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Inside The First-Ever Tesla Race Car

Inside The First-Ever Tesla Race Car

Narrator: 2.3 seconds.
That’s exactly how long it takes Tesla’s
top-of-the-line Model S sedan to sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour. But while YouTube is filled with countless videos of Teslas
dominating drag strips and leaving the fastest
street-legal cars in their dust, these all-electric speed
demons have yet to make it into a professional
racing series, until now. Electric Production Car Series, or EPCS, is an upcoming zero-emissions international racing championship featuring the first
official race-ready Teslas. As the flagship series of
electric racing organization Electric GT, EPCS is planned to feature up to 20 drivers piloting
identical track-optimized Model S P100Ds. So what separates these
Model S race cars from those you can pick up at your
nearest Tesla showroom? First, the company
takes a production model and strips out all of
the interior fittings that would be considered excess. This is replaced with safety equipment that includes a full race
harness and roll cage. Much of the body work is also removed and replaced with high-grade
carbon-fiber body panels. The production car’s wheels and tires are scrapped for new race slicks and rims. Aerodynamic features are added that include a large rear wing, and the suspension is
strengthened heavily. – Electric GT came about essentially four years ago when we saw that electric racing was starting with Formula E. I remember going to the Monaco race and being impressed with
what they were doing and thinking, “Well, this
needs to happen more.” What is Electric Production Car Series? So that is the formal or official name that has been given by the FIA to our championship. Narrator: The FIA, or International Automobile Federation, is the governing body over a number of global motorsport events. When it comes to rules
and safety regulations in auto racing, what they say goes. – This is a FIA-approved
international series, so we can race in multiple countries using full FIA safety specialists, you know, their marshals and such, and also we can attract
FIA-licensed drivers, FIA-sanctioned teams, and essentially put on a show that is proper motorsport. We do aim to go to the best
circuits that are available, so Silverstone, Paul
Ricard, that kind of thing. Now, I have thoroughly recognized that Tesla is not perfect and that it has thermal-management issues, above all, but it’s got pretty good performance, as in the obviously
out-of-the-blocks acceleration that’s certainly at or even
above a Formula-1-car level. Top speed is very good,
and we can buy them today. Narrator: However, Electric
GT wants to make it clear that in the future, they do not plan to limit their racing series to Tesla cars only. – Any high-performance electric car, we welcome in our series. It would be a pleasure to welcome a Porsche
Taycan on the circuit. I have no reason to
believe that it would be in any way an inferior car. Narrator: However, the
road to an all-electric racing league hasn’t been as smooth as Electric GT had hoped. The series was originally expected to begin back in 2017,
but the company ran into a number of major delays, including difficulties
securing a lead investor. Still, the company claims
their problems may soon be solved and EPSC’s inaugural season could almost be here. – The fundamental fact, and
there’s no surprises of course, you need to have the
capital to launch an event of this caliber. You get everything together,
and you need to find the right investor. The right investor, apart
from having the right money, needs to be appreciative
of what’s going on. So here for instance, you
need to find an investor who understands that the electric future is definite and is worthwhile, that renewable energy is a fantastic, positive future for us all, and someone who also appreciates
the value of motorsport. But I’m pleased to say we
have run into a few investors who do place a lot of
value in these vectors, so I’m very enthusiastic that
we will find that investor and that we will launch
in the near future.

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100 thoughts on “Inside The First-Ever Tesla Race Car

  1. Elon and the Tesla board should be investors/sponsors for this group. Unless of course it’s against the rules or they plan on having their own crew

  2. Knowing that they are going to be driven to its utmost capability, I wonder what the range of those batteries will be like. Tesla claims, to the consumer, that its range is between 200 to 300 miles.

  3. To bad they won’t race real DTM cars. They will probaly lose because they can’t race that long but it would still be cool.

  4. It's kinda sad to think that one of these electric GT can probably beat the FormulaE equivalent by a long shot, something like that would never happen in traditional motorsports, Formula 1 are over 30% faster than GTE. Formula E really needs to step up their game, slick tyres, 100kwh batteries and 350kw motors are seriously needed.

  5. But I mean, hybrid cars are actually more powerful than full electric cars. Really want to see a battle between Tesla Model S and a Honda NSX 2nd Gen.

  6. Teslas are terrible race cars. Too big and heavy and the motors overheat within 30 seconds of sustained full output driving. I have over twenty years motorsports experience and there are much better choices, race cars that were designed from the ground up to be electric like the Electric Sports Racer ( ) or Formula E ( ).

  7. As I recall, race Teslas had cooling issues, because the batteries overheated quite easily. I hope that has been fixed.

  8. Kind of a misleading video. This series was supposed to start earlier this year and we still have heard nothing. It's not happening.

  9. The biggest constraint of Tesla is the excess weight of their batteries. Teslas often weigh more than conventional performed cars.

  10. I wish to see such racing categories in the near future. Wishing you all the best. If you are looking for investors try in the middle East (UAE) & India (TATA & Mahindra). These two companies are investing big bucks in EV'S technology.

  11. This is good! Hopefully it will take off and help improve the consumer electric cars in the future!

  12. Where’s the heat management problem biggest, the motor or the batteries? If it’s limited by cooling then why not use more advanced cooling?

  13. They are going to want the Tesla Roadster 2020 because the model S probably won't be very good after some laps

  14. 1:26 where does BI think the suspension goes? Those are supposed to be connected to the wheel and hub assembly lol

  15. 1:10 Nevermind the fact that the car body is actually a completely novel, super lightweight, Swiss made natural fibre composite technology, and definitely not "high grade carbon fiber". This is actually a pretty big deal, Business Insider:

  16. I would've liked to have seen somebody take a Tesla to compete with gas cars. Perhaps with replaceable batteries?

  17. Imagine in the future you can go on a race track with your friends using Teslas and it would be completely safe because each tesla prevents all crashes. The future of Go-Karting

  18. It would have to be a separate race series. Most electrics cant make the range for standard racess

  19. theres no money in efficiency, its right there in the term. the deafening silence on rimac is proof that the sludge burners and the entrenched profit skimming hogs that writhe in it are not concerned about progress or performance, theyre interested in boosting their own pathological egos.

  20. Why so bad framerate? How hard is to use 60fps in 2019? Phones started to record in [email protected] in 2013, now they record ar [email protected]
    I have feeling that content creators do bare minimum in video quality. If you have resouces, you should push limits to max. Youtube supports up to [email protected], yet content creators are using 720p and 1080p and bad framerates.

  21. The electricity those cars are using comes from burning coal. Unless you live in Siberia electric is not really something you need to bother with.

  22. How is it possible to be 0 emissions?
    It uses electricity to charge.
    Power stations are only around 30% efficient.
    And it makes way more carbon to make an electric car than it does to make
    a car that runs on fuel Its pity stupid idea.
    and you have to do something with the batteries after.
    Carbon tax is a scam.

  23. Are they gonna add speakers with engine sound to the cars? Otherwise its very weird watching a silent race.

  24. Theres a huge difference between gas combustion engines and electric engines aside from the obvious. The electric will always have an advantage over combustion engines due to the speed that torque can be converted to power.

    Could be wrong, if i am feel free to tear me apart so i dont have to google this

  25. Zero emmision becomes bullshit when you take a look and compare emisions of factoring both traditional and electric cars

  26. Imagine seeing Tesla roadsters on the track and hearing the rockets and massive tire shredding torque, taking off with the same acceleration as the space shuttle, Lmao, The people watching Stupid formula one combustion engines will look like grandpa racing on his lawnmower.

  27. A little mistake. They don't use carbon. They go with the Bcomp, like many those days. Take a look of logo on the real bumper, down in the right side at 2:09 😉

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    Language: Yugoslavian

  29. It's funny how electric cars died about exactly a century ago and now they're making a comeback to kill ICE cars (supposedly in vengeance).

  30. Elon ego is to big to back a race that would show his Tesla toys overheating every 5 seconds… that's why Porsche will take over…. using a real EV sports car..

  31. You don't mention any break upgrade? I assume that would be a given as Model S breaks are not so spectacular? Don't they overheat easily?

  32. I don't understand, if their first race is 20 "Race Ready" Model Ss, it's a Tesla marketing venue, so why doesn't @ElonMusk part with a few $ for the event kickoff?

    Also if it's called production, how much modifications are allowed?
    Suspension? Breaks? How soon for power train?

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