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Introducing Rentals United Channel Manager

Introducing Rentals United Channel Manager

Hi my name is Vivian and I’m going to briefly
explain to you what a channel manager is and why we rock at Rentals United! So first question: what is a channel manager? As the name suggests a channel manager allows
property managers and owners alike to efficiently manage different online distribution channels
such as vacation rental websites, OTAs, Meta searches, Wholesalers, GDS & more. So why do we need a Channel Manager? Well you might advertising manually on various
websites maybe 3 or 4 different ones and that might seem like a lot work already because
you need to update your calendars and prices individually on these websites and let’s not
even forget to mention about the fact that you’re prone to receiving double bookings. With a channel manager all you have to do
is update the channel manager and the software will take care of updating your rates and
availablity on all these websites that you’re advertising on. So if you get a booking or perhaps even a
cancellation your calendars will get update everywhere practically instantly. Forget advertising on 3 websites why not advertise
on 60 websites and pride yourself with a really intelligent marketing mix. That’s a huge time saver for you! Why choose Rentals United as your channel
manager? Good question. Our founders were all from Vacation Rental
companies and have been building and improving the platform since 2012. All our connections to the listing sites are
two way connections meaning everything gets updated and no use of iCals and in most cases
even your content gets updated such as descriptions and photos. When you sign up to Rentals United you will
see how user-friendly our platform really is. We’ll ask you to connect your PMS to us meaning
we’ll receive your property details from your PMS or we simply ask you to create your listings
yourself on our platform by using our 15 minutes property upload wizard. At Rentals United you’ll never be alone, our
support and account management team will guide you from the beginning. We’ll recommend you which channels are the
most suitable for your type of inventory, location and the type of business model that
you’re using. I’m a key account manager myself for Rentals
United for the UK market so perhaps you’ll even be speaking to me. So I hope you’ll come and join our family
why not book a demo with us or simply just sign up. Isee you here!

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