100 thoughts on “Ice Cream Taste Test Tournament: Chocolate Flavors

  1. Check out the crew's Top of the Toppings Tournament to determine the best ice cream topping! https://mythic.al/TopOfTheToppings_Day1

  2. So I know they record in advance. But how far in advance? When will there be no new GMMs until after people wash their hands and get rid of this? They can’t have too many more :’(

  3. I would love to see them do this without knowing how popular each flavor is vs the other. It feels like the underdog is always an underdog

  4. Should have matched up similar pairs for greater diversity in the finals. Ex. B+J fudge brownie vs. Bluebunny Fudge brownie; and hagen dasz chocolate vs. Breyers chocolate.

  5. Since soooooo many people are allergic to peanut butter and therefore can’t have that ice cream, I think it should be disqualified on the basis that it is not accessible for a lot of people.

  6. Seriously, you move am ice cream just because it has peanut butter? You should have had a chocolate only part.

  7. “Breyers is a classic” NO TF IT IS NOT!!! Fake ICECREAM!!! Can’t even say Ice cream on the label it says “ frozen dessert”

  8. Anytime peanut butter is involved I already know what's moving on 😒 This isn't my favorite area anyways cause I don't like chocolate ice cream and not that fond of peanut butter either🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Don't care 😝😝😝

  9. I feel like they should have done chocolate vs chocolate, chocolate brownie vs chocolate brownie, and then just leave the last one the same. I understand why they did it this way but I just think it would be more consistent and fair the way I said idk.

  10. This round needs a redo! Supposed to be judging it on CHOCOLATE but picked a winner based on peanut butter? We need a peanut butter free chocolate redo!! If you need peanut butter that bad make it it’s own round 🙄

  11. "I can't eat it without picturing a Phish concert. I just picture a bunch of sweaty hippies, and its just not appetizing." – says the guy who looks like a sweaty hippy at a Phish concert.

  12. I hope one day Rhett and link get a live this show because I would love to watch this kind of stuff live in the morningn

  13. Talking about March Madness? Goes to show how early they record these. Rhett is almost definitely considering his apocolypse lifestyle, if he hasn't fully converted already.

  14. If you guys replied to me it would make my day I love you guys so much and you make me smile with every episode!

  15. The best chocolate ice cream I've ever had is Haagen dazs Mayan Chocolate. I'm not a fan of chocolate ice cream, but the mayan chocolate is ridiculous.

  16. Not even worth watching lmao, as soon as they said peanut butter it was over… just make it win the whole thing already

  17. ben and jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie is my favorite

  18. Hey, you guys love peanutbutter, right? For every time you guys have said peanutbutter, I want y'all to eat a jar of skippy. Each.

    For every time.

    I'm allergic to peanuts.

  19. Peanut butter is nottt chocolate. It’s in its own category. Could tell they would go with the peanut butter at first introduction.I say this video needs to be redone

  20. I feel like a chocolate pb fudge brownie ice cream might be the answer to a question we didn't know we were asking until now.

  21. The best Ice cream that I like here in Australia and both are South Australian owned. Is Golden North, which I grew up on eating and still love it, but the best I've discovered is one called Harry's Ice Cream. So creamy, smooth and full of flavour

  22. Umm just saying last years winner was actually life and I think viewers check it THATS what it said life was winner they said Cinnamon Toast Crunch was the winner that’s not true

  23. I always thought chocolate fudge brownies was meant to be brownies of the type 'chocolate fudge' and not chocolate and 'fudge brownies'

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