iOS 13.4 GM is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 13.4 GM this is the golden master or final
version that will be released to the public and that will be released to the
public on Tuesday March 24th according to nine-to-five Mac now I had
thought it would be earlier this week due to the power beats the Apple
released and needing those this update to actually support those but it looks
like they pushed it to Tuesday or maybe they plan that all along it’s hard to
say but this is available to developers right now and may or may not be
available to public beta testers Apple in the past has not necessarily made the
GM or final version available to public beta testers however they do call this
beta 6 on their website so on the developer portal it says beta 6 for some
reason and apple also released watch OS 6 point 2 GM today along with Mac OS
Catalina 10.15.4 beta 6 and beta 6 of Apple TV OS 13 point four so it is
the GM version I’ll show you that with the final build number along with all of
these changes this update came in at four point zero nine gigabytes on my
iPhone 11 pro max when you’re going from a beta to a public version it’s usually
very large just like this one so on all of these devices I had almost four
gigabytes of data to install so it was a pretty big update now let’s take a look
at what the build number is and then we’ll talk about all the features the
build number is 17 e 255 and that’s the final version that will be released to
the public and with this update come a lot of changes so let’s first start with
iOS and then there’s a lot of bug fixes at the end so we’ll cover iOS iPad OS
and then the bug fixes and the first change is with memo G’s there’s some new
memo G stickers so let’s go into messages and you can see there’s new
memo G stickers now on my iPhone on the left here you’ll see there are less
stickers so they’ve added nine new stickers you’ve got someone behind a Mac
or an iPad and some different changes as well I don’t really use momochi stickers
but there are some new ones if you want to use them now they’ve made some
updates to the TV app along with its settings so if we go into the TV app I
already have it open you’ll see we now have family sharing so family sharings
there you can see who you’re sharing your different movies and TV purchases
with and it just shows all your different family
members there we also have some settings updates and you’ll see in settings for
TV we now have streaming options as well as download options so you can now
change it to have higher or lower quality based on how much data you have
left and as well you have the same settings for cellular so you have Wi-Fi
options for fast downloads or high quality and things like that so it just
depends on what you need for yourself if you don’t have data maybe you don’t have
an unlimited plan you can modify this for whatever you need now Apple has
finally added iCloud folder sharing this was promised with iOS 13 and it’s
finally here so if we go into the files app and then I go to my desktop which is
shared across all of my different Macs we long press on iPhone comparison here
and then we go to share under share we have the option to add people if I tap
on add people we can now add people and you can give them different permissions
as well so along with sharing this folder you can decide who actually can
modify the folder who can change different applications or change
different documents within it so for example you can limit access only to
people you explicitly invite or grant access to or you can have permissions to
choose who can make changes and upload files so you can do all of this now with
this update so it’s really nice that they’ve added this now within mail there
are a lot of fixes I’ll talk about later but they’ve also updated it so that
there’s a new bar at the bottom if you’re in an email so now you have a
little bar at the bottom with your trash folder reply and new mail so if you
reply you can see they’ve moved everything around and it’s just a little
bit easier to actually tap on trashing a message or deleting a message and it’s a
lot better than before where we only had two icons so they’ve updated this and I
think it’s much better now other than that responses to encrypted emails are
automatically encrypted if you have configured s/mime so if you have s/mime
configured it will automatically encrypt an email when you reply so that’s really
nice now with the app store they’ve updated it a little bit with universal
purchases so for example developers can decide whether or not to allow you to
purchase an app and share that across not only your iPad but also an ipod
touch mac or Apple TV also if you subscribe to Apple
arcade you’ll see recently played games at the top and there’s now a list of you
foresee all games now shortcuts has a small update and let’s see if I can find
shortcuts I don’t use it too much but if we go into shortcuts we can now make a
Shazam it option so you’ll see it says Shazam down here let me just create a
new one and we’ll add an action within actions you can now Shazam it so you
want to listen to specific music and let it tell you what it is you can do that
by pressing a button in shortcuts so you now have that option now if you have
apple carplay that’s been updated a little bit too with third-party
navigation app support for the dashboard itself so if you’re using the dashboard
you can have third-party navigation right there also you can have call
information on the dashboard if the app developer adds it so that’s an option
there’s also updates to augmented reality for quick look support a
developer has to add that though and that pertains more to the new iPad and
then with the keyboard there’s no predictive typing support for Arabic so
if you speak Arabic or you’re reading Arabic you’ll have that option then also
there’s some additional changes on the iPad with the keyboard and then there’s
mentions of the car key support within code of the beta but I’m not so sure
that it’s in the final release so you could use your phone as a car key along
with your car so if you have a Tesla or maybe one of the other cars such as a
Lincoln that has that that option with NFC for your car key you could use it
with your phone now other than that if you’re using a VPN there’s now a new
status when you’re disconnected so let me start a VPN I’ll turn on a VPN here
we’ll give it just a second and you’ll see the VPN is turned on if I turn it
off there’s now a new icon that should show me when it turns off although it
didn’t work that time let me connect and it shows that it’s turned on maybe I’ll
give it a second here and so you’ll see that I have a VPN if I turn that back
off and normally it will show that it’s turned off but it is a new icon that’s
there now there are a lot of fixes but let’s first talk about what’s new an
iPad OS because everything that I’ve already covered applies to iPad OS but
there is a major change to iPad OS now this morning Apple announced new iPads
with a new camera some new updated specs but also support for a new keyboard with
a trackpad and with that trackpad they announced support for a new style of
cursor on the iPad now we thought this was coming with iOS 14 but it’s now here
with thirteen point four so if I plug in my USB C to lightning cable along with
my trackpad from my Mac Pro so here’s the trackpad from the Mac Pro let’s get
out of this here we’re in keynote I can now move it around on my iPad now you
can do this wirelessly but because it’s already paired with my Mac Pro if I
unplug this it will just repair with the Mac Pro so I’ll just leave it wired for
now but they also added support for the Magic Mouse The Magic Mouse to the
trackpad trackpad too and third-party Bluetooth and USB support and we now
have gestures so if you take two fingers you can swipe between the screens you
can scroll you can do four fingers just like all of the gestures on the Mac so
if I hover over an app like keynote all I need to do is click go down to
continue and it’s the same as basically using it on a Mac so it’s really nice
we’ll just click on my presentation wait for it to load we can double click to
edit and then we’ve got the keyboard here so it’s really nice it brings
basically Mac functionality to an iPad and you can scroll with two fingers set
up gestures you can see I can scroll back and forth everything just works
super fluid and fast now there’s also multi-touch gestures
for zoom and everything else so all of the things you expect you can do so
bring that back go back it’s really nice and I’ll be using this much more in the
future now we’re only missing basically a
version for Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad so I’m looking forward to
hopefully some pro apps but basically we’ve got all the same functionality
they’ve also updated everything within the OS so photos is updated with new
tabs and new keyboard gestures and all sorts of things and if you want me to do
a separate video on iPad OS let me know in the comments below now along with the
trackpad support there’s new options for it as well so you can tell it to hide
the cursor for two seconds or after two seconds you can change the color if you
don’t want any color right now it’s sort of see-through but if I go to blue
and then I move the trackpad around you’ll see it’s highlighted in blue and
you just have a bunch of different options for the mice and trackpad so
it’s nice to have all of these different things supported on iPad making it
basically a normal computer now with all of those different updates that comes a
ton of different bug fixes and while Apple normally mentions most of them
there’s probably still some they didn’t mention but there’s a lot of them so I’m
going to run through them very quickly so it fixes an issue in the camera where
the viewfinder may appear as a black screen after launching it so this was
happening to some people it’s now fixed it also addresses an issue where photos
may appear to use excess storage and that’s something I saw people were
saying photos we’re taking up a huge amount of storage so that’s now resolved
it also resolves an issue in photos that may prevent sharing an image to messages
if messy if I message is disabled so maybe you’re using SMS or MMS that will
now work as well it also addresses an issue in mail where the conversation
list may display empty rows it resolves an issue where mail may crash when
tapping the share button in quick look it fixes an issue in settings where
cellular data may incorrectly display as off so if you’re using cellular it
should stay on if you have it turned on it also addresses an issue in Safari
where web pages may not be inverted when both dark mode and smart inversion are
active now if dark mode is turned on they fixed it where if you copied some
text from web content on a third-party app it was invisible when you went to
paste it it will now show properly they also fixed an issue in Safari where
CAPTCHA tiles may display incorrectly it also addresses an issue in reminders
where it may not issue new notifications it also it resolves an issue where
reminders may send notifications for completed reminders it also fixes an
issue where iCloud Drive appears to be available in Pages Numbers and Keynote
even when you’re not signed into it then it fixes an issue in Apple music where
music videos may not stream in high-quality it also resolves an issue
where carplay may lose connection in certain vehicles it also fixes an issue
where car play in maps may move away briefly from the current area so maybe
you had it centered where you are and it would move away briefly it also fixes an
issue in the home app where you tap on an activity notification
it brings you to the wrong security camera so that should be fixed it also
resolves an issue where shortcuts may not appear when tapping on the share
menu within a screenshot so maybe you take a screenshot and then you go to
share it all of your options will now be there and then finally it improves the
Burmese keyboard so punctuation symbols are now accessible from numbers and
symbols there’s also some additional language updates within the keyboard on
iPad OS now it’s not necessarily listed on iOS but it is for iPad OS so it’s
really hard to say what’s going on there but see if those options are available
to you and I’d love to hear from you in the comments below if you use that now
all of those changes are available right away once you have this update and I
think it’s a huge improvement and that just goes to show how many bugs there
were with iOS 13 I oh s 13.4 betas have been the most stable and the highest
performing of any I’ve seen so performance is great I think you’ll find
it much smoother we’ll take a look at the benchmarks in just a moment but
first let’s talk about battery if we go into the settings and take a look at the
battery you can see my battery health is at 100% and I’ve been running beta 5 for
the past week if we take a look at the last 10 days you’ll see that my usage
it’s about 3 and a half hours and 3 hours and 56 minutes of screen off time
but in that time I only used about 30% of the battery and then by the time I go
to bed it’s still got a lot left so if I was to use it to a hundred percent
I could times this by 3 almost and get 9 to maybe 12 hours depending on what
you’re doing and that’s usually what I’ve been telling people thirteen point
four has been really good for the majority of people on the betas and I
would expect that to be with the final as well but it will take a few days to
know that now other than that the performance has been really good and so
I have the iPhone 6s plus here that has the oldest processor in it and
performance is pretty good if I scroll through everything this is the first
time I’ve opened music it loaded like I expected things like minecraft should
load pretty fast we’ll wait for it here you’ll see it will zip right along and
frame rates tend to be pretty good in this update
so this is not a very intensive game but you can see if I create a new world
create a new world and I hit create will let it load for just a
second load times are the same or better than iOS 13 point three point one so
expect this to be a pretty good update for most people now other than speed on
the iPhone 6s plus the 10r gets the same updates as does all of the different
devices so everything is nice and smooth and fast and expect it to be much better
optimized for everything from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone se and everything in
between newer or older so in general this is a
really good update now let’s take a look at the Geekbench scores now I’m using
Geekbench 5 and I ran this right after I updated so these numbers can increase
but this is what I got initially I scored 1290 for single core 3253 from
multi-core on the 11pro Max now if we take a look at the history
we’ll go to CPU on march 10th you can see that the numbers were a little bit
higher but again this is right after I installed it so I would expect these
numbers to go up most people are seeing them a little bit higher now let’s take
a look at all of these devices on the Left we have the iPad pro 12.9 from 2018
followed by the 6s plus than the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 Pro Max this
should give you a general idea of what your scores will look like if you run
the same test now keep in mind I ran this right after I installed the update
and these could improve over time after everything in the background is done
configuring that’s it for iOS 13 point for all the major changes there may be
some small tweaks here and there to different icons and things like that but
those are all of the major changes with this update let me know what you think
about it in the comments below and if you’re experiencing poor battery
life expect that to increase over the next couple of days as it finishes what
it’s doing in the background that’s pretty normal with an update this big
now if you’d like to get your hands on the wallpaper of course I’ll link it in
the description as I always do and if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks
for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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