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I Spent the Night in a Car & I Didn’t Expect This… (Sleep in a Car Challenge)

I Spent the Night in a Car & I Didn’t Expect This… (Sleep in a Car Challenge)

(suspenseful music) – So for some reason,
you all just seem to love when I spend the night in a weird place. First, it was on the house roof. Then it was in a tree, this one just here. And now you’ve all just been asking, loads of you have said,
just sleep in a car. Tonight I’m gonna be
spending the night in a car. I say sleeping, I doubt
I’ll get any sleep. That’s gonna be uncomfortable AF. But I’m gonna spend the
full night in the car, the full 12 hours, and
we’ll see what happens. So what we’re gonna do
is gonna go to the shop, buy all the supplies of
things that I’ll need to survive in the car overnight, food, drink, games, whatever,
and then we’ll pack up and do the thing. I think I might park in
a supermarket car park. I don’t know why. I just feel like it’ll be a good place. It should be well lit, you
know, and we should be able to see around the area and stuff. But anyway, before we go and do all that, I just wanted to let you know this Monday a huge video is gonna drop. It’s gonna be lit. It’s gonna be seriously dope, 100%. I’ve already recorded it. I’ve already started editing it. Monday. If you haven’t already,
make sure you press that bell icon next to the
subscribe button down below. And if you haven’t pressed
the subscribe button, then press that and
then press the bell icon and welcome to the Kill ‘Em family. I’ve never said that (laughing). Welcome to the Kill ‘Em family, I like it. Let’s go to the shop, buy all the stuff, and let’s do this thing. Spending the night in a car. This is gonna get weird. So I’m walking down the kids aisle looking for some like
games or something to play, just keep me entertained and you’re never gonna believe what I found. Just look at this. Balls, balls, balls. If I borrow my dad’s car,
he’s got like a huge boot or trunk and I’m just
gonna fill it with balls and have like a ball pit. That’s happening (laughing). I’ll have ’em all. Look at the little hula lady. Woo! Okay, so it’s weirder to cut the video where you just saw it last
when I was in the shop because as soon as I’d
like recorded me putting the things in the trolley,
these three members of staff who work in the shop came over to me and told me I’m not allowed
to record in the shop. They just all kinda came. They were quite aggressive, to be honest, but I didn’t really say anything. So I did actually buy all 10
bags of the plastic balls. I bought some food. I tried to go for like this Mexican theme. I got tortillas, some
nacho cheesy sauce stuff, and jalapenos. Yeah, and I got some other stuff as well. So what I’m gonna do is I’m just pulled up on my drive at home. I’m gonna show you what I’ve got. I’m gonna tip all those
balls into the trunk, make the ball pit, and then we’ll go and begin the challenge. Let me show you what we’ve got. I’ve got some good stuff. Okay, so I’ve got my sleeping bag, I’ve got all the balls,
I’ve got a little case of energy drink, and then I’ve got my bag and what I’ve got inside my bag is I’ve got the tortilla chips,
I’ve got some sweet popcorn, an energy drink, more energy drink. I got some cheesy nacho
sauce for the tortillas, got some jalapenos, Werther’s Originals. I don’t know if they have
these in your country where you live, but
here they’re just known as like old people sweets. Old people just love them. I thought, why not? I’ll try some. And I got some cookies. I’ve also got my torch, duct tape, power bank for my phone,
extra camera batteries. I got this fidget spinner dice cube thing, which is awesome, and a stress ball. Don’t know why I got a stress ball. I just thought, you know what? I’ll bring a stress ball. (slow-paced hip hop music) Oh! So yeah, this is it. This is the ball pit. So we’re all ready to go. We’ve got everything,
we’ve got all the snacks, the drinks and everything. I think it’s time to go. I’m gonna wait around
until about half past six. We’ll go to the location and we’ll begin the challenge at seven. And then I’m gonna be
there for 12 full hours. So the next time I see ya, we’ll be there. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it (laughing). (groaning) This is the spot. This is the one. There’s a building there, there’s a shop. Sun setting over here. Should come up over here somewhere. Feel like this is the one. Train lines are just here. Oh, it’s a bit windy. So let’s get in. And begin. I’m a poet and I did not know it. So it’s actually just a little bit before seven p.m. right now. So I’m gonna stay in here until seven a.m. That is like the goal for 12 hours. But right, so this is my idea. Pretty much got three rooms in this car. So here’s the living
room, this is where I sit, watch some TV. Train’s going past. Watch my TV, well, Netflix on my phone and YouTube and whatever. So then back here, this is the bedroom. I can lay out here, get in my sleeping bag and chill out, that’s the bedroom. And then right in the back, the ball pool, that’s the playroom. I’m sorted. This is gonna be an easy
challenge (laughing). This is pure luxury compared
to the other videos. That sun is setting real fast. That means it’s gonna get cold soon. Ah, it’s all fun and
games until it gets cold. Anyway, I’m gonna go in
the playroom for awhile. I don’t know what you’re gonna do, but I’m gonna go and chill
out and have some fun. (groaning) Let’s go have
some fun (laughing). (gasping) Oh God, I don’t wanna do it. Oh God (groaning). (laughing) What? (laughing) Ball pool in the car (laughing). No one ever thought
this would be this fun! There’s only one thing
that would make this more fun right now. Werther’s Originals. I got them here ready (laughing). Let’s try it! Old man sweets. It’s tiny. Aw, I see why they like them. Aw, really nice. I am going to chill in here for a while until the sun sets and then watch some Netflix and some YouTube videos. Just chill, see what happens. I’ve got no plans. (sighing) (groaning) (laughing) I’ve been laying here about an hour. It’s getting so dark, I think
the sun’s gone down now. Why doesn’t every car
have this ball pool thing fitted as standard? You know what I mean? It’s just so much fun! It’s like you can just pull
over at the side of the road after a long hard day of
driving and just jump in the ball pool and everybody feels better. No more road rage! (laughing) Anyway, I’m gonna get out now
’cause I’ve got some rules that I’ve got for this
challenge that I forgot to mention earlier, so I’m
gonna tell you them now. (groaning) So there it is, the sun is completely gone never to be seen again. And it’s getting real dark now. Hula lady. So yeah, pretty much
there’s just two rules that I have to abide
by for this challenge. Rule number one is I’m not
allowed to start the engine. ‘Cause if I can start the engine, I can get the heaters running and stuff. It’s too easy of a challenge. And also, I can’t drive, obviously. And the second rule is,
there’s another rule. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I
remember the second rule. I’m not allowed to leave the car. I can’t believe I forgot that. I’m not allowed to start the engine, I’m not allowed to leave the car. I’ve gotta stay in here. No electrics on or anything. I can use the radio and
stuff, but yeah, that’s it. I can just use the radio. No heaters. I mean, the heaters won’t work unless we’ve got the engine on, so that’s why I’ve got the engine rule
and I can’t obviously leave ’cause then that’s just
pointless challenge. I could just go to the
shop and buy some stuff. I think it shuts soon anyway. Looking at this, it’s
probably gonna be dark in 20 minutes. I need an energy drink soon and some food. I’ll catch you on the flip side mother. It’s time to show on
camera, no cars there. I mean, I can show you out the torch but you can’t really see. Absolutely not one single car there. But anyway, it’s currently,
let’s have a look. It is just gone 20 past 10. It’s completely pitch black now. Take my shoes off, got comfortable. I’ve cracked open my first energy drink. Not tired yet. Not tired at all. So we’re rolling, we’re hating, trolling, trying to catch ’em riding (laughing). I don’t know where did that come from? I’ve not even got that song in my head! Anyway, yeah, I came out of the ball pit. I don’t wanna get like
fed up with it too soon. It’s gotta last me a bit. So I’ve not really had to
open the sleeping bag yet. I mean, it’s starting to get chilly. But I’ve opened the
window just a little bit. I’ve opened it just a tiny bit because if I don’t open
it, like all the windows and everything start
to steam up, like mist. It is slightly colder in
here, but you don’t get all that weird moisture on the windows and I can show you outside and stuff then. Yeah, there’s trains coming
past on them lines back there like every hour or so. It’s not loud, it’s
just for like 10 seconds and then it’s gone. I’ve literally just been
watching some YouTube videos, some Netflix on my phone. I’m still in the living room. I think real soon I’m gonna
have to retire into the bedroom. It is getting cold and I’m gonna need that sleeping bag soon. Been really fancying them nachos. Get some of that nice,
cheesy sauce on there. Get a jalapeno on there. Yeah, it’s gonna be
good, it’s gonna be good. That’s it for now, anyway. I’ll keep you updated. (pop music) Think I can put the torch there
so I don’t have to hold it. Whoa! I’ve been listening to
the radio for a while. I mean, I can’t play
it while I’m recording because I’ll end up getting copyrighted or something on YouTube. I don’t like to keep it on too long because if you have it on too long you flatten the car
battery and then I’ll not be able to start it in the
morning or something like that. Been chillin’, listening
to some good tuneage. Time is it? It’s almost 11. In the last half an hour or
so it’s got a lot colder. I’m like a lot, you could
tell, big difference. It’s been about an hour
and a half to two hours the sun’s been gone. You can tell big time. So for now, I’m just gonna
keep listening to some songs, but real soon I’m gonna have
to get in that sleeping bag fo sho, fo sho, you know? What, I’m not gangster or what was that? What was that? (laughing) (zipping) (bag rustling)
Let’s get some popcorn. (laughing) Hey, it’s funny watching all
this fake drama for views. No, he didn’t say that,
he’s lying, he’s lying. (laughing) It’s time. I need to go into the back, I’ve got to. (heavy breathing) Come on, I need to get
in my sleeping bag now. It’s just getting too cold. Almost 25 past 12. (groaning) God. Oh, where’s that pillow,
where’s that pillow? (groaning) Oh yes. (sighing) Oh yeah, oh, that’s a lot better already. Oh, that’s nice. This place where I parked is where like all the 17-year-olds park when
they’ve just passed the test. I’m surprised they’re not
all here now to be honest. It’s like Friday night. They should all be here with
like the music blasting, the big bass bumping. What? (laughing) Should be all the big speakers and stuff, they should be all here. But yeah, it’s just me. Having to turn around 180 grees. Grees, what? 180 degrees, because like, there’s a light over there that’s shining
right in my eyeballs and I really wanna try
and get a bit of sleep. So I’ve switched around and
there’s no light that way. Really hoping to get a nap in
at least for an hour or so. It’s quarter past two now. If I couldn’t get an hour, that’ll take me to quarter past three. Ugh, man, I want two hours nap. In two hours and then the
light starts coming up about half fourish or so. So I could really do with two hours. Doubt I’m gonna get a
two-hour nap in here, it’s so uncomfortable. I’m gonna try and get a nap. I’ll let you know what happens. Ugh, the nap attempt’s complete failure. I’ve just been laying
here about half an hour, trying to nap. Nothing’s happening. I’m just squeezing this
stress ball squeezy thing. Nap unsuccessful. It’s too cold, it’s too uncomfortable. Why is it so cold? I’m in a car. I mean, the place where I parked, I guess it’s kind of on
a little bit of a hill and there’s not, like,
anything blocking it. Maybe wind’s hitting the
car and making this cold. I don’t know. But it’s hella cold, you
know what I’m saying? Ugh. This is such a long night. (sighing) I’ve just made
a real stupid decision. I’ve just watched like the
scariest film I’ve ever seen while in a car, alone,
in an unknown car park, alone, in the dark. Hello? Is someone there? I should not have done it. (whimpering) I shouldn’t have done it. This is scary. Why did I do this to myself? I knew I’d get like this. I need to watch something happy. I’ll need to put Spongebob
Squarepants on or something. Ugh, need to put Spongebob on. Come on! Oy. Spongebob, help! (rustling of bag) (groaning) (crunching) Mmm. That is so good. (groaning) So when I did the
sleeping on a roof video, it’s like the ladders were there. Couldn’t actually physically
get to the ladders to get down when I wanted
because of how slippy it was. So I couldn’t leave when I wanted. When I was in the tree
and I slept in the tree I didn’t have any ladders,
I couldn’t get down when I wanted again. But now, I mean like the
keys are literally there. There they are, look, right there. Just hanging out of the ignition. Any time I want, I can just leave. That is even harder. That makes this challenge even harder because knowing you can leave at any time, it just makes you wanna leave. But when you know you can’t leave, you know you’re just stuck. But I can just leave any time I want. And I really, really want to right now. This is just torture. It’s so much harder
than I thought it’d be, being able to leave whenever you want. But you just mentally, you don’t want to because it’s for the
video, it’s a challenge, you’ve gotta make it to the end. But physically, I just wanna go. I’m so tired and drained. I just wanna go, get in
my nice, comfortable bed. But I can’t. I just can’t. (whirring of fidget spinner) I feel like I’m sweating everywhere. My stomach hurts so bad. I shouldn’t have had the jalapenos. I’ve eaten like half the jar, no joke. Ugh! I didn’t bring anything for a toilet. I’ve completely forgot. I’ve not got a bucket,
I’ve not got anything. Ugh! I need to go, I need to go! What can I go in? I don’t know. I need this. Uh oh, uh oh. Ugh, feels so much better. I could not hold that any more. That was intense. That was intense. Ugh. Even with the windows slightly open, we’ve steamed the car up. I was sweating so bad. Maybe I can get a nap now. Does anyone even play Agario still? I enjoy it. Aw. Whoa, whoa, whoa, there’s
someone here looking. Whoa, what’s he doing, what’s he doing? What’s he doing, what’s he doing? What time does this shop open? So it’s like 20 to six. It’s really light right now. I don’t need the torch any more. So I started noticing
a lot of cars starting to pull into the car park. I’ve just looked online on my phone and this shop right here that
we are currently parked behind opens at six a.m., so 20 minutes from now. Explains why all the cars are coming in. So we got here at seven,
so we’ve still got like another hour and 20
minutes until we can go. So I’m hoping that people
don’t start parking right here and seeing me in here in my sleeping bag and eating things and stuff, ’cause it’s just gonna look weird. I’m on my third energy drink. There’s a can there. There’s another empty can
somewhere else, I don’t know. ‘Cause the sun’s coming
up, it’s getting warmer. The windows were steaming
up so I had to open the windows a little bit more. I can hear the birds cheeping too, listen. Come on! They’ve gone quiet now
’cause I were filming them. I think they knew. Stupid birds! (birds chirping) Morning! Morning, Pigeon! Morning! Moon, look how thin it is! It’s just a slither. What? Whoa, I didn’t even
realise the window’s there. I hope no one’s been
watching me all night. Eating nachos but without the cheese sauce and the jalapenos just to be safe. And I’ve just put my final
battery in the camera. Just a little over one hour to go. And I cannot wait! Apparently the sun’s already rised. Should be over there somewhere. Maybe that building’s in the way. If you go on my socialblade, look at this. We’ve been blowing up lately. This is insane. That’s how many subscribers
we’ve gained every day. I just wanna say thank you so much to all the new subscribers
and a big thank you to everyone who still subscribed from however long ago it was. It really means a lot. And if you’re new and
you’ve not subscribed yet, go smash that subscribe button. I’m doing videos like this all the time. If you’ve enjoyed this, you’re gonna enjoy my future content. I’m doing videos every two days. Oh and make sure, if you are subscribed, press that bell button as well. Smash that thumbs up. It’ll help me get through this final hour. It won’t, it won’t. This final hour will have already gone by the time you watched it. But just smash thumbs up,
please, it would mean a lot. (laughing) Train, yeah! Got it this time. (laughing) Morning! Morning, Train! (laughing) So I think I’m gonna enjoying
my last hour in the ball pit. Here we go. Oh yeah. Oh! Oh them balls are cold. They’re so cold on my skin. (whimpering) I wish I didn’t get in now. Morning dip in the pool just
to celebrate the final hour. (sighing) Think I’m gettin’ out, that’s cold. (laughing) (crunching) Breakfast. – Breakfast! – Uh oh. What’s he doing? Another train, train! This guy’s cleaning, this guy here. Trying to make it look like
I haven’t slept in my car. Just like I’ve just pulled
over for a phone call or something, yeah, yeah. All right, yeah. All right, yeah, okay. He’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone. Sunrise is over there,
but still can’t see it because of the building. (yawning) We’re just about to hit seven. Three, two, one. Whoo! (groaning) Yes. Freedom. Freedom! Aw, this feels so good. (groaning) I’m not getting back in
that car for a long time. I’ve gotta drive home, for God’s sake. (laughing) (slow-paced hip-hop music)

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