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Jaspreet’s vehicle technician apprenticeship

Jaspreet’s vehicle technician apprenticeship

JASPREET: I work as a vehicle technician.
I am working towards being a BMW qualified technician. But on a day to day basis, we
specialise in servicing, maintenance, and repair. Basically, I finish college with my
Level 3 NVQ but I’d only gained the theory side. I didn’t have much hands-on experience
but I was applying to almost every garage and my manager, she got back to me and offered
me a weeks work experience. So I thought right okay, we will see how it goes. After the first
week, I asked to come back for a second week and after the second week, I asked to come
back for a third week. But then she was like right hold on a second, you can’t just keep
doing this. So she started me off as a third-year apprentice and now I’ve been here for 3 and
a half years. When I first started, I was looking at people working and I was like how
are they going to put all that back together? How do you remember where it goes? And you
just pick up these skills. You have to learn through the job. You learn from making mistakes
of course. I had a mentor who I was working with for a few months. Then as I started getting
used to working on my own, then I asked for a bigger job. I said to my foreman and my
mentor, I think I’m ready for the next step. So then they would give me something bigger,
they just kind of ease you into it. That is the main benefit because you are working and
you’re getting paid at the same time. A lot of apprentices are just coming out of school
so they are not used to that kind of money. When I first looked at it, I thought it was
a mistake. I was like there’s no way they are going to pay me that much. I was quite
overwhelmed actually because I wasn’t used to that kind of money. I’d only been working
part-time. I would recommend the Modern Apprenticeship to anybody who is looking for skilled work
because that’s the only way you’ll learn. You have to start off from the bottom and
you work your way up. You’re learning at work. You’re getting paid for it and you’re going
to college at the same time which you get paid to do as well. You’re always learning
and you’re learning from experienced technicians. It’s a big contribution to my learning to
where I am just now.

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