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I Should Have Bought it When I saw it- 1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible (with bonus footage)

I Should Have Bought it When I saw it- 1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible (with bonus footage)

hi I’m Tony Fleming and welcome the
Fleming’s ultimate garage. everybody thanks for joining us on
today’s video 1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible man what was going on in the 60s right a lot of cool stuff
this car was one of those things that happened and some cars have a lot more
equipment and a lot more features a lot more interesting things than others and
you say to yourself well who’s going to show me all that stuff well you know
what I’m gonna find somebody to do that it won’t be me because I don’t know
anything about cars but when I do find somebody you’re going to be the first to
know let’s talk about this car though a little bit that I do know women of the
white paint and red leather interior is the hottest selling color right now
combination in the United States are doing this video almost 2020 right it’s
the hottest combination in 2020 for new cars 64 this car was so ahead of its
time when we watch the convertible top to it’s ballet magic latch itself fold
itself up and including the tonal color that comes up it is one of the most
beautiful sights you’ve ever seen you’ll sit in your garage and you’ll just put
the top up and down up and down just to see it’s amazing amazing so we’ve got
good history on this car we know good pelts are the restoration we know how
long it’s been and it has a low mileage history a low mileage title on it it’s
showing less than driven a thousand miles a year over the time which is
pretty amazing and the car runs and drives just like it seems anyone should
with that kind of mileage so let’s talk a little bit about the quality of paint
will come up here we’ll look at that for a second right now and in white
sometimes a little bit tough alright let’s take a peek under here because
really some people buy a car like this to take the shows some people don’t care
at all some people like to sit in their garage and just look at it this is the
kind of car you can take to a car show because people are so interested in the
style of these cars for instance the detail the engine compartment the block
is painted the correct black like it’s supposed to be the gold paint for the
valve covers and air cleaner give this big pop in this big muscular feeling to
a car like this and then the detail stuff in here you have your washer bag
this does have power steering and power brakes all kinds of things that we
forget about and a lot of these older cars didn’t come with right makes it
much easier to drive this car and take it to a long long cruise or maybe you
want to go to the beach in the car or take another couple out to dinner and
take the kids out in it it is an awesome experience anyway things like
word hoses in the correct our clamps it’s like this little detail stuff in
here you say well tone what do I care about clamps you’re right
clamps will not decide the level of a restoration of the car but what it does
is give you a hint as to how much efforts been put into it you may say
well it’s just a clamp you’re right but this clamp right here is ten times the
price of a standard clamp this hose four times the price of a regular hose and
all of those shortcuts are the difference between a beautiful
restoration that drives well runs well and you can enjoy versus a cheap price I
put some spray wax on it and now I’m sending it to you anyway one of the
things I like to talk about sometimes when people say wow that’s a great
looking car but they don’t really know why it’s a great looking car let’s talk
about a few things first off the style of this car it was still sporty it’s a
big engine in it right the hood scoop in the front but you add in little touches
like real wire wheels these are expensive these are not wheel covers
they’re not knockoff replicas these are real triple chrome-plated wheels with
period-correct redline tires on it so this wheel and tire combination right
now you can price this up yourself there’s some around $2,500 just for this
and that’s one of the reasons why it looks so good compared to a car with
wheel covers the stainless wheel covers or just the fake wire wheels and then
you throw in the pinch drive this body line you can also remove this right here
this fender skirt right changes the whole look of the car so this removed
and with this sporty tonneau cover on there you can have two or three
different looks for this car it’s a great looking car especially as you
adjust the little pieces to it anyway I just want a quick overview of this so
when we talked about a couple different views that you could have here this
right here adds the coupe look the roadster package they call this right
which gives you the two-seater look of the previous first generation cars the
problem with the first generation cars is they were really really small inside
and tough to get in and out of all right not to mention taking friends out or
another couple or something like that this gives you the best of both worlds
we’re going to take a quick peek at this on it take me just a second to unlatch
it take it off and then I’ll show you what the whole interior looks like with
it off so you can see what that looks like to and then I want to show you the
detail inside where the convertible top is
for a completely different look you take this on or off it’s so easy it weighs
nothing super light and we keep it on a little rack you just go ahead and put it
right at the corner of the garage and you’re good to go
all right so I want you to check this out real quick one of the things I like
to try to show is when you can really utilize the backseat of a car six-one
this back seat not only gives me some room and I have the seat slid back as
well but not only gives me some room okay but I got some room everywhere so
again I talked about enjoying these cars imagine going to dinner or going out
with the kids somewhere or another couple or what have you this is a
complete changer for the whole evening and its really really a lot of fun all
right let’s not minimize the things about this car first off many cars had
flat door panels with a handle bolted onto the side this car was very
expensive one of the most expensive Ford’s that produced during its time for
a reason for instance look at the molded panels in here the nice details of this
this I love still because you have look at
that man I almost am thinking about taking up smoking just so I can use the
vent window okay I was just kidding anyway this has the tilt away steering
column so check this out so I get in right put it right into place and off I
go it makes it so easy to get in and out of the car again detail stuff that we
overlooked like look at the polls for windshield wipers and washers and for
the left and right air okay this was ahead of its time today we have climate
control in your daily driver for both sides look at us here 1964 we had that
available and this – this interior is awesome especially the way the
speedometer runs all the way across gauges for everything here and it’s
beautiful flowing console somebody’s put a lot of time and effort into the design
of it right you get all this detail here in case you want to take up smoking is
right in here I talk about that a lot but I don’t recommend taking off smoking
then you have the original am/fm radio in this car again another nice feature a
lot of cars don’t have that stuff but if you wanted to I would leave this here
and maybe ask us to hide an am/fm stereo system somewhere which we could do that
we’d have you your digital music and things like that
but keeping the cool – all stock don’t want to show the beautiful ballet of the
top and the way it works and how gorgeous it does again we’re not running
the car in the middle of showroom so it’s a little bit slower than when it
would normally do if I check this out that was cool alright so part of the
details wrapped up in the restored cylinders all of the parts painted
properly everything’s not black you know all new wiring you can see the cabling
system here that runs these latches the motor for lifting the tonneau cover
piece all of that’s detail as well the paint’s all nice buffed underneath here
if you went to a car show man this is really what you want to show off all
right so we close up the video we looked at an excellent restoration the paint on
this car is beautiful then we look at some things that make it a lot more
expensive than some of the others here we’re talking about the wire wheels with
breadline tires matching the red interior with a
pinstripe on the side that adds so much the look this right here is not a vinyl
top by the way this is a canvas top it’s a lot more
expensive than vinyl I only say that because it gives you an idea that when
they restored this car they spent the money they need to do to do that for the
correct our clamps that are on there to the ford hoses that are on there all of
that stuff is nice and you get in this car it’s got a nice Rumble the 390 v8
got tons of power tons of torque and again I talked about the experience
experience and riding in this car by yourself is great but the truth of
matter is you go out with another couple take the kids out whatever go with some
friends man it is a game changer it makes me smile just talking about it
anybody call us three oh one eight one six one thousand would say all about the
64 t-bird hopefully you liked this video make sure you click on that for a little
bit of this make sure you subscribe hit that bell we get right out there and
don’t forget to leave your comments man I’d love to hear you riding around on a
car like this circa 1970s 80s 90s maybe rode around with your parents maybe your
own one in the past we’d love to chatter about that online thanks so much Thunderbird 64 Thunderbird 64
introducing a new Thunderbird those different so beautifully different never before an interior so beautiful in
the rear a new code seat in the front new more comfortable shell design seats
and you can get a reclining passenger seat you flight deck controls and sweep
around console create a functional cockpit with your commands optional
warning lights tell you when the door is ajar when you need fuel and when all
your exterior blinker lights are on there’s also a swing-away steering wheel
a write that reminds you to fasten the retractable seatbelt and an optional
switch locks both doors at a flick and even with all windows closed thunderbird
64’s new silent closed ventilating system provides a constant change of
refreshing air so beautifully different Thunderbird 64
takes off where others leave off unique in all the world Thunderbird 64
is coming your way next Friday at your Ford dealers you

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