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If You Don’t Have This in Your Car You’re Stupid

If You Don’t Have This in Your Car You’re Stupid

rev up your engines welcome to mechanic
Monday where I try out actual products then tell you about the good ones that
pass my tests now the first thing I’m talking about is this
dash cam i have tried out scores of these dash cams a lot of the cheaper
ones are just that cheap the directions sometimes don’t even make sense in
english you plug and it takes six thousand years to figure out which
buttons do what and then they don’t work at the time this dash cam isn’t a toy
it’s an actual serious instrument it’s got sony exmor sensors in it
they really work quite well simple installation just plug it in a cigarette
lighter or if you really want yet hardwired to the car but most people are
gonna plug in because then they can unplug it and take it out so somebody
doesn’t steal it when it’s just sitting there trust no one these days I’ve had
customers with dash cams they got the window broken there so somebody come in
and steal the dash cam when you’re not using them take them out put them in the
glovebox hide them in the trunk don’t let them sit there because that’s
just another thing that these will see hey I can steal that themselves and the
cool thing is when you start the car the dash cam automatically turns itself on
so if you get in a wreck you don’t have to say oh I forgot to turn my dash
cam on it turns itself on when you turn the car on it turns itself off when you
turn the car off simple operation simple if you want it to be complicated if you
don’t got all kinds of buttons you can set all kinds of shooting speeds how
long the loop is how many minutes that it shoots and then rerecords and shoots
and Reaver cards but perhaps the most interesting thing is it’s got a G sensor
built in so if you get in a wreck the machine senses it knows you’re in a wreck
it locks the recording so all the information is permanently stored on the
micro SD card yeah it’s made in China it’s a good product this is one of the
few Chinese products I ever got that came with an excellent instruction
manual once you take the pictures it shows you how simple it is to just plug
it into your laptop or your phone and download the
pictures on there if you want in my case it just said take the short cable
there’s a long cable a short one plug it in your computer I plugged it in boom
up come the pictures then I can download them put them on a computer
send them whatever I want to do you got an insurance claim going on you can
download on the video send it right to them or if you’re addicted to those
Russian car crash videos and you want to create your own hey this machine is
great for that you can upload that stuff like nothing make a video real fast
maybe you’ll get lucky and a little camera see a meteorite creation on earth
and you can sell that to the news agencies hey the things running all the
time it’s recording and whatever’s in front of you and also in back of your and a
side if you want this system comes with two cameras you can stick the second one
wherever you want if you want to have full coverage front and back or side and
when I really found fast thing about this camera is its night vision
capability this thing sees at night quite well it really works at night no
one really interesting aspect of this is here’s my camera at night and as you can
see the camera can see the bright light like your eye but the rest of it is
pretty dark watch what happens when you’re looking at it through the camera
of this dashcam notice what’s a special infrared camera you can see the
buildings all around you get a much bigger field of view with the camera on
the dashcam than with your eyes or with my regular camera so instead of seeing
this where there’s a lot of darkness you’ll get a much brighter view
especially around the side of what’s happening you can even use it as a
little spy camera to look around at night if you want as you can see it
won’t see much of the naked eye or with my Panasonic recorder here but with the
dashcam and it’s night vision you can see quite a bit so if you’re serious
about a dashcam this dual camera setup it’s an excellent product
it’s not cheap tor not giving them away but it’s quality and you get what you
pay for if you want a serious dash cam now the second product that I like is
really low-tech instead of a high-tech camera it’s a low-tech funnel but man does it
work it’s a sealed unit when you’re not using it it goes back together and when you
are using it oh you got to do this on screw the thing comes apart then when
you’re done filling things up guess what you put it back together again you know
to worry about it spilling because whatever little food is left stays
inside now the main thing I like about this is one it can reach all kinds of
places there’s no arguing that but it’s solid this is strong plastic this is
very flexible and it’s not some cheap thing that’s just going to snap after
you use it a couple of times I’ve been using these things for months and months
I’ve had no problems with it they’re not gonna crack because this is thick but
flexible it’s not one of those cheap plastic things that you use a few times
and it breaks it’s solid made when you’re adding oil look the top has a
screw in it just screws right on either the quart so you can put it in for the
big gallon in this case it’s actually five quart containers since it’s got two
sizes built in big ones can go on it too they just screw on the top where it goes
and it’s got this tricky valve it’s really cool if you’re in a hurry most
people seem to be in a hurry these days when you open this here click that lots
more air in so when you pour it in the air it comes out here and it actually
fills up quicker and this actually comes in handy because on the old Toyota you
want it out quick because it flows really well but you don’t want fast
falling engines like this Lexus v6 because look inside here as you can see
inside there’s a baffle plate right here you pour it in fast it spills up and
then drips all over the exhaust of the engine so on this case you’ll want the
vent closed so it actually pours in a bit slower and you know make a mess
now who would have thought you needed a two-speed funnel where all these eco
lube guys did and I wouldn’t have thought of making this thing I just
thought oh you got a poor it’s lower well this one forces you to parts lower
and if you’re hurry have to you know put it up and it goes
faster and since its mechanic Monday I’m giving away one of these dual Pro
dash cam setups they have a chance to win place a clean non offensive
comment on YouTube comments below and the winner will be chosen randomly by
computer to get a really high class dual dash system to make driving that little
bit safer in case you get in the wreck or if you can make a really good video
out of it if you can’t see something while you’re driving,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Love these Mechanic Monday’s because so many cool and useful tools and gadgets that come in handy, great video Scotty 👍🏼

  3. Hey Scotty once again you’ve made another great video you help me a great deal and thanks for all the good info keep it coming

  4. That's a nice dash camera . It looks a lot nicer then most I've seen . Enjoy watching your videos Scotty thanks for doing them .

  5. Scotty Kilmer channel is the common sense channel for people with no common sense… definitely one of my favorites. Keep up the great work Scotty!

  6. Wanted to send out a thank you for your all your car mechanic help. Always had my dad take car of my auto mechanic needs. Without him now, i need all the help and advice i can get! Thank you for your simple and easily understood videos!!! 💙 Sincerely appreciated, Rebecca

  7. Scotty, my husband and I are addicted to your videos. One of the things you didn't mention in your video today, Mechanic Monday, was Viofo A129's G-Sensor. The G-Sensor alerts the video system that the vehicle has been in an accident, putting that part of the recorded (up to) 256 GB memory card (not included) an in over-write protection mode. That is an incredible feature for this amazing product. Oh, and thanks for the two links to the two products you featured today: That was extremely helpful. ~signed Two Groopies from Petrolia, California. P.S. I think I am buying those funnels for every adult on my Christmas list.

  8. my city was just rated as having the second worst drivers in the country, I need one of these almost as bad as the next guy.

  9. Wow there are a lot of comments here already, thank you for sharing info about stuff that is high quality and good and has understandable instructions!

  10. Scotty, you're awesome! Please accept this clean, non offensive comment as entry to the draw for the Viofo dash cam!

  11. Give it to me Scotty! I live in Cali and these drivers dont even use blinkers…At all.. plus the freeway drivers are constantly slamming on their brakes because of less attention to the road and more attention to their phones

  12. Scotty, great video. Please include me in your drawing for the dash cam. I’m hooked on the crazy Russian car crash videos too. Kinda makes it scary to drive. I wouldn’t want to visit Russia. Thanks.

  13. I could sure use that cam system. It would video the lost people on the road everyday on my commute to and from work. And catch the people refuse to use a turn signal as needed.

  14. Hey Scotty, I'm an ex mechanic forced into retirement due to a very serious car accident. I have a 2000 chevy malibu 3.1l v6 with 195,000 miles on it. I'm not sure if it ever had a trans service and it's just starting to slip. I love Lucas products so do you think a drain of about 24 oz of fluid and replacing it with Lucas Trans fix would help?? Thank you!!!

  15. Thank you for many useful tips!
    The dash cam looks like a real winner. I live on StJohn, Virgin Island….00830
    So many pictures of deer tortoise land crab mongoose etc…
    With many small curvy up hill and down roads it’s hard to know who was in who’s lane if an accident happens .

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