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Inside the V12 Aston Martin Valkyrie Hypercar | carsales

Inside the V12 Aston Martin Valkyrie Hypercar | carsales

The Aston Martin Valkyrie redefines the hypercar,
but what’s truly mind-blowing about this vehicle is the fact that is road legal. It might look like it’s been beamed down from
outer space, but this vehicle has to have everything you get in your Toyota Corolla. Well, almost. Let’s start with headlights, these are very
fascinating. Now obviously you’ve got the high bend, the
low bend, the indicators, but inside they’re using 3D carbon printed fibre, and the headlights
and brake lights combined weigh 40% less than one headlight cluster in an Aston Martin DB11. This car is all about saving weight. Some of the challenges the design team faced
were incredibly complex. Take the windscreen wiper for example, this
needs to cover 80% of the windscreen. If you look at the windscreen, well, it’s
curved, so how they get by it is they get a carbon fibre arm here, and it has a little
camshaft in the middle that allows this windscreen wiper to curve around those edges. This model is 95% representative of the finished
product, however, this area here will be recessed so that aerodynamics are much more improved. Even though the Valkyrie looks incredibly
narrow, this is a bona fide two seater. Don’t believe me? Check this out. Alright, here we go, try not to break it. This is tricky. There we go. It’s just astonishing to think you’re almost
lying down in a road car. You can take this to the shops, you can go
through the KFC drive through, whatever you want, but it’s got everything you need to
make a road car legal. So you’ve got the indicators here, you can
flick to neutral, you can change the car’s ride height with this button, so you can get
over speed bumps, and LC, launch control. Yes, please. These two screens here transmit what’s coming
in from tiny little cameras on the side of the car. You can’t have wing mirrors, too much wind
resistance, too much weight. There is actually room here for two people. It’s a little cosy, but there are different
options for your seats. I’m sitting on pads that are stuck to the
tub. Then there’s this one, which has a little
bit of an infill, and then there’s a third one that’s even thicker, and a little bit
different angled. Obviously, seats are not adjustable, but the
steering wheel and the pedal box are adjustable. If you thought getting out of exotic cars
was tricky, this is next level. You sort of have to stand on the seat and
slowly get your legs out. Wow. Even the scoop here has changed. They’ve added some extra aerodynamic tunnels
here to guide the airflow over the rear. This is very cool, the CHMSL. What’s a CHMSL? It’s a centre horizontal mounted stoplight,
and I believe it’s the smallest in the world. The aerodynamics in this car are absolutely
stunning, and it even includes active aero on this rear spoiler, but they had to take
into account the thermal dynamics. Because the exhaust pipe generates so much
heat, it would melt the spoiler off, they have to cover it in a ceramic coating. But it gets better, the number plate would
melt off too, so it can’t be plastic, they have to fabricate it from a special alloy. The aerodynamic genius behind the shapes of
this car, Adrian Newey, is also the bloke behind the Red Bull F1 racing car. He wanted two huge Venturi tunnels running
the whole length of the car. You can virtually see from one end to the
other. But the problem there is you need a very narrow
engine, and that’s where Cosworth comes in. They’re building the 6.5 litre V12 that wedges
right in here, and it’s a fascinating piece of engineering because it’s actually a stressed
member of the chassis. I love the fact that the engineering team
has gone to the nth degree to rescue weight. It doesn’t even have a conventional reverse
gear, that is taken care of by the electric motor. Even the badge is subject to weight saving. This optional one here, which I can barely
pick up, is just 15 microns thick, that is thinner than a human hair. Only 150 of these vehicles will ever be built. They’re all sold, despite being priced at
around $5 million a pop and much more depending on how you spec it. But one thing is for sure, this is an absolutely
astounding vehicle in every respect, and the fact that it is road legal is absolutely mindboggling.

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