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I spent 24 hours in my car…

I spent 24 hours in my car…

– Hello guys, welcome back to my channel. I’ve got some weird lighting right now so I have to like flip this down. So right now, it is like
really early in the morning. And today I’m filming a 24 hour challenge where I have to stay in my car. So I have Lily that’s coming and I think Ryland
decided she wanted to come like 10 minutes ago. She was like, you know
what, maybe I’ll do it too. But this will be super fun and I guess boring in some way, because I don’t know what we’re
supposed to do for 24 hours. But I gotta go head home and
we can start this challenge. I’m super excited, so let’s go. (upbeat music) – So we just loaded the whole car up. We might have to put one of these seats up so Ryland can sit somewhere. But we have all these blankets and pillows and games and snacks. Paisley is gonna be our helper because I feel like we are
gonna forget something. Are you gonna do that for me? – Uh-huh.
– At 2 a.m.? – Uh-huh.
– Lair, you’re gonna be asleep aren’t you? – [Paisley] No. – All right, are you ready Ryland? – [Ryland] Yes. – Okay, put your seat up and we can go. And I hope you guys
did some, I don’t know, jumping jacks or something because you’re not getting
out of this car for 24 hours. It is before 11 o’clock and that means that chicken minis are still out so. – We’re starting there.
– Yeah. – Let’s go. – What the smallest chicken
mini platter that you have? – [Worker] We have three,
four, 10, 20 or 40. (speaking in foreign language) – Thank you. Did she say my pleasure? I didn’t catch it and I just want to say that’s really weird. Because I have never
heard them never say that. – My parents like went to go
meet somebody at Chick-fil-A and my mom’s a Yankee and she didn’t know that it just a fast food place. So she got all dressed up. – For Chick-fil-A?
– Yeah because she thought, it kinda sounds fancy, like chicken filet.
– No, it doesn’t. Please, somebody enlighten
me with the origin of the name Chick-fil-A. – Because why else would they put a dash? – They don’t anymore. Somebody was telling me.
– Wait what is it? The Mandala Effect.
– Yeah! That’s what Jordan was
telling me about that. – It’s like a theory. A conspiracy theory like
people go back in time and like.
– Change things. – Even if they just like stood
on the street or something and bumped into somebody,
it could change everything. (mysterious music) – You know, what’s like the main line from Star Wars that everybody knows. – Oh yeah, it’s “Luke I am your Father.” It doesn’t say that.
– But it doesn’t say that in the movie. – I don’t know but it’s a pretty
reliable conspiracy theory. – I don’t really believe
in any conspiracy theories but I like researching them. – Okay, but Shane Dawson’s
Chuck E. Cheese one though. – Okay, that one’s true. One of his fans went undercover and got a job at Chuck E.
Cheese’s just to prove it right. – That is dedication. – Just to prove it right.
– Dedication, yeah. – So this is the good
part, guys we’re like lazy. I can’t get out of the
car, so I’m just gonna call to madre.
– Your mom? – It’s been a long time
since I have been in Spanish. Don’t judge me.
– You’re in Spanish right now. – We’re officially like
30 minutes into this so, I’m already kinda bored not gonna lie. – Yeah, we’ll find stuff to do. – Mad Libs it is, okay. Lily, what is that pen? (girls laughing)
– A brought it. – Seventeen. – Distinctive. February. – Flattery. New York. – Kamri. – Whale, dogs, kangaroos, purple. – The seventeenth of February, we celebrate the Fourth of July. This holiday commemorates the birth of our distinctive whale. Many flattering citizens
observe in their pens New York by hanging their Kamri from a window or running
it up a purple pole. Most dogs spend this
holiday at home with family and Jeeps or visit nation
Baileys potent beaches. Hamburgers or corn of the Air Force Ones are traditional holiday yo-yos. So we thought it might be fun
to go to a drive-in movie. And all of them are pretty
far except this one. – It’s still far.
– It’s still far. – It might just be hosted
at someone’s house. – [Woman] Thanks for
calling Back Yard Crashers. (soft music) – Hello, so I was hoping to see one of your outdoor movies tonight and I was wondering if you
guys were playing anything. – They’re gonna call us later. – Yeah.
– Okay, if I drive really close trash cans, the trash can just happened to be open. Just gotta go super close.
We’ll see how this goes. – I have the trash.
(laughing) – Ready, go!
(girls laughing) – Woo hoo!
– Success! – And we didn’t even leave the car. We can’t get out of the car but the puppies can come
in the car, hi baby! Ryland, the dogs can stay with us tonight. I don’t know if I’m doing
this right but it seems right. Oh, I’m totally wrong. Now we gotta make a song. I’ll make a beat, you guys follow. (rhythmic clacking) – Oh wait.
(rhythmic clacking) (girls laughing) – [Kamri] So we were binge watching a show and then we all fell asleep.
– I got really comfy in my snuggy.
– I’m so tired. – So we’re watching umbrella academy. Do you think I can binge it all? – [Lily] Maybe, it’s kinda scary. It might be scary at night. – It’s not scary.
– A little Bit. – Lily, that is not scary. She’s like I don’t want
to watch a scary movie and the stay in the car. – Heebie geebies.
– The heebie geebies. That’s such a grandma word.
(girls laughing) – So right now it is what?
– 1:35. – So we are trying to
find somewhere we can eat that has like curb side pick up or drive-through or something. I think tonight we didn’t
want to eat out again. So I think Lily’s mom
is gonna make us dinner and bring it to the car. But honestly, we’re all so bored. (upbeat music) – [Kamri] So my Mom just got in the car. – Thought I’d pop in and see how the 24 hour challenge was going. I need to bring like warm
chocolate chip cookies and be eating one and talk
about how they’re in the house. – [Kamri] Lily’s mom said
you needed Door Dash. You need to Door Dash
some pazookies to us. – Oh, Door Dash pazookies to your car? – [Kamri] Yeah, oh my
god, we should do that! Special notes delivered to
the car in the parking lot. – [Ryland] Delivered to the white jeep. – [Kamri] That’s so
mean, they probably think that we’re like kicked out here and we have to stay in the car. – It is now 4:30, we thought
we might do something productive while we’re in my car. And go get a carwash because
my car really needs a carwash. (upbeat music) – We’re in the middle of the
car wash and it just shut off. And I thought for a second maybe I got out of the track thing but
the whole entire line, like the whole entire thing is off. – We’ll have to start again. – Okay, we’re good. We got stuck in the car wash for a second. – Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper scissors. – I win, like in middle school you used to play this
game where you’re like (mumbling) – Like who could ever slap
each other the hardest was another game. – And they had to stop it because it started rupturing people’s. – Blood vessels.
– Yeah. – Nope, we messed up.
– Wait, already? – A spelling bee, are you ready? – We’re gonna have a spelling bee. – Indisputably. – I-N-D-U-S-P-U– – Wrong! – Gotta find a good word. – Iridocyclitis, go! (laughing) – Here’s Paisley again. – [Paisley] You need anything? – Nope, we’re good. – We have the conversation cards. – So, backstory. My mom pulled up the like
neighborhood directory and made me go knock on
doors with kids my age because I had no friends when I moved in. I remember going up to the door and her mom answers the
door like little Lily. And then our mom were like chatting and they made us go up to Lily’s room and her moms like “do
the conversation cards”. So fifth grade us starting
doing these conversation cards and wait are these the?
– Yes these are the same ones. – What’s your favorite thing to do at your grandparents house? – Make brownies, we do it every time. – I was about to say that.
– Every time we make brownie. – What would be a good name
for a bright red nail polish? – Tigers blood. – Has anyone every played a trick on you while you were sleeping? – Yeah, Ryland we played
so many tricks on you while you were sleeping. Ryland used to be so afraid of
dolls that we made her watch a horror movie with us about a doll and then we put dolls all over her room. – That was so mean. – We feel so unproductive right now. We have done nothing. I spy with my little eye something white. – Jesus.
– No. – Blanket.
– No. – I spy with my little
eye something green. – That plant right there.
– A tree. – No.
– That other plant right there.
– A magnolia tree. – The other plant right there. – (laughing) No. – 1, 2, 3 quiet game. – You lost.
(Ryland laughing) – You just lost, I won. – Playing guess the time. I looked on accident I
already know the answer. – 6:12?
– 5:57? – Its 6:06. – We have done like so much
and nothing at the same time. – [Brooklyn] Did you
guys bring board games? – Yeah. I’m gonna draw Lily, okay. Are you ready?
– Yeah. – Wait should I do it
without looking at the paper? – If you, yeah. – Okay, I have got to find
a good starting point, okay. – Am I smiling in it? – I haven’t done your mouth yet. (girls laughing) – [Lily] Oh no! – [Kamri] Look at it, it’s
like Picasso, or the other guy. – Should I draw Kamri or Ryland? – Kamri.
(girl laughing) – Make my head big. Guys, we’re almost at sundown. I just wanna say we’ve made
it almost throughout the day. – There’s Lily.
– There’s Kamri. – Oh yeah. Thax is bringing us food. Oh, those strawberries look good. All right, thank you.
– You’re welcome. Dinner is served.
– Dinner is served. – More dinner is coming on the way. – [Kamri] Okay, we got Alfredo and fruit. And dad lost a bet with me so
he has to bring us pazookies. – [Boy] Dinner is served. – [Kamri] I think ten hours in the car is making Lily delirious. She just said one word and
then just starting crying like she’s laughing so hard. – I tried to say carrots
are so loud to chew but I said, (laughing) I said chewats. – [Kamri] Going on what,
hour 13 just about. I think after we eat these, we’re gonna retire for the night. – I already have. – Yeah, Lily already
fell asleep four times. We just parked in the garage,
I have my retainers in. That’s probably why I’m talking weird. But we’re gonna probably watch a movie and Lily’s gonna fall asleep again. – Yeah definitely. – And just so you know
we’re not running the car, so we’re not getting carbon, what is it? – Carbon monoxide poisoning.
– Yeah. What, Ryland’s delusional. – [Ryland] No I’m not. – [Kamri] She’s making shadow puppets. – [Ryland] Can’t you make
like a frog or something. – [Kamri] That’s a dog, wait that’s a dog. – [Ryland] No, that does
not look like a dog. – [Kamri] Yeah it going woo, right? – [Ryland] No. Hey! (laughing) – [Kamri] You really need to grow up. I have to do homework on illustrator but we’re gonna watch
a movie while I do it. And Lily better not fall sleep. – I’ll try not to, like I’ll really try but I don’t know if it will work. – It is currently 11:10 and
we’re gonna head to bed, and then we’ll probably
get up in the morning. So I guess that means we
have like nine hours left. It’s almost eight o’clock. We’re at 7:59. – [Lily] My legs are gonna be like Jello. – [Kamri] Like five seconds left. Three, two, one, 8 o’clock. (laughing)
– Let’s get out! – [Lily] I almost asked
to get out but I didn’t. – That’s because your
feet were out the window the entire night. – Yeah, we rolled down the windows. Okay let’s stand up, outside of the car. I can’t feel my legs. All right, so we just
finish cleaning out my car. I would say that was fun. It was a fun weekend activity. Lily would you do it again? – [Lily] Maybe, I think
if we were to do it again, we should have set up a sheet
and then put the projector. – Yeah, that’d be cool. I hope you guy enjoyed this video. It was fun it make. So subscribe to my channel
by clicking the button over here and you guys can
watch all of my other videos by clicking over here and I
will see you guys next week. Bye.
(upbeat music)

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