44 thoughts on “Japan tests a ‘flying car’ amid global race to win self-flying vehicles battle

  1. That’s just small version of Helicopter. It would be useful in Japan since they have endless strong earthquakes, Tsunamis, flood.

    Another hands, that’s useless stupid helicopter. Which counties have empty parking space for that & what about noises, pollen?
    Japanese are desperate, desperate people do, desperate things. They need to do something for sinking, shaking lands. Scientists said, Japan will be disappearing by 2050.

  2. Never gonna happen smart people wouldn't aloud drunken and druged rich people flying over their houses. take of and landings only from airports. You will never be able to take of from your home.

  3. How about a hovercraft? I wouldn't call this a car. If you want to call it hover car then at least make it resemble a car

  4. I don't think this encompasses the idea of a flying car, we've had helicopters for decades. The idea is that of a flying instrument as cheap, easy to use and handy in an urban enviroment as a regular car.

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