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iOS 13.4 is Out! – What’s New?

iOS 13.4 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
and today Apple released iOS 13.4 to the public this is available to all iOS 13
supported devices so iPhone 6s and newer and iPhone se and everything up to the
iPhone 11 pro max now it’s also available for iPad with iPad OS thirteen
point four but I’ll cover the iPad changes in a separate iPad video because
while a lot of the things are the same there’s some significant updates to iPad
now this update is the same update as iOS 13 point for GM or golden master
that came out last week so if you already have that version
because you were a beta tester or developer this is the same exact thing
you will not have an update and so if you’re updating for the first time if
you’re a beta tester it will be four gigabytes or so or a little bit less
depending on which device you’re using but for the most part it will be a lot
smaller now if you’re not seeing the update all you need to do is go to
settings go to general go to software update and you’ll have the update if
it’s not installed already show up and then you can install it now other than
that if you have the beta profile installed and you’re not seeing the
update uninstall the beta profile remove it reboot your device check for a
software update and it will show up but again if you had the GM version you’re
already on the final public release now let’s take a look at the build number
and talk about what’s new the build number is 17 II 255 and this particular
build number is what you should be seeing if you’re on the final version
that released to the public now there are quite a few changes and the first
thing is there is a modem update so if you are previously having issues with
Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity that should now be resolved so if you were having
issues with that it should be working much better in fact I’ve seen much
better connection with my iPhone 11 Pro Macs and other devices I’ve been using
as well so thankfully Apple has fixed a lot of that now aside from that there
are new emoji so let’s take a look at that now there are nine new momochi and
there’s things like smiling face with hearts hands press together party face
other things here as well so you’ll see there’s about nine new ones and if you
use momochi stickers you’ll have all of the updates and have some extra options
as well now let’s take a look at the TV app
where Apple has made a few changes there as well within the TV app we now have
family sharing so if you have family members set up under iCloud family
sharing you’ll see who’s able to see your TV and movie shows and see what
they’re sharing as well so it’s a nice little addition now Apple has also
updated the settings for the TV app so if we go into settings and then we
scroll down tap on TV we now can adjust streaming options and download options
based on the amount of bandwidth we have available so maybe we have a data cap
with our provider we can adjust that accordingly so under cellular for
example you can change it to high-quality or data saver for streaming
the same is true for download options so you have fast downloads high quality and
then some other options below as well so it’s nice that we have the option to
adjust that based on our data usage and what we have allotted to us now Apple
has updated mail as well in a couple different ways and they’ve added a lot
of bug fixes as well which I’ll cover at the end of the video
now within mail if we go into an email down at the bottom we have icons here
that are more readily available instead of having just two icons like we did
before so now we have the trash or recycle bin we have files folders then
we have reply and a new message if I hit reply this is where all of our options
are so we can flag email move messages things like that and in using this I
find that mail still has quite a few bugs but again there’s a lot of bug
fixes as well that I’ll cover a little bit later on however within mail if you
use encrypted mail they will automatically encrypt if you have s mime
setup so responses to encrypted emails are automatically encrypted if you have
that configured and you go to reply to an email so it saves you a little bit of
time and gives you some added security now with this update Apple has finally
added iCloud folder sharing so this is something they had announced initially
with iOS 13 and they finally added it with 13.4 so if we go into the files app
you can see here is desktop and this is the desktop that’s on my Mac as well now
if I want to share something within a folder with someone else you can do that
now so if you’ve long press on a folder see this is my iPhone comparison folder
and then I’ll tap on share it pops open and if I go down
to the bottom I have the option to add people so I’ll go ahead and add people
and within this dialog now we can add people to share this folder with we can
adjust permissions to allow people to modify the folder to modify the fault
the files within the folder or we can change it so they can just read only so
you can control to limit access to only people you explicitly invite or grant
access to also you can give permission to choose who can make changes or even
upload files so that’s a nice change we have that ability and it’s live now and
should help with collaboration now the app store gets an update as well or wait
for it to load here and within the app store the update is for universal
purchase support so for example if you buy say this app here the elderscrolls
blades and it’s available on Mac and iPad the developer now has the option to
allow you to purchase it once here and get it on all platforms so it’s just a
universal purchase support but the developer does have to enable that but
it can work across your iPhone your iPod Touch iPad Mac and even Apple TV now
also there adding recently played arcade games if you use Apple arcade the
recently played games will now appear in the arcade tab so you can continue
playing them on iPhone iPod Touch iPad Mac and Apple TV so maybe you started
the game hot lava here you’ll be able to continue on your iPad and it will easily
transition between the two so it’s really nice there and then there’s some
new list views and things for your games so if you go into games you have all
sorts of different list views sorting options now down at the bottom we have
different categories and things like that but there’s some easier list views
and things so you can see more of your games easily now if we go into the
shortcuts app there’s some changes as well so in shortcuts they’ve added a new
feature called Shazam it so if I go into here and then
I add an action you’ll see if I search for it I can Shazam it so while you can
ask Siri to listen to a song and let you know what it is you can also add it as a
shortcut now where it will check for it based off just pressing a shortcut so
you have that option and maybe you can use it in a different clever way as well
now if you have apple carplay there’s a couple different updates as well now
these have to be added by developers so you won’t see them initially
but basically on the dashboard of carplay third-party navigation apps can
support the dashboard so if you’re using Google Maps or ways you can see that on
the dashboard as well also in call information can appear on the carplay
dashboard as well so depending on what you’re using for a call application if
you’re using apples it will just show up on the dashboard but if you’re using
something else a third-party developer can add that as well now if you use
augmented reality maybe in a furniture app to arrange a room see what something
looks like by using the camera apple is now updated a our quick look to support
audio playback so maybe there’s there’s a game and they want audio playback
within the AR file they can now do that that’s more for developers though now
Apple has updated predictive typing support for Arabic so if you’re using
Arabic for your keyboard or your language you can now have predictive
typing so maybe you’re saying hi how are you and down here the predictive typing
will work for Arabic now now other than that there’s powerbeats support in here
with the icon so if you have the new power beats headphones the icon will
show properly and then also they’ve updated VPN support to show you when you
disconnect from it so I have a VPN configured through a VPN app will
connect it and in the top here you’ll see it says VPN now generally when you
quit the VPN it should pop up here and show you that it’s crossing it out and
that you’ve disconnected for some reason my phone’s not doing that but I have
seen this in previous versions of this beta so why it’s not showing up I’m not
sure but that is something that they’ve updated so it’s a nice little touch now
in addition to everything I’ve mentioned within the code there’s mentions of
Karki which we haven’t seen yet but maybe Apple will announce it closer to
iOS 14 but what that means is if you have a card that uses NFC support so
maybe something like a Tesla where you can tap your card up against the pillar
and unlock the car or that could be RF as well but Apple may add that
functionality within the iPhone itself so that means you may be able to just
tap your phone up against your car closely probably with a case of some
sort and then unlock your car now many applications can do the same thing if
you have certain cars like Tesla and Lincoln and Hyundai and things like that
but at this time there may be support directly for the
key itself now aside from everything I’ve just mentioned there are a ton of
changes and all of the changes I’ve already mentioned apply to older phones
as well so the iPhone 6s plus the iPhone XR these are all included with every
change I’ve mentioned today so as long as they support different functionality
such as memo G you’re good to go now let’s talk about all of the bug fixes
Apple has added with this update now I’ll run through these quickly because
there’s a lot of them and the first one is they fixed an issue in the camera
where the viewfinder may appear as a black screen after launching it so if it
was coming up like this but not showing anything that should be fixed they’ve
also addressed an issue where photos may appear to use excess storage so I saw
this a little bit where photos was taking up a tremendous amount of storage
even though they weren’t on the device that should be fixed as well
they’ve also resolved an issue in photos that may prevent sharing an image to
messages if I messages is disabled they’ve also fixed an issue in mail
where messages may appear out of order I’ve seen that myself within mail and
again I’ve had issues with mail not working properly still then they’ve also
addressed an issue in mail where the conversation list may display empty rows
they’ve resolved an issue in mail where mail may crash when tapping the share
button in quick look they’ve also fixed an issue in settings where cellular data
may display incorrectly so it may show that cellular data is off even though
it’s still on they’ve also addressed an issue in Safari where web pages may not
be inverted when both dark mode and smart invert are active and yes you can
use them together but not many people do because most people just switch over to
dark mode for example they’ve also resolved an issue where text copied from
a third party application on the web may not show up properly when you’re trying
to paste it if dark mode is active they fixed another issue in Safari where a
CAPTCHA tile may display incorrectly they’ve also fixed issues with reminders
where it may not show a new notification for an overdue recurring reminder until
it’s complete they’ve also resolved an issue where reminders may not send
notifications for completed reminders they fix an issue with iCloud Drive
appearing to be available in Pages Numbers and Keynote even when it’s not
signed in they’ve also fixed an issue in Apple music where the music videos may
not stream in high-quality so you’re using music videos on your iPhone
the quality may have been less than less than what you were looking forward to
that should be fixed they’ve also resolved an issue where
carplay may lose connection in certain vehicles and they’ve also fixed an issue
in carplay where the main view in maps may move away briefly from the current
area and there’s three more they addressed an issue in the home app when
tapping an activity notification from a security camera may open a different
recording so maybe you have security cameras set up you get a notification
that someone’s walking by you tap it and it shows you the backyard instead of the
front yard that should be fixed as well they’ve also resolved an issue where
shortcuts may not appear when tapping on the share menu from a screenshot so
maybe you took a screenshot and then you go to share it and it wasn’t showing
properly and then finally they’ve improved the burmese keyboards so
punctuation symbols are now accessible from numbers and symbols so those are
all of the major changes in this update that Apple has noted but that doesn’t
mean they haven’t fixed other things now one of the things I’ve seen where people
say it may or may not be fixed is when you long press or 3d press on settings
and then tap on Bluetooth now this works for me about 80% of the time and then it
doesn’t if I open it it’s working fine now so it just depends on what’s going
on but right now it’s working fine the other day it was crashing so there’s
still a few issues in here but most of the bugs they’ve worked out now as far
as anything else with battery and performance well battery has actually
been pretty good and I’m not going to do benchmarks in this particular video
because I did them on the GM version which is the same version so the numbers
will be the same but if we go to battery here you’ll see my battery health is
100% and then if we go to 10 days the last 10 days yesterday I had 4 hours and
58 minutes of screen on time 39 minutes of screen off time and I used only about
30 to 40% of my battery more like 30% so if you times that you would get about
almost 15 hours of screen on time I would say 12 hours is pretty normal and
you can see my uses mostly or my usage is mostly Twitter the home screen of
lockscreen mail and YouTube and things like
that Twitter is my number one use and so right now it’s been phenomenal battery
life I’ve had no issues with it and I’m pretty happy with that now on older
devices such as the iPhone 6s plus this is the oldest supported device as far as
its processor inside the reports I’m hearing so far based off the GM which is
the same version like I said is that it’s pretty smooth it’s one of the best
updates ever and if you have an older device most people are saying it’s
really good you’ll see if I open the camera it’s nice and fast that’s the
first time I’ve opened the camera on this update everything from gaming such
as minecraft there to opening the App Store will give it a second here to load
and we’re good to go so you’ll see this was the first time I opened the app
store since rebooting the phone and it’s working nice and fast and if you have
something like the iPhone 10 are for example again you’re going to have the
exact same experience compared to what I’m having on the 11pro Macs
but what you’ll see is it’s much faster than what you have with a previous
version of thirteen point three point one Apple has really made some changes
in this that helped quite a bit and I’m confident in saying there’s no
reason not to upgrade at this point if you’re on a previous version and you
don’t want to modify your phone or anything like that
but let me know what you think about it in the comments below those are all the
major changes there’s probably a few little things here and there but for the
most part that’s everything that Apple added and I would expect an iOS 13 point
4.1 or 13 point 5 before September and with the way things are going currently
it’s really hard to say what they’re going to do but still we should expect
iOS 14 later this year if something doesn’t change so we’ll see what happens
and hopefully we’ll see some updates that are larger with that version but
this is the most stable version I’ve seen yet as far as iOS 13 is concerned
but again let me know your thoughts in the comments below of course if you’d
like to get your hands on this wallpaper I’ll link it in the description as I
always do if you haven’t subscribed already though please subscribe and if
you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this
is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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  17. Hi Aaron,
    Just updated all seems to be fine, except the long press on settings..I can bring any of them up, but Bluetooth crashes it. If i open the settings manually then try the long press, it opens ok. I also have found I use VWconnectgo app, and its always been rather hit and miss connecting to the data plug in the car. The blue tooth says connected but the app says disconnected. So its looking like the Bluetooth connections are buggy still. Hopefully it may settle after using it regularly. Love the videos, always full of good information.

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  27. Finally the Cellular status bug has been fixed, thanks Apple. Everything seems fine except for one bug which randomly occurred in such a way that the lock screen randomly reappear right after locking iPhone even without any accidental retouch. But it did not occur frequently , suspect iOS still unstable after updating. Its not a big deal but a bit annoying. Will continue to monitor and update

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