bicycles found in their children’s toys clothes scooters a photo album two
blankets one of them was of JJ and his pictures on it and another big blanket
with Ty Lee Ryan and her pictures on it now fast forward a month in November
November 5th Laurie and Chad get married in Hawaii in a private ceremony and both
JJ and Ty Lee are nowhere to be found November 26th there’s a welfare check
for JJ Larry and K Woodcock phone in and asked for a welfare check and
authorities go to Laurie’s house and meet up with Alex Cox and Chad day bail
and they were outside and according to court records Chad acts like he doesn’t
even know Laurie very well and he says that he doesn’t know her phone number
even though he’s married to her now Alex said that JJ was with K and Larry in
Louisiana but that’s not likely true because the one who called for the
welfare check was Larry and K authorities then catch up to Chad he was
leaving in his black SUV and they asked him again have you seen JJ and he says
he saw him in October and admits to lying about not knowing Lori’s phone
number later that day police talked to Lori and
Lori tells the authorities that JJ was with a friend of hers in Arizona and her
name is Melanie Jim when they couldn’t reach Melanie they go talk to Lori again
and Lori tells them that he’s in a frozen – movie and that’s why they’re
that Melanie’s probably not answering but Melanie later calls authorities back
and states that JJ isn’t with her and had not been there for several months
and she also tells them that on separate occasions on November 26 the day of the
welfare check that Chad and Laurie both asked Melanie to lie and say that JJ was
with them and she refused so the next day on November 27th Rexburg police
decide to go back with search warrants to Laurie’s home they also searched
Laura’s brother Alex home and also Laurie’s niece Melanie and they all live
in the same town home complex but JJ was nowhere to be found and police did find
JJ’s pill bottle with 17 pills of the risperidone only this pill
bottle was from January 2019 and if you remember Laurie actually stole those
pills way back in January along with hiding Charles’s clothes and
all that other stuff authorities did check on the last time
that the prescription had been filled and that was the January before there
was no records of her filling a prescription in Idaho and they said we
have verified through the Idaho State Pharmacy Board that said prescription
has not been filled in Idaho so now on December 1st Chad and Loreen leave to
Hawaii on December 20th there’s a official search announced for JJ and Ty
Lee the Rexburg Police Department go public in their search for JJ and Ty Lee
and police then called Chad and Lori de belles persons of interest in the kids
disappearance On January 7th Larry and Kay Woodcock traveled from Louisiana to
rexburg and meet with investigators they hold a news conference and announced
that there’s a 20 thousand dollar reward for the information leading to the
children Larry says these are beautiful young children
two extremely intelligent young children and we want them back we want them back
in our family we don’t say the D word we don’t want to and we’re not going to
because we truly believe and we hope and pray that these kids are alive
so on January 25th Laurie is served in order to produce the children while
she’s in Hawaii and she has five days to produce these kids the next day On
January 26 authorities have a search warrant for Chad and Laurie’s rental
vehicle and in it they find Kylie and JJ’s birth certificates
Kylie’s financial transaction card which is noted in the affidavit that it’s
active and has been used since ty Lee’s been missing they find JJ’s iPad with
his initials on it another iPad which has been logged in to JJ’s account they
find JJ’s registration receipts from his new school in Rexburg and yet they don’t
find JJ or Ty Lee there was also a warrant for the place that Chad and
Laurie had been staying and it was documented that there kind of was two of
everything two yoga mats – of this – of that but nothing that would indicate
that there was any kids living there there was also a second bedroom and no
sign of JJ or Ty Lee or their belongings other than what was described in the car
so On January 29th the grandparents file for guardianship for JJ in Madison
County then the next day on January 30th Laurie de Bell misses the 5:00 p.m.
deadline to produce JJ and Ty Lee now here is something that is really
peculiar in February of this year JJ’s old school the life Academy in
Arizona finds out that Laurie has been actively logging into an app called
blooms and this app is for parents of the students of the school so they can
keep up on what the children are doing that day how their behavior was little
things like that they could share projects it’s a really cool app but JJ
stopped going to the school at the end of August so it’s odd that
she had been frequently logging in since then up until February and when life
Academy found out they obviously blocked her from having access but I’m wondering
if she was using JJ’s iPad to access it so on February 21st Laurie is booked
into the Kauai Correctional Center and on March 5th
she’s extradited to Idaho and is now sitting in jail there and she had her
bond reduced from five million to $1,000,000 but nobody wants to bond her
out and the bondsman don’t want to strike a deal so you can see that this
is a pretty crazy story and whoever is involved in Laurie’s life seems to all
have some pretty weird stories and happenings you might want to check out
some of my other videos where I talk about the deaths and marriages because
it’s a cluster it was a cluster of people divorcing each other and then it
was a cluster in November of people marrying each other and one thing that I
have found out since recording this video just before I recorded so I didn’t
have the time to dig in but I did see a video from East Idaho news and it’s of a
document that states some weird things that was said of what Laurie believes
that the kids may have been zombies and I remember there was something that she
told Charles her ex-husband that he had a new name and then she thought that he
was possessed so this is really disconcerting now that we know that she
has some weird zombie reference and maybe she had to get rid of the children
because she believed they were zombies I don’t know I’m going to take more but it
deaf Li’s said zombies and the man who said
it his name is Ian Pawlowski and he is a man who married Laurie’s niece Laurie’s
niece filed for divorce in June from her ex-husband and father of her children
and then gets married to this guy in November and he comes forward and says
this is the conversation me and Melanie had and maybe this is what has sort of
happened or what the beliefs were so I’ll dig into that let’s have a chitchat
below we’ll talk about JJ and we’ll talk about all the other stories around
Laurie because it’s absolutely nutty please subscribe if you haven’t done so
click the like button and click the share button thank you so much for
watching see you soon

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  14. Brilliant job, I definitely learnt new deets and so well told. Have you seen the body cam footage of the crime scene including Charles receiving CPR from the ambo's. So the copper enters Charles is laying on the floor and their is no bat beside him. Then ambos arrive and at approx 3:10 ambo says 4 shots !!!!! This is the link
    It mite be the capital letter "o" I used the number 0 following B.
    Hope that makes sense.

  15. I'm struggling to find the words to describe Lori, evil just doesn't cut it. She could not even phone Charles sons to tell them he had passed instead she text. And they asked her 3 times what happened amongst other questions and she didn't answer their questions, and this was before she found out she wasn't getting the insurance. Absolute mole.

  16. Just another sick and selfish Narcissistic Witch. All she cares about is sick and money. That boy was just a burden in her life and no longer wanted him distracting her from her selfish goals. She's sick and I can't understand how these crazy women( Leticia Stauch) go under the radar for so long with their craziness.They get professional employment, married and custody of children. There were plenty of red flags showing these women were very unstable. They should have been locked up before any of these outcome involving innocent lives took place.

  17. Unless an additional arrest is made, implicating her to a crime, expect her to use the legal process to her advantage.
    I envision a request for a change in venue to insure a fair trial.
    I envision the dismissal of an attorney, thus delaying the trial while she seeks new representation.
    I envision the attorney submitting a request to the court for a psychiatric evaluation further delaying the trial.
    However, I could be wrong on all counts.

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    Honey if Christ is coming, you are all protected as Christians!
    This is sheer evil. A trail of confusion. Remember,
    the devil IS the author of confusion.

    Why would anyone take a child adopt him to predictably give him better odds in life, only to cast him into the throws of calculated EVIL!? These poor children.

    At this point, don’t you agree that as the mother, if she cannot be accountable for the children’s well being or mere existence… AND won’t answer to their whereabouts of the children- SHOULDN’T SHE BE CHARGED WITH “MURDER” for each child!?!

    Somewhere in the statute and/or letter of the law MUST cover such a situation. This is absolutely absurd! She deserves nothing short of HELL FIRE!

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  30. Linda have you seen the new release that lori and Chad believed the children became zombies?
    Does that change your thoughts?
    I just really want some hopefull news in this case.

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  32. Yeah and we are supposed to believe she's nuts. Lol this is a complete scam to cover for their religious bullcrap. People whom are legally crazy don't know how to transfer money,steal keys,steal and hide vehicles ,know how to collect points for travel or does someone who is "legally crazy/insane" know how to meticulously ,withy premeditation take every step to deplete her husband's accounts or take every single form of communication Or transportation from every single family member. Lori and Chad know exactly what they've been DOING. I hope people will eventually stop calling her a whack job or crazy because these manipulators will try an use this as a defense. I'm sure the investigators have completely figured out the manipulation and premeditation of this money hungry " bish". She's disgusting and self centered and know exactly what they were all doing. This is also why "Alex " is dead. He couldn't live with the fact he had helped his nasty sister kill all these people . She drove Joseph into a heart attack or poisoned him ( in my opinion) then cremated him,then moved on to Charles and created a fake self defense story by the brother Alex . During which time,terrorizing Tammy as well. I believe the the paintball gun was converted into something that shot poison or shot bullets or syringes instead of what it was made for. I think this due to Ean <<< ( possibly misspelled) husband of Lori 's niece ,had been shot at . So I'm assuming he heard real gunshots unless these killers used one gun on Ean and something converted to scare/ kill Tammy to make it look like some random person was terrorizing people with a paintball gun but yet it had bullets or possibly some type of syringe in it to put Tammy out that evening. ( plan failed at that moment) I believe a syringe was used due to it being hard for an ME to see needle holes on top of the fact she was diabetic ,I'd like to know if Chad switched her insulin to poison of some kind. This part I believe about Tammy may be far fetched but similar things have happened in other cases of murder. As for the kids,I believe she discarded them since Tylee knew so much and JJ was a hinderence to her glam life she thought she was going to live. I know these investigators in this case are going to have so much on these people or and SHE or HE won't be out enjoying their " new" life . They're using religion to cover for all these crimes,that you cannot do . I can't wait to hear the detailed timeline / facts the investigators will have these yahoos nailed down, peg by peg.😉 Have a great day.

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  36. I am the Mama to a sweet 19-year-old young man. Linda, you are a 100% correct in that if you’ve met one child with autism, you’ve met one person with autism. Many of the medications used with autistic kiddos cross the blood brain barrier and MUST be titrated down. Stopping his medication cold turkey would also have very negative responses. Autistic kiddos MUST have routine, they thrive on it. Too much for this poor baby to handle. My heart breaks.

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  43. Just something to note about the medications:

    My mother has schizophrenia. Her new husband’s family are 7th Day Adventists. Within a year, they had convinced her that she didn’t need her meds & that “god would heal her.” They don’t believe in medications. She has been hospitalized more in the few years she has been married to this man and than she has her entire life…

    Just thought this might be relevant as to why they may have stopped JJ’s medications.

  44. I do find it odd that so many think JJ would have to go to a special school because he has autism when most autistic kids do go to public or a regular school. Centers only care for them until they are 7 years old then they are all transferred to home school or a public or private school. The school system would have immediately known that JJ was autistic since his previous school record’s would be transferred, not too mention you would know it right away.

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    They killed jj in Idaho thats what I feel

  52. One question. Is there a true cult like say Heavens Gate or Jim Jones etc? If so have any members come forward to defend Lori or say anything about her and/or Chad, or defend the cult by speaking out about their beliefs? Is it tied to any one specific religion or denomination? Or does Chad have a ‘cult following’ of people who read his books further adding to their personal doomsday beliefs. Maybe Chad or both of them made the entire cult thing up. Maybe Lori sought Chad out. After meeting her he realized she could be useful to him for some reason. The Crime channels are where I’ve heard that Chad and Lori belong to a cult but not a specific one. I may have missed something so I’m not saying it’s not true. I heard someone say the woman who has/had a doomsday podcast is a member and that’s how she and Lori met and became friends. She is the woman that Lori and Chad asked to lie to LE about JJ being with her but she refused to do so. She told LE that he wasn’t with her and had never been with her. If she is a member she’s not willing to lie for the so called leader and his wife. I find this strange because members of a cult usually defend each other at all costs. If there isn’t a cult that could be hiding the children it limits where the children could be. These are just my questions and thoughts about the situation and nothing else.

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