47 thoughts on “ID#805 House For Sale In Kamias with Automatic Garage Doors!

  1. Ganda ng Unit Sir, hope to see more of your videos in QC Area., Im planning to buy po this year pag uwi ko, hope i can get one of your unit in QC yung nice and affordable po sana, Just continue posting ads po. Thanks 👍☝️😊

  2. taglish is OK, just for improvement, make a study of the house and compose a detailed script then memorize it and rehearse before making the video

    nice property though c",?

  3. Ok lang yan english para filams or may relatives/buyer abroad. He needs to stop saying imported tho lalo na if made in the ph. Automatic yong garage nice. Sana medyo matagal ipakita yong exterior. Important din kasi yon. 😍

  4. Nice property. Just a suggestion though, maybe you can use more adjectives to describe the different parts of the house. Also, if you can make a script if you are unsure so as to avoid being too repetitive. Bible verse before the end of each video is very much appreciated. More power!

  5. For those people (grammar natzi)whos bashing this guy because of his choice of words ito lang masasabi ko sa inyo "Bash, if you are perfect! Ask yourself. Are you?" This guy is doing a great job! So please, if you can't say something nice might as well keep it yourself.

  6. Pls refrain from talking in English if you really can't explain the property very well. All I heard is " very, very beautiful" and "this thing". You don't even know what's the actual terminology of the part that you're describing. LOL!!

  7. Nageenglish sha as much as possible dahil gusto nya wider ang audience. May bisaya na di marunong magtagalog, di lang naman tagalog ang dialect sa pinas. Baka din madaanan ng foreigner video nya na gusto mag retire sa pinas. Edge to para sa kanya. Wag naman natin sha mashado icriticize. Be kind to everyone

  8. If my choice naman sya, magtatagalog nalang si pogi kaya lang po may mga clients na foreigners kasi. wag kayong mema, manood nalang kayo at mainspire baka one day mabless din kayo ng ganyan kagandang house.

  9. Job well done po. Thanks for your videos. It served us and all the potential buyers out there with a short but well reviewe/tour in every unit you sell. Hope to have a transaction with you the soonest. God bless and more videos to come

  10. Let's be honest, di naman ganun kaganda grammar ni kuya. PERO obviously millionaryo si kuya, and I think he's doing pretty good for his age. Kahit i bash nyo pa, sa tingin ko lang ang presyo ng bahay niyo pambili lang niya ng relo.

  11. Kaya nag eenglish si kuya dahil hindi naman lahat ng audience eh pinoy may mga foreigner din na hindi maiintindihan yung tagalog. Lawakan ang pag iisip. Don't judge 🙂

  12. Those who are "Grammar Freaks OC's" Just Make Your Own Video and Upload it.
    This Gentleman, Just Want to Earn a Living and do his Passion.
    Definitely This Not an IELTS Channel if You Feel Dissatisfied?
    Then Find Another Sh*t to Please Yourself.
    Whether he Speaks, Taglish, Simple English, Tagalog as long as your cerebral cortex unterstand the context of his message then that's it end of story.

  13. Wag nyo na po punahin ang grammar.nya hindi naman ganun kasama eh..salesman sya..para skn mga katangian ng salesman naSa kanya..kung paano sya magsLita,facial expression..ramdam mu ung excitement nya..pati ako na excite din eh..haha

  14. "Come on!!! We know his English is not perfect! But, that doesn't matter I will tell you PO! honestly, I'm jealous of this guy aside from the fact he is good looking. he loves God looks harmless and looks very responsible earning good and he is in the Philippines!!! I've  been away in my country for a long time. And this young man can help me us to find a great house to live. Once I decided to come back for good. one more thing PO' he already lots of followers and I admits​ I'm one them.  'SALAMAT' Mr. Sandro G. Great job keep up the good work God bless you…

  15. daming mr.perfect english dito.. ang importante nadeliver nya ng maayos yung gusto nya ibenta. kung Makapagsalita kayo. negative lagi hinahanap. makapanglait lang. masabi lang may mali. may kelangan iimprove. grammar nya ba gusto nya paalam sa inyo o yung idea at information ng bahay? haiz. don’t comment na lang if it is not related to the topic.

  16. Very very nice, Very very beautiful Very very big Very very Very very Very very Very very Very very blah blah blah….,,

  17. Anyare sa mga tao dito masyadong judgmental😂
    Wala nman masama sa pag-eenglish nya. Parang nangangamote lang pakigan english nya pero tama naman. Sa accent nya lang yun. Parang chinise kase sya magsalita or Chinese talaga sya. Anyways ang ganda ng bahay. Pinapanuod ko lahat ng videos affordable ung ibang house na finifeature nya. Good job po

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