I Would Never Buy This Type of Car

rev up your engines,
hands of five says Scotty what’s your opinions on a Toyota CVT are they well
made I don’t like cvts period I’m just not a
fan, you’ll see that Toyota has recalled a whole bunch of their Corolla hatchback
with the CVT, for having to replace the entire CVT transmission so I am NOT a
fan, I have a whole video on that where I explain, its new technology it’s not
perfected yet, maybe they will perfect it but don’t gamble your money on something
that hasn’t been perfected yet, you want to be stuck with a lemon, I certainly
don’t want to be stuck with a lemon, so I just tell people to stay away from CVT
period I’m sure Toyota will probably figure out
how to make them so they don’t break down, but by that recall on all those
Corolla hatchbacks, I wouldn’t buy one ninja cuppa says Scotty I got a 92 Ford
Explorer for recreational purposes, it’s an automatic with those v6, I think it has
about 270 thousand miles I bought for 500 bucks,
the owner wanted $1,300 what’s your opinion on these are they reliable, you
just paid 500 bucks for a used Ford Explorer, that’s not much money, if it
runs good and shifts good you got a decent deal, just realize that’s a 28
year old vehicle, and if you think it’s got 270,000 miles since those only have
five digits, it’s says 70 now so you don’t know if it’s
got one seventy, two seventy, three seventy, as long as you keep oil in it, I’ve
had customers buy vehicles like that I
got one the other day he just bought when that had a v8 engine and he bought
it for 300 bucks, they did have to put a bumper on it cuz it was torn off, and
he got a good deal it’s still it’s running pretty good so just take care of
it, but if the engine or transmission starts to
go out then just junk it, don’t go out and put a ton of money into thing it’s not
worth it, Joey z5 Scotty what do you think of a Mazda Miata mx-5 2019 it
starts at 32 grand with options it will go over 36k, okay all cars that are new that
are nice are expensive, and I’ll never buy them
because I’m too cheap and I don’t trust them because I don’t know what they made
new this year, I wait’ll they get older that said I like the Mazda Miata s’ I
have customers with them and yes they are known as a girly car, but they’re fun
to drive, they’re reliable sports car a little ragtop, they’re fun to drive
around in the customers I have liked them, I’m not
a fan of the ones with automatic transmissions they’re sloshy and garbage,
but the standard transmissions are real solid little cars, and there are fun but
that said I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for one of those things, no way I
mean that’s five times the amount of money that I paid for every single car I
bought my entire life that I personally drove, not including my wife’s car just
my own work cars that I bought, so I’d never spend that much on one car, Leon
and he says, I have a 2006 Subaru Outback and when I accelerate it vibrates, at
forty kilometres an hour and 80 kilometers an hour, those things have
horrible transmissions, if that occurred after you change your transmission fluid,
odds are it’s the transmission going out shifting at certain times and it’s
shuddering, when you get a shutter, most of the times, it’s the transmission
shuddering because it’s wearing down inside, transmissions go by fluid
differential pressure, that’s how they drive and when they have problems, they start
shuddering and not going smoothly and then the vehicle shudders because it’s
giving power to the wheels and it’s kind of slipping, and it’s typical on those
things, you got to decide it’s an 06 it’s a fourteen-year-old Outback, do you
really want to put that kind of money into it, if you have a whole bunch of
money in it, I would put too much more really, a good transmission job on that
thing will cost you at least three to five grand realize that, I personally would
just get rid of the vehicle, I’d try some of that Lucas anti-slip additive sometimes
it can help a little, take a quart of your fluid out and put a quart of that
fluid in and if it goes away just get rid of the thing and don’t think about
it anymore Thomas Maxima says, I got an 06
maxima that has a radio problem, it cycles through all my preset stations
continuously, sometimes the dash lights shut off and I get a weird screeching noise,
there’s basically two things that can do that, one is go to any mechanic any auto
parts store that does it free, have them load test your battery and load test your
alternator, and you can do it in the parking lot on your car with their
equipment, and it could be as simple as your battery is going bad or your
alternator not putting off enough power they’ll often do that, if that’s not the case
and then your radio keep cycling off the presets station,
it just means that your radio is breaking down, it’s a Nissan if that’s
the factory radio they’re pretty garbagey in those things anyway, and as
they break down it will often do that they’ll start cycling through from one
station to the next, to the next cuz they’re breaking down internally, and I
know guys that still try to fix those things, but really nobody does a good job
anymore you’re better off just buying another
one, if you have the stock radio it wasn’t that great to begin with, you can
buy an Android for like $200-300 hundred dollars that you can sync
everything to and really have a good time and install it, they all fit in
those dashes, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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