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JAKE PAUL TEACHES ME HOW TO DRIVE (in his $250,000 car)

JAKE PAUL TEACHES ME HOW TO DRIVE (in his $250,000 car)

Hey. Hey baby. Wanna teach me to drive? Uhh.. shh.. I’m down, we were talking about this, but I’m scared. You don’t have your licence? No. Or a permit. Or many skills. This is bad, Tana. This is bad. Our whole thing is, ya know, bettering each other. Yeah, bettering each other. I’m down to teach you, I’m just like- Do you need to use my car? Definitely. You don’t have a car Yeah, I don’t have a car. And you have like, nine, so Tana crashes my shit, welcome to the video. I was thinking we’d play it safe with the Lamborghini No. [Tana] The anger. The anger in your face. No, absolutely not. Are you sure? Like the Lambo could be so fun. No, the Lamborghini is not the first car you wanna drive. And I will not let you do that. We’re not, like, at that level yet. Like I- I- I uh… Okay. *clicks tongue* So Tesla-uhh??? Tesla! We can do Tesla. That’s expensive too, but okay!

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100 thoughts on “JAKE PAUL TEACHES ME HOW TO DRIVE (in his $250,000 car)

  1. Yes all he says is fuck , buy my merch , subscriber and hit that like button and a ton of curse words. Yep he's brilliant.

  2. im surprised how Jake is so normal in this video. Not the usual type freak for clickbait kind of guy. I find him attractive in this video, not gonna lie. I think Tana can really bring out the best in him. I lowkey think they're cute tho

  3. I really like them together no cap 🧢 like do not judge them because they really have feeling for each other and im here for it!!!

  4. Why did I click on this, I used to be a very happy person. Idek know which one is worse, an attention craving bitch or a Frankenstein lookin douche

  5. Jake seems like… a nice guy? Like actually a proper good guy? Like I even kinda fancy him now? im confused but also here for it.

  6. Jake's privilege is like on full display here. He doesn't realize that no, most people's grandparents dont have golf carts… Especially in the black community where there is no generational wealth AT ALL. Like yikes we're lucky if we have a house in the family at all.

  7. Omg! Tana! This is 110% ME! I never drive and it scares me to drive after my accident in my sophomore year of HS now being 21 almost 22 I can’t drive either lol. Jake sounds like a great driver. This is Jake and Tana REAL TALK! Chill mold.

  8. Jake seems like he would buy a cheaper car like a ford or Honda to teach Tana bc he doesn’t wanna crash a Lamborghini

  9. Me: is 14

    Tana: is 20 sum

    Us both learning the exact same thing wtf why does jake actually say everything my mom said lmfaooooo

  10. I hate when they talk about hooking up, when we know from her show that they've even had sex. How can ppl expect us to believe it's real when her friends say they don't even smoosh?!?

  11. In this daytime lighting these two blondies with the matching glasses… look so perfect together!!! ♥️ 👱‍♂️👱‍♀️♥️

  12. I need jakes money lifestyle! It’s okay tana I’m a lot older than you and I’m just learning how to drive 😩

  13. Guys I love you guys so much but I have a random question have you guys ever had sex before with different people or together just a very random question and I am one of you guys has biggest fans ever and my Instagram is vivianna 3065 so yeah

  14. I dislike Jake The reason I’m here is for tana anyone else I’m just curious, pluses I hope y’all u all have a great week 🌹

  15. Can everybody agree there like Harley and the joker aka mrs.pudden i think and there both ment to be like i ship jana so much :3

  16. I'm sorry to say this but first jake taught tessa to drive then Erika now tana I'm saying it again sorry but some one has to say it(p.s I'm not throwing shade don't want a sister scandal)

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