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If You Only Have $1,000, This is the Car You Should Buy

If You Only Have $1,000, This is the Car You Should Buy

rev up your engines, gee mechanic Scotty I’m
looking at a 98 Toyota Avalon with 127 thousand miles
for a thousand bucks it’s been taken care of seems like an okay deal to me
just realize looking at twenty three old vehicle it’s old as the hills but it’s
only got 127 thousand miles on the other ones and of that particular year had two
problems one their power steering rack leaks so check that and the other
sometimes the cams have problems haven’t mechanic check that if they’re okay go
ahead and buy it I mean a thousand bucks is nothing for a car and those are
well-built cars you do want to check the power steering rack cuz if it needs a
power steering rack there goes like two and a half times that you paid for the
car if you want to put a new one on and the rebuilt ones and they’re kind of
iffy so check that out but they can be a good knock around cars for driving
around I just wouldn’t buy a car like that for an everyday driver you got a
thousand dollar car you can’t trust to put twenty thirty thousand miles a year
on, nobody special can you do a review on the 90s toyota mr2 I was thinking of
getting a late 90s turbo model yes you want it as a weekend toy and you want to
learn about taking things apart putting them together
go right ahead you’re gonna drive it every once in a while you’re not gonna
pay that much work hey go right ahead had fun just realize that that was kind
of one of the failures to Toyota made last time I worked on when I was road
test on the highway I felt like he was in a coffin with my leg sitting inside
it was an old nineties one I didn’t feel safe at all in that car I gotta say I
like Toyotas but if you want a toy and you liked them play around but let’s
say you’re not mechanically inclined at all don’t buy it cuz you’re gonna have
to be piddling around with that thing, Jason pieces I got a Honda Accord 2009
my local dealer uses on the full synthetic 5w 20 but on the cap it says
use 5 20, use 5 20 I don’t know what they’re thinking the company that
designed that stuff obviously they’re getting a deal on a zero twenty and they
don’t want to have to search around for five twenty and they’re just saving
money there they’re not doing it right you stick the factory oil on those
things Honda’s have problems enough with the variable valve timing system and you
should not be messing around with the weight of the oil in the car it’s made
for five 20-foot five twenty in it, last bridge Scotty my cars acting weird if I
started the auto rise it quickly goes down up and down know
when it warms up it goes okay a lot of times I think going up and down is a
vacuum leak, but if once the car warms up at idle it doesn’t do it anymore
it can’t be a vacuum leak cuz it would still be sucking air and have a leak
that more often is something in the fuel injection system when you start the car
cold the computer sprays extra gas through the fuel injectors and if it
only does it when it’s cold odds are it’s giving too much gas to the
fuel injectors which will make it go up and down and up and down have the MAF
sensor clean because that tells the computer how much gas to give the fuel
injectors and have the fuel injectors pressure clean because that could be the
problem once the car warms up if it runs totally normal it’s got to be something
any injection system because if it’s an air leak or something it’s still gonna
leak when it’s warmed up you got to be logical in your fix car sometimes they
don’t seem logical but there’s always some logic behind it
770 I’m replacing the radiator in my Chevy Express 3500 I cracked one of the
fan blades can I try to glue it back on well the answer is no don’t even try
those things spin like mad and don’t try to run it that way it’ll be on balance
and wobble it’ll ruin a new water pump it’ll make all kinds of shaking and
vibration they’re just plastic fans you can find an aftermarket one or go to a
junkyard and buy a used one do not try to glue it back those things have to be
balanced just right and like I say you can get aftermarket ones they don’t cost
that much or go to a junkyard and buy a used one they got tons of them lying
around in a junkyard fan, nine wizard Scotty I got a 2013 Ram 2500 the traction
control light is on and won’t let the cruise control work when your traction
control system breaks down it’ll shut the cruise control system off that’s a
software deal they’re made that way you have to find what the problem is that is
not a system you can fix yourself you need to have a dealer level scan tool
just like I have even if you have like a $250 scan tool it might give you the
codes for the traction control system but it won’t allow you to do
bi-directional testing when I test those let’s say it says that there’s a problem
with a wheel sensor so then I can go in I can turn it on turn it off drive it
watch the data roll in to see if it’s actually working or if it’s a wiring
problem it’s complicated stuff you want that system fixed you’re basically gonna
have to pay a mechanic it’s not something you can fix yourself unless
you’re willing to go out and buy a $5,000 up scan tool and look how to
operate the fit but you know it goes back to just a normal system and it
disables your traction control system and cruise control so if you really want
it fixed at least try to find an honest guy like me to tell you what’s wrong
what it might cost to fix it before you go any further, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Got Saturn VUE 05
    for $1,000. Seems OK.
    Any issues with this genre?
    Stupid door automatically locks me in, after starting engine,
    and have to roll down window to use door handle to get out. Very annoying !

  3. Mitsubishi Eclipse is the most reliable 1000 dollar car u can get and saves gas I’ve had it before now i got a Z

  4. Scotty, whats your view of a 1013 ford Fussion? Where can I find owners rateing their vehicles?? Love your channel!

  5. Hey Scotty, I'm saving up for my first car, im looking at a 2005 lincoln town car ultimate with only 82,000 miles for $5000, any thoughts or potential problems I should look out for?

  6. Scotty, I have 2004 Chevy Astro 4.3l v 6 engine with 192k miles on it. Just put new engine mounts and the car shake like crazy at idle! Shake even more when AC is no. Help plz

  7. Hey Scotty what are some reliable mini vans under $3000 going homeless soon need something to hold me until I get myself out and needs be cheap to repair.

  8. If you want a fiat or a mercedes Benz get an older version, the new ones are junkies .! 🙂 Scotty doesn't like mercedes or Chrysler's and Chevrolet THEIR ALL junkies he says? He says go to a junk yards then show s a picture of a Chevy dealership? 🙂 I would have to agree because remember that they made a yugo clone called a chev it. ! 🙂

  9. Hey Scotty, that up-and-down idle fluctuation is common on '90s Hondas that have two idle regulation devices instead of one. There is the Idle Control valve and then there's an additional coolant-actuated valve called the Fast Idle valve. This last one is literally hooked up to the coolant system and it sits right beneath the throttle valve. These were known for failing and causing this issue. I actually bypassed mine on my old Honda Prelude and while it idled a little lower I didn't see any issues with it. To bypass it, however, you need to seal it thoroughly, not just loop the coolant line. I sealed mine with some aluminium can… which is of course not thoroughly sealed, lol. But it worked well enough, actually gave it a cool turbo sound. But they are fairly easy to replace, too. I don't recommend opening them up and cleaning them because when I tried this the screws for the internals would strip out (phillips head) and when screwing them back in the aged cast-aluminium almost always cracks and the screw-holes become screw-u's… literally.

  10. Oh man I wish we didn't have customs on cars here, most good old cars like that Avalon are 10 times the price in us

  11. My 1998 Camry 184000 miles. Leak stopped fixed power steering leak! 10,000 miles ago. No cam issues!!

  12. Scotty my Chevy Impala is sentimental to me cuz it used to me my mom's car and it has 205,000 miles and running good. I'm trying to make it into a classic so I can put it in the Auto Fest parade

  13. My car have 310 000 mile Toyota Camry 1997

    I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ the Mecaniec pay me 2000$

    For the car he say that car sounds better than Chevy

  14. You have to be the most helpful person on YouTube ,my automotive knowledge went from nothing to actually being able to maintain my vehicle and save a little cash thanks mr. Kilmer

  15. Scotty, pls more videos like this one so we can learn from u a lot more junk yards and stuff lol, ur such a entertaining person, love it and amazing job btw!

  16. You really need to fix the intro… Re do the voiceover, you can hear the old revving from the old intro, sounds kinda bad

  17. Not true Scotty. Honda wants you to use 0w20 because it gets better gas mileage. For a guy that knows so much about cars, I'm surprised you don't know that 5w20 and 0w20 are the same weight oil at operating temperature so they're pretty much interchangeable. "They probably get a good deal on the 0w20" Where do you get these ideas from? Honda has already officially said you can use 0w20 instead of 5w20. 0w20 in mobil 1 is called "Advanced Fuel Economy" and it's spec'ed for Priuses for maximize on gas mileage.

  18. Scotty quick question, my 1996 Nissan Maxima is having trouble turning on when it's cold and even sometimes after cooling for more than 20 mins, it has new start plugs new gas pump and new gas filter, what else could it be

  19. Did I get the best deal ever? 6 months ago I bought a 1997 Acura CL 3.0 with 237k kms. I paid 1000 CAD and I did my self the rear brakes and all fluids. I did already 10k kms on it and it’s awesome little car. Quick, fun and super reliable so far.

  20. Speaking of $1,000 cars….

    Scotty, I just bought a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS, with the Naturally Aspirated 2.4 litre engine, with 322,500 KMs For $1,000. Was this a good buy?

  21. I have a 2000 S10 I bought with 90,000 miles been running it for years now 192,000 except now sometimes when I come to a stop the idle goes real low what could be the problem

  22. Option 2: (esp. If you dont have kids or other people to drive around) ford ranger with manual transmission. Freeking bulletproof little trucks. Cheap as dirt to work on too.

  23. In Milwaukee/Chicago there are so many scammy backyard car dealers in Craigslist trying to peddle off old Toyotas with huge problems claiming they are in great shape. I've looked at four in the last two weeks.

  24. If looking at a MR2 with manual, make sure the clutch is good, I have heard there is a lot of work to replace one. Something about it being mid engine makes it very difficult.

  25. Which bidirectional scan tool do ya actually use for diagnoses? I've seen your video about the Launch (431), and an Autel Maxis is similarly priced, but do they have robust diagnostics or do you personally use something else? Thanks… Oh, I think you just answered this ($5k yikes!).

  26. @ 2:20 Scotty states that once the car warms up it doesn't do it anymore. Not entirely true because a leaky intake gasket can seal itself because of expansion once the car warms up.

  27. Best beaters I have ever owned and practically maintenance free 92 and 93 Chevy cavalier. Oil change, breaks and tires. Basic stuff like replacing alternator and other minor wear and tear repairs. Biggest repair in one of my cavs was a belt tensioner repared for under 200.00. these cars were drived 8 to 10 hours per night as a repo agent spotting for cars our for repo. Also had good luck with a 91 Skylark. Both were easy to work on.

  28. I bought a Honda Civic 05 for 900 dlls. 116 k miles engine and suspension like new. Transmission also in great condition. Downside paint is faded and falling off.

  29. Scotty I have a question. I'm in the market for a used vehicle. My sweetheart says since my choices are a camry or a Lexus, he said get the Lexus. I want a Lexus but honestly which one would you buy and what years are the best for Lexus? I like the IS 250, any suggestions and is the IS really a toyota corolla?

  30. I only knew one person who bought a Mercedes and it drove him mad, literally, unbelievably expensive repair bills for power steering and head gasket,

  31. I drive a 15 year old car 2004 Pontiac Grand Am yea I know GM but I take good care of it best I can and previous owners did as well too. It’s not entirely perfect some the interior stuff is a little rough and paint is not perfect got some scratch’s and some dents but I paid 2K it has 140,000 KM on it engine trans still work great and that’s the most important thing in my books plus no rust at all anywhere. For a car to just drive around the city and occasional highway driving I can’t complain.

  32. I fixed the ESP on my Mercedes with a Launch scanner. The light was on and autothrottle would not engage. It was just a brake pedal sensor. Replaced that and ops check good!

  33. Hey Scotty, would you recommend buying a brand new Camry or Corolla?
    I'm looking for a new car, new or used.
    My 07 Jetta is becoming a money pit… 😂

  34. Hey Scotty! I just bought 2001 Toyota Camry 4cyl with 89,000 miles on it. I know it’s not a racer car but coming from a V6 this thing is SLOW and I find it irritating especially in SoCal traffic. Any way I can make it faster?! Other than installing a turbo.. thanks !

  35. 96' Avalon. Roomy. Great ride. Started like a champ. 250k miles. Bought used in 2001. Only Amsoil used. Gave to my BIL in BALT and he gave it to a vet who needed a car. I always said TOYO made a mistake when they produced that car. So darn dependable.

  36. Scotty, I currently drive a 99 Toyota Avalon which was purchased new by my dad back in 99. I even had the original window sticker. My dad purchased it new in New Jersey, where it spent the first 11 years of its life! Then to NC, and now I'm in Alabama, and drive it every day, and all along the east coast, and have even made a few trips from Alabama to Dallas TX. I do all my own maintenance, and only use quality synthetic oil, and do a transmission drain and refill several times a year! It has now 273k miles, with original motor, Trans, and still has the original Denso alternator and A/C compressor (which blows cold)! It's a damn reliable car, and I run the hell out it on the highway!  I would recommend and older Avalon to anyone, if it has a good service history!!

  37. I just bought a 1995 GMC Jimmy and it had a bad battery and gas sitting in the gas tank and it started with old gas

  38. Scotty, ive loved watching your uploads especially your recent Volvo videos, my question is what is your opinion of a 2000 volvo s40 with 54,000? Garage kept for 15 years by original owner. Automatic transmission

  39. I got me a beater for $800.00 12 years back best car ever I love that beater planning to hang on to that car for much longer.
    btw it's a Bimmer

  40. Scotty should I get a 2012 Chrysler 200 Limited fully loaded low miles for $5,000 or should I get a Pontiac Vibe 2007 for $2,000

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