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Interview with April of Minivan Adventures – Travel Tuesday – Healthy Lifestyle Show

Interview with April of Minivan Adventures – Travel Tuesday – Healthy Lifestyle Show

good morning welcome to Happy Trails
hiking today is travel Tuesday and I’ve got a great guest for you so stay tuned
for that you’re watching the healthy lifestyle show and on this show I
encourage you to live the life you love as I said today is travel Tuesday and I
am really excited about our guests if you are here with me in the chat make
sure that you type into the chat so that my moderators can say hello to you while
I am talking to my guests and if you are here watching the replay please type in
to the comments that you stopped by we’d love to say hello to you after the show
our guests today I have not met in person but I love interacting with her
on social media on Twitter and on Facebook and I can’t wait to introduce
her to you all April Berry is the creator and writer
behind minivan adventures a website focused on family travels and family fun
April has a talent for planning vacation her family loves unique adventures that
are fun memorable educational and affordable her road-tripping family
enjoyed quirky roadside attractions exciting hikes unique destinations and
Wildlife toil they also love destinations that allow
them to geek out over stuff stuff like Harry Potter
trains dinosaurs fossils books that they’ve recently read and much much more
you can when you visit minivan and ventures calm you can expect here about
unique travel experiences it’ll also pick up helpful road trip tips ideas on
how to save money on family vacations and recommendations of books to read
before visiting a destination not only that but you will find ideas on how to
create fun family memories at home some of her most popular blog or content
include making the most of your visit to Harry Potter world in Orlando I need to
read that one again because it’s been a while since I’ve been there hiking the
waterfalls caves and languages of Hocking Hills in Ohio I need to read
that one too because I want to go to hocking Hill State Park fun family
hmm sorry super fun family-friendly activities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
a state-by-state list of thousands of quirk hundreds of quirky roadside
attractions and spring break destination ideas that are not in Florida Plus April
when our family just recently returned from a 16-day 1,600 mile road trip out
to Yellowstone National Park and beyond so she has more fun-filled family
friendly adventures I love it to share over the upcoming months
including exploring cave like lava tubes observing bison and other cool wildlife
and driving the wagon at Laura Ingalls homestead that’s April has a corporate
background in financial services industry she spent over 15 years in a
variety of marketing training and management positions
she left the corporate world eight years ago to focus more fully on her role as a
mother she started minivan adventures website about three years ago April and
her husband lived in Grand Rapids Michigan
about their three children and you can follow along with her on all of her
links down below but ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome April
hi April it’s good to see you thank you kind of in person kind of yeah we were
talking April and I were talking before the show about how odd it is to not like
not talk to a person but to talk to your screen so I told her I did that all the
time it was okay um April I do want to let you know we do have a small crowd
with us right now food force permaculture is here right
before the show and we’ll be stopping back in like from the trail who’s name
is Gary is here dustman’s Donders who’s name is Dave is here Doug Schoen is here
Lori and Lori Bryant who happens to be my sister so good morning to everyone
thank you all for being here um I know it’s good good
good crowd so and Lori says she shared this out so we may have some more people
coming in as we speak so um if you’re here and watching the people who are in
the chat are not scary and you can feel free to just say hello and April and I
would love to say hello to you too um so April I do have some questions for you
and um my first one is how did minivan adventures get started I love the title
by the way thanks to that title that’s cool well like I said in my bio I had a
15 year career which I just loved loved loved and training and marketing and
then I stepped away from that to focus on being a mom and I found that being a
mom was just all-consuming and after a while you start to feel kind of burnt
out because you’re doing everything for everyone else and kind of like you said
in your show yesterday um I decided to do something for me and what makes me
really happy is learning new things and writing and so blogging seemed like a
natural fit so I gave that a try I thought a lot about the name since you
mentioned that mm-hmm I knew I wanted to focus on
some of our travels but I had a lot of uh the blogs that I were looking at
we’re a lot of mom blogs I thought oh maybe I might want to do some of that
too so I thought minivan ties into both sides Adventures ties into both sides
but it turned out to be more travel related than mom related I guess right
well you guys go on some great adventures
I mean visitors at home but still great adventures and you all travel more than
lots of families lots of families like all we got a big family we can’t we
can’t travel and like you got three kids you’re okay but I know people who do
that um so awesome and I love it um I did want to say hello to Rachel Rossum
as well as Marty screw our family adventures thanks for coming guys it’s
good to see you um and my second question is April do you guys always
travel as a family for the most part we do um we go on one two three family
vacations every single year as the whole family all three kids it might be
changing soon my oldest is going off to college next year but every fall my
husband and I make a point to go for a weekend at least one weekend just the
two of us so most of our travel is family travel but we do sneak away from
kids because we need that break you certainly do I totally agree and by the
way you don’t look old enough to be having a kid going off to college but
you’re welcome you’re welcome I always think oh man I aren’t old
enough to have kids in college but we’ve been married for almost 20 years so yeah
dang it anyway I don’t feel that old how about that
I don’t either in fact my birthday is coming up next week and I feel really
old with this birthday coming up it’s gonna read for me and it just doesn’t
seem right that I could be that old oh well let me tell you 43 is pretty good I
like it so far it’s been a good year for me so well happy birthday next week
everybody’s put happy birthday in the chat happy birthday April in the chat
okay all right question number three then what ages were your kids when you
started taking trips with them good question you know we’ve always
we’ve always done vacations with our kids even when they’re very very little
and some have been more successful than others um but we’ve always done it when
the children are really little like baby little we live we found it easiest to
rent like a cabin and stayed there for a week and we usually do it with extended
family like aunts and uncles grandparents would come too and so that
was easy as because we could bring the portable crib and if the baby didn’t
want to go to sleep at night if we didn’t worry about it waking up the
people in the hotel rooms next to us sure but we started big vacations the
big road-tripping vacations when our youngest was to grow out – we live in
Grand Rapids Michigan and we drove all the way out to Savannah Georgia and it
went phenomenally we spent half our time of
Savannah half-hour time in Hilton Head and that went so well and my husband I
really had it down how we planned it out and everything just went so perfect and
so that’s when we decided oh we can totally do this and so the next summer
we did our big 5,000 mile road trip 15 days all the way up to California all
the way back and we kept going ever since
wow that’s awesome that’s that’s just so exciting to me I think that’s awesome
and my dad told me how to come up with a different word besides awesome so
fantastic fantasmic wonderful and I guess so Desmond Saunders wanted me to
tell you that 43 is not old he’s older than 43 so it’s not old but I do
remember thinking when I was a teenager that 43 was not young anymore yes but
we’re just more experienced that’s what it is
Oh and so Desmond Saunders says happy birthday so does Rachel Ross and I’m
Rachel Russell lives over in England so I say we all take a field trip and go
visit Rachel and we’ll just sleep in her on her floor her pan yeah with this I
like this plan and Marty’s crew our family adventures also says happy
birthday so um he’s also suggesting the word stupendous
so I think your idea and your road trips with your family are stupendous very fun
yeah our family so my parents and my sister and I used to travel on
motorcycles when we were when I was a kid and so that was always fun um and it
was it was always an interesting road trip and Laurie and I didn’t fight
because we were on the back of different motorcycles I worked up fix that problem
right you just buy motorcycles or you take two different vehicles that’s it
hmm different Federation good idea good idea all right we’ll go back to the list
um number four since your blog name is minivan adventures are all of your trips
road trips so far all of our trips have been road trips okay name might well
there’s lots of different reasons we like the road trips because we can see
different things along the way as we go but we also like the road trips because
we feel like they’re more portable for a family of five and airplane plates and
then renting a car once you get there we don’t know we haven’t actually done that
yet but we are gonna try that I think in the next year or two for a trip to
Disneyworld so let you know maybe we won’t be a road tripping family after
that who knows why you never know um it is travel Tuesday like it’s giving
Tuesday too so if you have your favorite nonprofit to give a donation to but
yesterday was so cyber monday but they’re going today Travel Tuesday I
think there’s Tropic they’re just copying me of course but it’s supposed
to be good discounts on travel so if you’re looking for baby flights or hotel
destinations or air B&B spots I don’t know what they have discounts on but I’m
planning to look this after dinner yeah so I’m hoping that some good deals you
can pass some info on to me Oh totally well if I find a good deal I’m gonna
tweet it out and put it on Facebook and Instagram a picture of screenshot my
awesome EAL and all that stuff so yeah I knew
yeah Matt and I are hoping for some more road trips with our a-frame elf this
summer so we’re trying to figure out where we’re going to travel to so um
we’ve been joined by andis journey um and he said that April would love to
come down here to Chattanooga area so much to do there
have you been to Chattanooga I want to say we have is that the one that has the
really steep incline yes you’ve driven through probably on your way to UM to
Orlando it’s in the you have to go through Chad no that’s right before you
get to the Georgia line so it’s the stop before Atlanta kind of thing so anyway
weren’t there about 11 years ago oh wow I got married 11 almost 11 years ago and
we took a family moon we took my oldest son from a previous marriage with us for
a loop family moon trip and we went to Myrtle
Beach in Asheville and I feel like we stopped at Chattanooga then so it’s been
quite a while so there are some good things to do in Chattanooga hen I would
love to read your blog from there um posh cats camping is here hello thank
you for coming and I believe I saw yes blended whiskey is here as well thank
you for coming today this is April from minivan adventures
calm and she is a blogger and a travel blogger and we’ve been talking about her
travels so my next question is what do you like best about travel writing April you know what I really like best is that
it’s so cool when somebody messages me and says I heard about this on your
website and I totally want to go there especially last summer I had like five
different people reach out to me that I’ve never met in person you know like
I’m used to hearing from friends and family occasionally on things like that
but now people I don’t know are reaching out to me on social media and they’re
saying hey we saw you went on an awesome road trip and we’re
going to that area – where do you think we should go and I share ideas and they
get back to me and say oh that’s cool or that’s not really my thing and I help
people I helped inspire people’s vacations a
little bit and so now I feel like now I’m not just creating my own family
memories for my own family but now I’m helping other families create family
memories and that’s really cool that it that is really really cool I that’s
that’s kind of I love getting comments on on videos like okay I put up a video
on Great Smoky Mountain National Park and they’re like oh would this trail be
good for for strollers and actually the last I went on to – would be good for
strollers it was it was a good family hike and you know I could answer those
questions and you’re right making people or helping people with their vacations
is wonderful and I feel like you’d do that really really well um
Gobert rod is here and he says that he has snow today and he is up in the–
massachusetts area so yes it’s been snowy across the way and you had snow up
in Michigan you guys just got a lot of snow didn’t you we did we got about six
inches overnight separate and nobody was predicting it so it was a complete
surprise surprise snow everyone could have seen the looks on my kids faces
that morning because we were expecting a little bit of ice and then we open the
curtains in the morning and here’s all the snow everywhere in the kids room Wow moments when you’re mom you know oh yeah
anything anything that surprises them – joy is wonderful isn’t that great
that is great well um so after my best thing about travel writing what’s the
hardest part about being a travel writer you know being a travel writer is a lot
harder than I thought it would be when you first start off I remember thinking
I would compare my blog to other people’s blogs and I think oh wow
they’re doing restaurant reviews I should be doing restaurant reviews and
you know I’m not a foodie I don’t I don’t like I don’t like things
boots yeah I would not be a good foodie blogger you know I like restaurants that
provide an experience so I could write about that aspect but how fantastic
there filet mignon was not so much you know refine my own style versus not
mimic others and feeling like what I was doing was real blogging if I wasn’t
doing what everyone else was doing gotcha yeah so finding your own story
and and telling that story it’s I think that’s something that all of us work I
mean if you’re gonna be on social media and showing off your life at all you and
to to try to make money at it for that matter even if it’s just a hobby but to
to show off the way you want to tell the story and the best way that you tell the
story not the best way that everybody else can sell the story that’s
absolutely I agree with you that is very very hard um can we do just a little bit
of can I show your blog is that okay I know there’ll be some people just cool
all right let me get that up I should have been doing that while you were
talking oh man all right this always tells me
that I have too many there we go that did it all right so this is minivan
adventures and um you said you’re not a foodie but you talk about the best
restaurants in Universal Orlando for family so on stories like that do you
kind of talk about the experience there or write more about what the atmosphere
was like and what the experience was most of the things that we write about
if it has to do with restaurants is how cool was the atmosphere there did they
have animatronic animals do they have thunderstorms do they have a show that
you watch while you eat but it doesn’t focus too much on the food gotcha gotcha
that makes sense but not only do you have that but there’s so much other
fun things like I love your book book stuff 7 pop-up books that make awesome
gifts and I recognize Old Faithful there yeah that’s pretty cool so far
really yeah very nice um and I really liked this blog this was amazing you’re
preparing for the road trip of our dreams that was um that was an amazing
amazing blog well done well done congratulations
so um we do have a question from andis journeys and that’s do you have a
YouTube channel and so I don’t know of a YouTube channel that you have do you
have a YouTube channel I do not have a youtube channel i am not tech savvy when
it comes to videos I’m not sure what to do with that yet gotcha well my teenage
son says you need to get on YouTube mom and I think oh my gosh I’m barely
managing all the tech with my website I don’t know about videos right I
understand and um I hear that from a lot of our blogger friends so I I think it’s
easier than you think it is um but yes I yeah so and II know she doesn’t have a
YouTube channel yet we’re working on it there you go
I like that yet so yeah that’s um that’s that’s really fun
all right so there’s a lot going on on your blog one other thing I did want to
share the tabs at the top because we have books and it’s not your books for
sale correct it’s it’s your favorite books and books for kids so lots of
people I talk to have books for sale but April has um suggestions for for books
for you to read and books for kids to read and things like that so um yeah I
just I love that and I’m rereading Harry Potter this year I didn’t reread it last
year I’ve skipped it but you have lots of
family life and birthday party ideas and things like that so I’m yeah I just love
your blog your websites great so congrats and fantastic job it’s ok not
that I’m an expert on what’s great or not but I enjoyed it that makes it great
we’re going for there you go fun stuff we have lots of new fun people
in the room by the way um I guess well maybe not Lots but paranormal voices is
here and says good evening so I’m assuming that there somewhere that it is
evening instead of morning but that’s that’s fun welcome and this is April and
she’s from minivan adventures um and I guess that’s about it for our new if you
guys have any other questions for April make sure you ask them soon because
we’re running out of time and I am to my last two questions so one is what is
your dream destination or tour April you know you gave me a heads up that you
were gonna ask this or is it changes depending on the day there are so places
on my destination wish list and I’m always daydreaming about something new
so I it could change tomorrow but some of my favorite dream destinations Hawaii
I think most all of us dream of Hawaii uhmm I talked about when we’re empty
nesters we want to fly out to like Seattle rent a car and drive down the
entire coastline how cool with that that’s amazing
we want to do the Florida Keys sometime to drag over those crazy bridges yep
what would be cool I want to visit Katie a national park I heard about I think
it’s called the Beehive Trail or something in okay you climb up rungs on
the side of a hilltop to get to certain parts I think that sounds really cool
yeah our destination wish list it grows by the day yes you know I hear ya
um I think well I keep saying oh man I want to get out of the Pacific Northwest
to see Gary from life on the trail there’s so much in between here and
there that we don’t have enough vacations a great big road trip all the
way out to California we never made it to the Pacific Ocean we made it to
Sequoia National Park but we didn’t go past that because we just didn’t have
enough time yeah I hear it’s another it’s another almost days drive and then
days drive back it’s not like I mean I know California looks skinny but I mean
there’s mountains in the way and none of those roads are straight in this big
city you know so Sequoia you know you got to get to
Fresno and then you got to get through and around Fresno and then all the back
roads through the farms and whatnot and then Silicon Valley’s in the way too so
it was yeah you know when your hands move really fast like a pass like a
matrix effect on the screen oh that’s exciting I will stand still anyway um
and oh and posh caps posh cats camping says we would love Alaska yes yes you
wouldn’t man I want to get out there too so yeah and paranormal voices from the
Netherlands I want to go to the Netherlands every time somebody mentions
a new place so the Netherlands I guess paranormal voices are there but
my friend Karen summers who I talked to fairly frequently as a youtuber she’s
from the Netherlands and of course I want to go see Rachel Rawson over in
Sheffield in England and I want to go see Gary from life on the trail and I
want to go to Pennsylvania to see inspired John and I hear that Yankee
from Yankees outdoor adventures is listening um and said hi through someone
else but anyway um hi Yankee and I want to go to Ohio to see Yankee there’s just
so much I want to do I can totally relate to that feeling my I appreciate
that all right um and people are saying come on over
um and then let’s see my last question for you is there anything else you want
to add to to give our viewers any travel advice or anything else that we haven’t
covered already oh I would encourage you to keep on
traveling keep making those fantastic family memories and if you go someplace
really cool let me know about it because I want to add it to my destination wish
list my ever-growing destination which list um but really what I really want to
say here is a big THANK YOU to you Kay I’m so honored that you asked me to be
on your show and I think you’re so genuine and authentic and you made it
very easy because I’m sure you might be able to notice I’m a little nervous
today not so nervous with you because you’re so true you seem like you are who
you are on the screen and I really like your hikes and your enthusiasm and yeah
that is inspiring to me so thank you to you Kay well okay no crying no crying on
YouTube um but thank you I’m I’m honored that you’re here and that all of my
viewers get to meet you so you you’ve you’ve inspired me to travel more and
just travel more in the Midwest even because you see all these cool places
and the quirky roadside stops and I’m just like oh
that’s gonna be fun and all that stuff so um yeah thank you for being on today
if you’ll hang out for just a second I’m gonna finish out the show we’ll do all
right all right guys okay your assignment list now right when
the show is over follow the links in the description and go visit April on
Facebook Instagram Twitter and just say hi make a comment on one of her posts or
on her blog post that would be even better and tell her you found her on
happy trails hiking number do don’t forget to share this with someone else
who needs to have family fun-filled adventures
and then come back and leave a comment down below that will allow YouTube to
know that people like this content and that they should suggest it to other
people who like traveling and three go out and live the life you love today and
remember you are not replaceable

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  1. Enjoyed getting to know April better! Excellent interview! Great job to both host and guest!😀

  2. Big thanks to Kay of Happy Trails Hiking for featuring me this week. It was so fun chatting with you, Kay! Also, a big thank you to all my new friends from the chat today and especially for the happy birthday messages.

    Keep on traveling, friends! Here's hoping you have some "stupendous" travel adventures in the very near future.

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