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Jomon Car Rental – Skyline R32 GT-R Fast Response Spec.

Jomon Car Rental – Skyline R32 GT-R Fast Response Spec.

This is the R32 that I built for Matt Brown. I wanted to just quickly give you
a rundown on what you see here. This is one of the nicest GT-Rs that
you will probably see for a long time. This is Robson Leather goodness, ladies and gents! Combined with Miguel’s typical OCD attention to detail. All of this was taken off and fitted by myself. That is a little something that I made
which I think is really rather nice! You can see it from the passenger seat. You can
see it from the driver’s seat when you’re driving. And, of course, it has all the warnings. This is a Midori full titanium system. And you won’t be able to see it in the engine bay,
but it has Midori stainless steel elbows and then, Midori equal length front pipe. Titanium, of course! And the Midori
catback exhaust section. This is something to behold. It looks kind of near standard, doesn’t it? Let me tell you about some of the stuff that it’s got. We did take the head off.
In fact, we took the whole engine out. The throttles were balanced and resealed. Tomei gasket set for the intake. Over here… if you can see them,
there’s a Top Secret collar set with R35 injectors. A Nismo full titanium Tower Bar. I even went as far as fitting titanium bolts in there. And that is upside down, but you can read it. There you go. That’s pretty much the most
serious suspension you can buy for an R-32. It’s what they have on the
Mine’s famous white R-34 demo car. This rocker cover here is an ARC which means Abbey Road Corporation. Very rare. But, more importantly,
here you can see a V-Cam type 1 kit which includes, in this case, two cam shafts, not one. ARC radiator. Even the fan shroud is new. The fan is new. We went as far as fitting the Nismo oil change plate. This Y pipe… Matt is talking about having a carbon set up there,
a carbon airbox and a carbon intake. I suspect he’ll do it because I know how he is… And I know that he loves these rare parts. And he know that if you buy these rare parts… I mean, even look at this.
That is from Bobster at Zealou5. Hey Bobster! That’s a titanium bonnet brace. And there’s, of course, a Defend carbon cooling panel. And further down here… There is a Nismo brand new intercooler with a Nismo shroud Nismo bonnet ducts.
And a Top Secret carbon lip. The Turbos are Tomei steel turbos with ball bearings. And this is my little setup which I put together. This is made by Run Max, some friends of ours
who make very high quality AN fittings and many other things. That hose there is secretly tied up with a
cable tie, so it doesn’t touch the engine cover. But I wanted it coming from the middle,
so I made that little Y piece there. These brakes are the Grand Turismo Brembo brakes. These wheels are discontinued TE37V Mark II. See how sweetly it started! Ok, hopefully we have some clear roads ahead and we will be able to show you a bit within legal boundaries of what driving a car like this can be like. So, I built this car almost in its entirety. I’ll
explain later what I didn’t do and the reasons why. Obviously paintwork is one! I wouldn’t want to take on paintwork,
although I can do it. It’s a very messy job! When you have a spotlessly clean workshop
like I do, you don’t want all that dust. So I’d rather leave it to somebody else. And Wakui-San, who does our paintwork, is a lovely man
with decades of experience working for Toyota. And he knows what he’s doing. And he does it with a lot of pleasure! He likes doing our cars because
he knows to what level we want them. And we don’t cut corners. Everything gets completely stripped
right down to whatever the customer tells us. In this case, the window seals are so expensive
that we didn’t take the windows out. So the seals are now discontinued. But we did make sure that we bought a car
without damaged raised window seals. That kind of level of scrutiny is something that
I don’t think most people go to the extent of. It’s probably bad for business… You know, I tell people… And it’s the truth, I don’t like
to supply cars that I wouldn’t want myself. I checked earlier and you can actually, just out of the
corner of the screen see the gauges. I’ll show you with more detail later.
That’s something I’m kind of proud of. This car makes me want to get an R-32! Now, we can overtake on corners because we have
looked and made sure that there’s nothing coming. Midori set the suspension for us and
did all the geometry work and stuff to make sure it was fine, using laser alignment. We don’t have that equipment but we do have
our own mechanical alignment equipment. But this being a car that has to be perfect,
we asked Midori to do it. And when I saw the car, when we turned up to collect it,
I could tell right away that it was too low. It does touch the plastic in the fenders but as we’re going to be changing the ride height
in the front shortly, to ship the car with thereafter it’s going to have to be reset. I haven’t tampered with it, but you might hear it
sort of scraping a little bit when we go over bumps. It’s what the Japanese say is “shoganai”,
which means it’s just the way it is. Brakes have a great feel to them. Suspension is very confidence inspiring,
but then so are AD08 tires That noise, you heard a little beeping,
is the warning of the boost control which is still set on the lowest setting. It’s quite easy to do. But I like to do all these things before we deliver a car. It’s just go to be as perfect as I can get it. Especially if I test drive the car and know all these things, and I just do them. And that is the clue as to who or where
the work that we didn’t complete is done. So you might ask, if there was anything I would
change about this car, what it would be? Bearing in mind that this is
not my car, this is Matt’s car. I would change the wheels. I would probably still stick with TE37,
but I would have TE37 SL. That would be my choice, but then this
is not my car, so it’s not my choice to make. But it’s been a pleasure building it. And we’re going to be building another one shortly
for another very old friend and car enthusiast. Tom Darragh of Ireland who currently owns the U.K.’s nicest R-33. We like to be involved with the best of the best, really. When I do stuff, I like to do it to an extent
that it will never have to be done again. We hope you’ve enjoyed it! Please subscribe to our channel. Like our videos, and share! We look forward to the next video. See you soon.

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