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I’m Buying a G-Wagon?! | New Car Shopping!

I’m Buying a G-Wagon?! | New Car Shopping!

– [Raven] Ooh, wee! When I saw that one parked
in the little garage, I was like yes, this
is nice, this is cute, this is luxury, this is money. Raven Elyse TV. Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Raven. Welcome back to another vlog. Today we’re having a nice
Saturday family fun day. I’m with my whole family,
my mom, my dad, and Ziya, and we just pulled up to
the Jaguar car dealership because today’s activity
is car shopping for me because I wanna new car. Bye. Good. Hi boo-boo. Yes, it’s for me. – [Dealer] Hmm. Got it. – [Mom] But we’re her parents. – [Dealer] Okay. – [Raven] And I’m recording
for my YouTube channel, by the way. – [Dealer] You didn’t tell me
that, I wouldn’t like that. – [Raven] Not you, not you.
– You look fine. – [Dealer] I would have gotten
a little bit cleaned up, a little more. – So I don’t know if you
know, but these creators, they like to roll in these G-wagons. – [Raven] What? – They like to roll in these G-wagons. – And that’s the first
thing they wanna look at. Personally I think it’s ridiculous, but we’re gonna let her make the decision. But what we’re doing today is showing her some alternatives in luxury SUVs that she might be interested in. – [Dealer] All right, let’s do it. – [Raven] “These creators
like G-wagons.” The shade! – [Dealer] This is a Range Rover Sport. – [Raven] Okay so quick little back story on what’s going on here. My mom is also kind of
shopping for a new car for herself as well, so that’s why she’s like super interested, and the
first car that he showed us was the Range Rover Sport,
but this one in particular is like super souped up with
all these extra features and stuff, so it was a lot more expensive. But he was just showing us
like for the general idea of the Range Rover Sport as
like a different alternative, a cheaper alternative, to the G-wagon. Obviously not the same thing, but he was just showing us an option. Ooh. Okay so he said
everything is updated, everything is touchscreen
in here, very nice. Nice and bougie-looking in this one. It does feel quite bougie
in here, quite futuristic. This is nice. I like this touchscreen. He was saying the G-wagons
aren’t quite as updated on the inside ’cause they
feel like they don’t have to because everybody just
likes them for the outside. So he’s saying these are
nicer than the G-wagons on the inside. It is nice. Also on that same note:
I know, I’ve heard it all when it comes to the G-wagons and how they’re not worth the
money and they’re overpriced and they’re not even the
nicest luxury SUVs or whatever, and I know, it’s just one of those things that you want it because of the look of it and the aesthetic of it and for the label. And it’s just kinda like
buying designer shoes or something like that, you
just want it cause you want it even though it doesn’t make any sense. So I’m very aware of like the
technicalities of the G-wagon versus other cars, so no
need to lecture me down below about why I don’t need to buy a G-wagon. It’s just one of those things
that I’ve always wanted and I just at least
wanted to go look at them. So yes, I know, I know. – [Mom] This one’s like the
same price as the G-wagon, so I don’t know. – [Raven] She wants me to
go boop, boop, boop, boop, from a G-wagon. Not on the same level. – [Dealer] Okay. Don’t even look at this one right here. – [Raven] Why? – [Dealer] Look at the
price tag over on that one. – [Mom] Oh okay. – [Dealer] It’s a Range Rover. This one here, it’s like
your baby Range Rover. It’s your baby Range right here. That’s the one that’s got
that kinda different back end. It’s like it slants down. You
see what I’m talking about? – [Raven] Yeah. I mean, it’s nice. – [Dealer] I don’t need to be just, “Uh, it’s nice.”(laughs) Look at that there, that’s sharp. – [Raven] This one? Yeah, that look good. – [Dad] That’s the Velar. – [Dealer] This is the first midsize SUV, so the Discovery I told
you was SUV of the Year, affordable SUV, this was
Car of the Year for 2018. – [Mom] How does it feel? – [Raven] It feels good, it feels very, like the feel and the size of it feels like what I drive now. It feels comfortable in terms
of the size and everything. – [Mom] What about those features? – I like the touchscreen stuff. This is… – [Mom] Yeah, that’s
how you put it in gear. That’s how the Mercedes I want does. – It feels higher. What’s this called again? – [Dealer] Range Rover Sport – [Raven] Range Rover Sport – [Dealer] It’s our bread and butter. We sell more of these than anything. – [Raven] This is a 360 view. Yeah, this one’s nice. So out of all the Range
Rovers we’ve looked at, this is my favorite. Okay guys, so we just left the Range Rover/Jaguar dealership. We were mainly looking
at the Range Rovers. A little bit of back story, I’m just looking at cars right now. I currently a 2012 Ford Escape, so definitely nothing
special, nothing updated, kinda old, so I’m looking
at all the new cars, looking at the updated interiors and stuff and seeing what kinda
styles and overall shapes and stuff I like in terms
of the outside of them. So the one I liked here
was the Range Rover Sport because it has a very
similar sporty SUV look as kinda what I’m
driving now and just like the style that I like. And it had a nice updated interior with all the touchscreen stuff. And now we are heading to Mercedes, the Mercedes dealership. All right, just pulled up
to Mercedez-Benz of Austin. Gon’ look at the Gwagons! – There’s the SUV version of the Mercedes. This is the one I’m looking at. – [Raven] This is the one you want? So Mommy, Chef Toni, is
car shopping as well. – I’m not shopping, I
already know what I want. I already know. – [Raven] This is the one? – Yeah, it’s, I think, it’s this one. You see how it has this thing here? – [Raven] The prindle? – The what? – [Raven] The prindle? (laughs) In what color? – Uh, white. – [Raven] White. – Pleasure to meet you. – [Mom] Hello. Toni. – [Raven] Raven. – [Dealer] Pleasure to meet you. – [Mom] She’s your customer. – [Dealer] So what kinda
gizmo we looking at today? – [Raven] I came to look at the G-wagons. This is my first time looking. – [Dealer] The new ones
or the preowned vehicles? – [Raven] New. – [Dealer] The new ones? – [Raven] Both I guess, but… – [Dealer] The new ones
I know that we have about a year waiting list on those, for the new G-wagons. – [Mom] 2019? – [Dealer] Yeah, cause
they just remodeled, they just redid everything on the G-wagons and they’ve completely redone them. We might have one if you
wanna see the interior how they’ve redone it. So lemme just see, lemme double-check. – [Raven] So they did not
have any 2019 G-wagons or any G-wagons for that matter in stock at the Austin dealership. They just happened to have this one that just got delivered
and was getting cleaned up for the person who bought
it, so he was able to show me it and give me
a peek on the inside, but obviously it belonged to someone so I wasn’t able to actually like get inside of it or test-drive it, but I was able to see how this 2019, all-black G-wagon looked
and oowee it was super-nice. This is like my dream
car, either all-black or I like the white one as well. But yeah the G-wagon is
just like my dream car like I said, I know it might not be that much of a practical
purchase, but I just love it, I love the way it looks,
I love the whole vibe, so I was very excited to see
one for the very first time up close and personal, but yeah, I did not get to test-drive it and
they did not have any actually in stock. – [Dealer] This is the
previous model of the G-wagon. – [Raven] This is the 2018? – Honestly it could be a ’15
or a ’16, it might be an ’18. But if you wanna look on
the inside difference. So you can kinda see how they, this is the previous model of
it, the interface on there. – So basically, the deal out
here at the Mercedes dealership is that the G-wagons are hot commodities, so the new-new 2019 ones
are a year waiting list to get one of those. They had one that was in
the shop that somebody owns that was like getting cleaned up, so I was able to look at it. It’s very, very nice. They have a couple that
are also sitting out here that are like somebody already owns them, they’re just getting
worked on or whatever, but I can’t look at the
inside cause I can’t go in somebody else’s car, but they don’t even have any for sale. Here’s two, I don’t know
what years these are. Y’all know I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about (laughs). But here’s two of them again. These are already owned by people, but just to show the outside. I mean, y’all know what they look like, but this is my first time
seeing them up close in person. But while I was there, I did look at the other Mercedes SUVs
and this is the GLS 450 or something like that. Also looked at the GLE,
so I did get to see what the other options were and those were really nice as well. – Do you want me to take your phone number and call you if any of the other G-wagons open up prior? – Yeah, if you get any. What do you think, you like that one? – [Mom] Should Mommy get that one? – [Raven] You like the GLE? Lunch break. In-N-Out. What’d you say? – Another French fry. – [Raven] Another French fry? (blows loudly) – [Dad] Is it hot? – [Raven] These are all starting to look the same now. (laughs) – [Dad] Yeah, you can tell
they’re German, right? – [Raven] This is also very similar to… – [Dad] The Range Rover. – [Raven] The Range
Rover and the Mercedes. – [Dad] I think they make an X6, but this is similar to
the other size, right? – [Raven] Yeah. You found some flowers? It’s kind of a charcoal, graphite. – [Dealer] It’s very almost, I don’t know if you wanna say gun-metal gray. – [Raven] Got the peanut-butter interior. These are all honestly starting
to look like the same car. So at the BMW dealership,
the car that really caught my attention and was my favorite was the BMW x5, which is again going along the same lines as
like a sporty two-row SUV. This one was super-updated,
had lots of features. The guy at the dealership was telling us about all the little features
which were on the inside which were really, really nice, and I did really like this car. I think it has everything
that I’m looking for in terms of like an actual practical car, you know what I mean, it’s not a G-wagon, of course, but it is a
really nice car for me, and I did really like this one. – [Mom] Ziya, are you driving? – Go fast. – [Mom] Don’t touch anything. – That’s nice, with the
iPad thingy, for Ziya. – [Mom] Oh yeah. – One, two, three, woop! – [Mom] So what do you rate this one? Out of the Range Rover, the Mercedes, the Jaguar and this one? – They’re all the same
(laughs) I don’t know. – [Dealer] Now have you driven the others. – No, that’s the thing, I
haven’t driven any of them, so that’s gonna be the biggest… – [Dealer] That’s gonna start
making a big difference. – [Raven] So we actually talked to the guy at the BMW dealership the
longest and he gave us the most information and the most detail, so he was really selling us on the BMW x5, so that’s partially
probably the reason why it’s my favorite out of all
the ones we looked at today, not including the G-wagon. The G-wagon is still my true favorite, but this is like my practical favorite and we talked to him for a long time, he gave us a lot of good information, but I did not get to
test-drive any cars this day, I was just looking, so
that was pretty much my first experience with shopping. I definitely will be
going back, of course. Okay, so it goes without
saying that obviously I did not buy a new car today. I was not at all planning
to buy a new car today. This was just my first
time even looking at cars and even trying to see which cars I’m gonna be deciding
between ’cause I have not shopped around at all
since I got my little Ford. So I did discover some, you
know, some nice little SUVs, especially the brand
new 2019 G-wagon, oowee. When I saw that one parked
in the little garage, I was like yes, this
is nice, this is cute, this is luxury, this is money. But this is money, so I don’t know. And I wasn’t even able to even get inside, let alone test-drive any G-wagons. Yes, unfortunately I didn’t get to do the main thing I wanted to do today. We’re gonna have to wait and see for now. I at least have three other
options in the back of my mind with the Range Rover, the other
Mercedes SUV, and the BMW. I’m gonna keep that in mind,
I’m gonna keep looking. I didn’t test-drive anything
today cause I wasn’t trying to do all that today, we
didn’t have that much time. But next time I go, I will be test-driving all three of those, plus the
G-wagon if they do have it. But yeah, definitely
comment down below with any suggestions or recommendations or things that you can tell me
if you own any of the cars that I showed in this vlog. Let me know how do you like
it, do you have any kinda like pros and cons to tell me. I definitely need help with
choosing the right one, so comment everything down below. Give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it. Subscribe if you haven’t already and stay tuned to see which car I buy. And I will see you guys
in my next video. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “I’m Buying a G-Wagon?! | New Car Shopping!

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  2. Your mom has good taste! I have the glc in white and love it! The gas mileage is so bomb on that car

  3. that new Range Rover looks good but full of electronic problems. I would take the G wagon anytime

  4. The GLE's are SUPER NICE. The ride is amazing, has sport mode, great in snow. Tows over 7,000 lbs. I know Range Rovers aren't that reliable, and BMW's will nickle and dime you to death, a lot of recalls. You can't go wrong with Mercedes, no matter what model you choose. They will last foreverrrrr.

  5. Hella late but the x5 is a good choice. Took my BMW M4 in for a service and got to drive the new x5 and it handles excellent and feels so nice. Will most likely get the x5 M version when that comes out

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  7. My fave interior is Caramel (not peanut butter lol). My dream car is a 2015 Mercedes ML, which is the last year it was made so I feel like I own a bit of history.

  8. G wagons are actually really great cars. As far as reliability goes they’re pretty bulletproof. And the small things that happen with it aren’t all that expensive to fix. I have a 2003 g500 with almost 200,000 miles and I never have any worries with it. Not to mention you can take the car to any terrain.. snow, desert, mountain you’re fine. And the nice thing is it doesn’t really age so it’s a really great investment.

  9. Law of attraction 💜🦋💜🦋💜🦋 I'm manifesting mine also🦋💜🦋💜🦋 my g wagon is on my vision board and screensaver on my phone 🦋💜🦋💜🦋💜 I wrote about my g wagon in my gratitude journal and manifesting journal 💜🦋💜🦋💜🦋💜

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    The new G-Wagon is much better than the old one!! It has awesome features!
    Also Mercedes‘ new GLE is very nice!

  12. Whenever Americans use the term "buy", I'm never clear on what they actually mean, because a lot of purchases seem to be made using some sort of financing.

  13. As someone who’s looking for reliability, comfort, style and interior quality in a midsized/ large suv go with either the 2019 Lincoln aviator or the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. As someone who’s family owns two Lincoln Navigators ( one that’s mine and one that is my moms) they are hands down the most comfortable cars we’ve ever driven and I test drove a lot of luxury suvs. An older 2009 g wagon being one of them and honestly g wagons don’t even have that comfortable of a suspension and are really only fun for off-roading with the brake differential.

  14. The g63 2019 is the only g wagon thats worth buying i got 2018 and want to upgrade but wouldnt say worth the cost in terms of everyday driving but i will always prefer driving a e class or c class on a daily basis but because of the aesthetic i had to get it for the fun and i support this

  15. Uhh. He has no clue what he's talking about… The interior of the 2019 G Wagon was completely redone. It looks unrecognizable when compared to the 2018 version.

  16. G wagons KEEP their value you can have a 2002 g wagon with 120,000 miles and it’s still worth 40-30 k so definitely worth the money I love them Range Rovers and jaguars and Audi’s and bmws are beautiful but lose their value so baddd so never buy those cars brand new hopefully you see this 2013-2018 model years have the same interior so you can get a 2013 and looks the same so if you like that model year you can get a 2013 for way cheaper than a 2018

  17. I think Range river wise the new velar is amazing in comparison to the hse or the evoque. The bmw 5 seems slightly cramped

    I’ve been car searching too so I completely understand. Haha.

    The Range Rover hse is on my top spot but I’m also considering to actually go down to a sedan and get the Mercedes cla250

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  20. There is so much insight and knowledge on luxury cars and maintenance in this comment section. Can someone drop some jems on Honda's longevity and maintenance? I can see in the comments that Lexus is the most reliable luxury car. So I'm def looking into that.. I had an 2018 Hyundai Elantra(brand new) and disliked it. I hated how light it felt when driving and the brakes were not "strong" to me.🤷🏾‍♀️

  21. Keep in mind the G wagon only gets 12 miles per gallon on premium fuel. I think you would be very happy with the Mercedes GLE. They are reliable, do not have the problematic air suspension problems, are very practical, reliable, and last a long time. Pretty good on gas too. If you want a truly reliable luxury car, look at the offerings from Lexus.

  22. The g wagon. Mercedes are always good cars. Get what YOU want. You seem to be a young lady with great discipline and can wait for what you want. You saved for your home and got your dream home. When that g wagon becomes available get it because it's your dream car.

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  24. You can carbon wrap, install led ambient lights, and add a touchscreen radio for less than 200 bucks. You’re welcome.

  25. I wish you would have consulted with me lol. I would've talked you into buying something WAY better than an absurdly overpriced and wasteful G-Wagon. Take a LONG test drive before you buy because a lot of people don't realize that the G-Wagon is a truck based SUV, so it will not ride like a modern crossover. It will ride a lot rougher…like a truck. Unless you're planning on doing a lot of off-roading, this is not the vehicle for you.

  26. Spend 60 grand on the BMW X5 and take the 65,000 you saved by not buying a gwagon and put it in a savings account to build interest and your daughters college is paid for PLUS some AND you still have a luxury car- best of both worlds 💗 But I totally understand loving the look of a boxy unique car, I was super annoyed when they switched the design of the LR4 to the new discovery body which looks like every other suv imo. Best of luck in your car hunt 💗

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