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Identical Twins 2-Car DRIVE THRU Challenge

Identical Twins 2-Car DRIVE THRU Challenge

(car horn) – I am in my car, and
Bailey is in her car. In our last, like, drive
through swap video, it didn’t work because
we looked so similar. So now we’re trying,
like, to flip it around. – So one of us, me, is gonna go through the drive through first, kind of start up a
conversation with the person through the drive through,
order something simple, and then I’m gonna drive off,
(bell ringing) and Brooklyn’s gonna
pull up to the window, and we’re gonna see if
we can get a reaction. – We are driving two separate cars. And we look the exact same. So they’re gonna be thinking that, like, they’re seeing double as we pull up one after the other. – Kind of feel bad for the workers there because we just continuously prank them. – And we have done,
like, four or five videos through the drive through. I swear, they’re probably like, you again? (upbeat music) – So, maybe we’ll go to McDonald’s first, ’cause it’s kind of early. I never, like, am in the car
by myself filming something. Not having Brooklyn here
to banter off of is weird. – I feel like I’m just
not half as entertaining as it is with Bailey and I together. – I really hope this works. I’m not gonna know if it’s working because none of the reactions are gonna be on my camera, they’re
all gonna be on hers. – I can already like, feel
myself wanting to yawn. I am keeping myself. Just kidding, I lied. – Shabooya, shabooya, roll call. (bubble pops) Nobody else is here to do it with me. – Oh no, we’re getting separated. (bubble popping) – Brooklyn needs to speed her booty up. – Where is she going, Taco Bell? For breakfast? – Think I’m gonna go to
McDonald’s, maybe get a smoothie. Smoothie sounds good. Smoothie sounds good. Yeah. – [Cashier] Hi, can I help you? – Hi, can I get a mango
pineapple smoothie? – Thank you. I like your ring. – You’re welcome, very pretty. Let’s go, let’s see if this works. – Here ya go. – Her? – No, I don’t know
– [Cashier] Oh. – who that is. – Oh really? – We must have shopped at the same store. (laughing) That’s so funny. (laughing) – [Cashier] Thank you.
– Thank you. Have a good day. It worked! (bubble popping) – Uh, yeah, sure. Okay, well, I did not get
to start a conversation with that woman because
she made me pull up. That didn’t work. – Thank you. – She gave Brooklyn her food, but she didn’t give me my food! – What did you order? – In the last drive through video, I had to sit here to get a drink of water. (record scratch) – Thank you. – Thank you.
– Have a good day. – You, too.
– Thank you. – All right, yo. I’mma sit here and enjoy my hash brown, and glorify in the fact
that someone reacted! How it feels to succeed. Okay, Taco Bell time. I don’t know why you would go to Taco Bell in the morning, but. Apparently I’m going to
Taco Bell in the morning. – I guess we’re just gonna
get cinnabites or somethin’ at 10:30 in the morning. – Oh, get those cinnamon bites. Is it too early for a Mountain Dew Slush? – Can I just get a two
pack of Cinnabon Delights? Start a conversation,
Bailey, start a conversation. Hi, how are you? – I like your nails. – You’re so welcome. Are you having a good day? – Good, I’m glad. – I’m having a great day. – Thank you. Okay, well, that was my
attempt at a conversation. Let’s see if it worked. – Hi.
– [Cashier] Yes? This too? – What? – [Cashier] It’s the other one? – This is Cinnabon Delights? – Thank you. – I don’t, no, I don’t know who that is. – The same? Maybe we have the same
shirt on or something. (mysterious music) (bubble popping) (laughter) Thank you. (laughter) (screaming) It’s working. At least there’s something
we know we’re good at, which is lookin’ the same! – [Bailey] How did it go? – It’s goin’ really well. – [Bailey] Really? – She opens the window and she goes. (Bailey laughs) And then she doesn’t take
my card, and I was like, “Two Cinnabon Delights?” And she was like. (Bailey laughs) I don’t know if I should
say that we’re twins or not. I keep denying that I know you. – So now we’re gonna go,
I think, to Whataburger. Okay, here’s the thing. There’s a huge debate, like, at college, whether or not In-N-Out
or Whataburger is better. I used to say In-N-Out. Now, I’m not so sure. Vote on this poll if you think In-N-Out, or Whataburger’s better,
’cause that’s like, the Baylor debate honestly. Hi, um, can I just get an order of, of french fries please? – $1.88 is your total. Here you go. – Thank you, have a good day. – Have a good day. – I tried to like, stare him down. ‘Cause like, people always comment about how our eyes look exactly the same. And since like, he seemed very distracted, I just decided to like, stare him down. – Hi. – Hi. – Her? No. – That’s so funny. – Oh.
(laughter) – Maybe we should meet.
(laughter) (laughing)
– That’s so weird. Thank you. – The same card? (bubble popping) – Thank you. – I do, yes. (laughing) – I am, yes, thank you. She’s definitely gonna know. – Oh really? – Oh yeah, (laughing) yeah. – Well, we’re filming another one, so. (laughing) Nice to meet you. – Now we’re heading to like, Wendy’s, and Starbucks I think is over here. And look who I found. Look, it’s Kamri! And react. – Hey, it’s clean, it’s clean! Not to order something other than fries. Hi, can I go ahead and just
order a small fry please? – I think it’s so awkward
when I have to pretend like I don’t know who Bailey is. They know we’re twins, like they’re like, So they just look at you
like you’re an idiot. Also, I’m just so awkward, like, I’m like, “Yeah, okay.” Ugh, it’s so weird. Dehh. – How are y’all doin? – Good, I’m doin’ good. – Thank you so much. – Okay, I think that was enough. I stared him down again, I
gave him that look again. – (laughing) No. I just got the strawberry lemonade. – [Manager] All right, wait,
I’m still workin’ on that. – Brooklyn’s laughing, which
means it’s a good reaction. All right. (laughing) (laughing) – Really? Thank you. – That’s so funny. (laughing) (laughing)
– That’s so weird. – Yeah, thank you, have a good day. I’m impressed that the guy at Wendy’s recognized that our makeup was the same. Like, what a man. – Have a wonderful day. (bubble popping) – Leggo. To the next store. Yeah, mm hmm. All right. – Hi, can I get a strawberry
acai lemonade please? You wanna know what’s funny is? That Brooklyn and I might be 19 years old, but we will never grow
out of messing with people because we’re twins. We’re gonna be like, 95 years old, and still pranking people. Comment down below if you would watch us if were like, rickety old women. – You know what? Comment down below who
you think is funnier, me or Bailey. Like on our own. Personally, I think I’m pretty funny. But, I do think it’s harder
for me to interact, like, without someone here. – Hi, how are you, oh
I like your eye shadow. – I tried to get her to look at me, but she didn’t look at me as intensely as the other guys did. – Hi, thank you. Thank you so much. (buzzer) Wow, the first person not to react. I think she saw the camera. Didn’t react. – Didn’t say anything? – No. It’s the first one not to say anything. – Wow. – Most people just sit
there like, so confused. – Diary Queen is bumpin’ today. Oh my gosh, Dairy Queen is poppin’. Okay, can I go ahead and
get the brownie dough? – I’ll get a small. Thank you. – Okay, bye. I just said “bye” to a
drive through person. Hi. – Good, how are you doin’? – Oh, awesome. – Thank you. – They just did the flip
upside down thing for Bailey. Scares me so much. What if it just like, falls out. I guess that’s like, they’re thing, is that it doesn’t, but
like, what if it did? – Hi, so good. – No. Thank you. – [Manager] Yes. – Twins? (laughing) – Really? – Really? (laughing) – Oh, well thank you. – I wish I had a twin, that’d be so cool. (laughing) What? You guys have no idea how
much fast food I’ve eaten in the last month. Like more than you could ever
need in your entire life. – Can I come in Chicken
Express and not order chicken? Can I go ahead and get the two piece, uh, with a biscuit please? – Thank you. Everyone that ever gets into my car and tries to roll the window
down always goes here. But, just as an FYI to everybody, if you’re on a jeep,
your window roll downs, all in the middle. Hi. – Sorry. – Sorry, you scared me. – Thank you. – Who? – I, I don’t have a twin. – Who is it? – Oh, Bailey just got a reaction. – That’s so weird. I’ll have to pullover maybe later and say hi to her or something. She believed me. I played that off very quickly. – Hi, good. – Thank you. – Me and her?
– [Cashier] Yeah. – No. – [Cashier] Oh. – Thank you. – You too. Oh, that girl was like,
“No way, you’re lyin.” (laughs) They kinda get like aggressive, they’re kinda like, “You’re lying. “Like, stop messing with me.” – Okay, goin’ to Braum’s. Braum’s had a really
good reaction last time. Can I get a order of small fries please? – Yes. Thank you so much. – Thank you, so are yours. – No, you told me to come to the window, ’cause you didn’t get my order. (upbeat music) – With Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. – [Cashier] Napkins. – Thank you. – We did it everybody, this was a success, this wasn’t a fail. Woo! Yes. – Let’s just sit here
and enjoy my ice cream. It think we’re gonna call
that a wrap on this video because we got a lotta funny reactions. And a lot of people, only one
didn’t even say something. The rest of ’em really said a lot. So. Thank you for tuning in and watching.

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100 thoughts on “Identical Twins 2-Car DRIVE THRU Challenge

  1. Next time have the first twin start a conversation and have the second one pull up talking about the same thing and act like (you) she didn't get the food that was taken by the first twin…

  2. I have a twin sister And it is so easy for me to tell other twins apart.
    It is werid to see how people are getting confused because i dont know how it feels like to see two of the "same"
    Also, im always getting fustrated when people are not able to tell me and my twin apart

  3. You guys should have like name tags for both of you the whole time your talking so that it’s Easier to know who’s talking

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  6. I would because I love y’all and if you guys were 95 I would be really old but I love you guys so I’ll always watch you

  7. You guys should dress differently but look the same. And do this with one of your friends. Because its suspicious going in the drive thru right after each other so have one of you go first, then your friend in between and then the other twin go last so that they would really be confused lol. They would probably ask "Didnt you just go through the drive thru?'

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  13. Thanks twin Angel's for the laugh I needed it after the death of my grandmother she was just buried yesterday keep this going for as long as the two of you want to doesn't matter what age yall are even to the ones commenting thank y'all too 😺

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