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I RISKED IT ALL! $7000 1 unit STORAGE WARS STYLE! I bought an abandoned storage unit

I RISKED IT ALL! $7000 1 unit STORAGE WARS STYLE! I bought an abandoned storage unit

I have to get a house right now and I
gambled it all on the storage unit oh my god look at that right there
you cannot hit a home run unless you swing the bat oh my lord what is this
then there was this what do we kind of here whoo ladies and gentlemen boys and
girls of all ages here we are I was gonna pick up and do my $5.00 unit now
but I’ve already waited a week to open this unit up right here
I paid $7,000 mm-hmm I almost choked up when I said it that’s so crazy okay yes
$7,000 I spent on this one storage unit crazy to believe soon as they open it
you end up about to open up right now I’m here by myself no salt mint no
nobody I just got to do what I got to do so as soon as they open this unit up I’m
gonna show you it was not even open up a foot and a half and I was already like
I’m buying this unit I thought I told myself my brain my guts that everything
you’re – no matter what it takes my heart nemesis and one of my good
friends Kowboy you saw him in the safe video recently also has his own YouTube
channel he was one bidding against this which tells you Tom he’s a smart man who
was brave enough to bid that much – he was doing because he wanted it it’s
gotta be something in here so let’s get going and see we got as soon as I saw it
as it came up like this it came up and all I saw was this right here I went
right to this I saw the bats I just asked all I saw
cobwebs dust baths that’s when I immediately knew I wanted this unit you
can see them right here – you can see let this scroll across with wood bats
we’re best that’s when I already knew I wanted the unit that’s how bad sometimes
this job is like so
and this is what was showing right here canes that right there is a sterling around
that cane cane collection you see this one here I mean that could be gold could
be gold you see military items right off the bat military items you see more bats you
just see bats right that’s all you’ve seen and then you could peek down here
you couldn’t see it because the wood was there but that nice Dewalt drill there
that’s a nice drill it’s been a long day that is not a drill that is they saw
that’s it you see more bats we’re gonna start going through these things this is
mark the den miss keep up you can’t see and there you see a stick poking out I
like to know what’s in there this right here is a corner cabinet a
glass front corner cabinet now that’s a pretty nice corner cabinet because you
think maybe they has something worthwhile in a corner cabinet I don’t
know a gray coat I don’t want to say it I got the wrong thing that’s cool that’s
good you see more bats oh and what did I see over here this wood box binoculars
let’s see what we got right here oh that is a good name right there DET del trim
carl zeiss jena delt Trenholm 8 by 30 whoo Wow speaking
of a fight there this is actually a 10 by 30 there’s two sides to this unit
here is the other side of this unit we are not going to open this after I do
I’m gonna go in this side pretty soon but we’re gonna start the other side so
this let’s go be top secret Oh guys this is crazy
so you know I buy a lot of storage units you know I love to I’m basically a risk
taker I’m a gambler I do things that I probably shouldn’t but with great risk
comes great reward and I’ve been working my tail off and I wanted this unit but
right now I’m scared to touch something else I touched the Carl Zeiss binoculars
you just saw them right there on the shelf seven thousand dollars into this
unit and I am a little nervous too any farther also probably almost
overlooked as the fact that his bag very probably military it’s the way the thing
is designed is probably some form of military issue bag
we have Lincoln the hugs that was one of the things that people kept mentioning
in the video and there was Lincoln Logs in the front there was Lincoln Logs a
plan that’s probably 1977 as the year before I was born I probably had a set
just like this diamond plantain that’s got to be twenty or thirty bucks
I’m not gonna sit here and look it up and tell you but this would have off top
of my head I’m thinking 20 30 bucks on eBay for this Scout set handmade storage
camp right here you know anything about me you know that’s one of my turn on
this cobwebs but let’s look at this best look at that Louisville Slugger
excellent condition but who is that right there
who is that right there so far we’re touched three items Carl Zeiss
binoculars Lincoln Logs and a Mickey Mantle baseball bat I okay I’m feeling a
little more confident I’m not usually like as I’m telling you we’re not even
gonna be like hey we’re gonna look at this at the end no we just have to go to
it because we don’t have much choice October 20th 1913 he says something on
it it actually has a another name or is that like a Stan doesn’t look like it’s
really gold you can see on the edges is kind of worn down but that is still a
nice cane like as far as canes go maybe it could be gold though oh look at this Wow presented to a ishe fir crazy I
don’t even know what to say about this stuff guys we’re just like literally
four items in to a seven thousand dollar Locker let’s go on to the things that
made me buy this unit this is really where the first thing that I fell in
love with was these bats we’re gonna go right to it with these bats I got to
have a little more confidence and we should guys start digging Michael
we paid 7 grand and please if we score we score if we don’t we know that we
like what does I say all the time nice 100 percent of home runs are never hit
unless you swing the bat it’s 100 cent Guerin I say that all the time you know
I like to kind of try to be too motivation we try to cute business but
it’s a good analogy if you don’t swing the bat you can’t hit a home run
Johnny Bench one of the greatest players of all time right there Louisville
Slugger excellent condition gary maddox hmm this one is the older one who seen this
before hmm genuine k100 oaks Louisville Slugger 125
over 28 nice it’s a good stuff oh we have here
just some regular canes there’s a bat in there oh that’s something that you can
see right away was the boss there’s a Bosch item I can’t show you because the
light here and what do we got here some type of Surfing item for sure guys I’m
gonna be really busy doing this unit and trying to get back seven grand so any
help you can give me on stuff like these bats right here will be much appreciate
already wets like there one two three four five six seven bats only those are
worth a thousand bucks each we’d have $7,000 but what we do have is this right
here look at all that all of that string
cockney we have to just dig right in that’s all we could do this is nice that’s got to be at least
100 bucks Blackhawks sunborne air compressor carrying on we got some candles those
are pretty cool what’s the other side you got an umbrella handmade in Italy
that’s nice your standard black I’ve got a measuring
stick anti-shock and a putter what is that try – stairs soft tops oh is that button there for that is a
sword right there ladies and gentlemen Wow my hands are shaking
we’re just didn’t like what the second box and this you know so far the second
box I’m gonna need some help on this one guys what do we got here now there’s a go
print still full Spokane Indians Pacific International League hmmm nice I’ve been talking a lot about
the Babe Ruth baseball lately huh you guys I’m paying attention my videos
Lou Gehrig is an awesome one I would love to find another Babe Ruth better
than the first one I found best single coolest item I think on a fan I found
another baby with autograph Leigh being a you know lightning struck twice baby
look at that that is Yogi Berra that is an actual signature of Yogi Berra photo
file nice nice I’m loving it cowboy Spurs and their makers do they
collect Spurs that will be nice well we in the young that’s crazy my stomach is just like a knot hey just
hold man that’s kind oh I don’t know what to do
I don’t even know what to do SS actly that a street sign what is that those
are old lures right there I don’t know that right there that is some type of
old lures right there it’s just nuts I don’t even I don’t even know where to
begin we’re just in one box $7,000 nothing about canes it’s like this this
one looks like a handmade maybe some rare wood not positive this one’s cool
it looks like it’s silver to me that’s silver mmm
woohoo alright so I don’t know where the camera cut off but we got one here looks
like Gandalf the Grey was using it that’s what I feel like when I see this
you shall not I love that this is very touristy right here you go on vacation
they give you one of these sticks right here
this one right here looks like silver but I think it’s plated we got some very
other this one’s weird it’s got some buttons on it right here we will most
drop that one sorry trying to be careful here W ones very cool big snow so feel
like I got so much stuff that I’m gonna have to get looked at and I don’t even
know where to begin because AI spent a lot of money on this is everything I had
saved for a house that’s why that’s how craziest stuff it I have to get a house
right now and I gambled it all on the storage unit
Magnum xr-7 Graco this is a like a higher end at Home Depot I think but I’m
not positive don’t quote me on another tool guy I feel like this is a couple
hundred bucks right here I feel like it is I can’t promise anything but you get
us getting excited by the brand names I keep seeing her like Graco’s a good
brand Magnum Draco and you Black Hawk I think was a good brand Louisville
Slugger a Browning feels empty got a Stanley handle what was in here I don’t
know seems like says sell something cool anyway
good handle good nametag for something nice box this says living in Taunton hmm a blanket is that I don’t know it seems kind of nice hang
on tanka nice fingers to have that talk attractor ashtray not so hot didn’t see that coming tripod that’s kind of cool because I
lost mine and I’m out here filming a put a tripod imagine the attachment what is
this what is this Wow I don’t even know what to say about
some of this stuff guys won by San Mateo Sheriff’s this is nuts what do we think this is worth
I got let’s see I got to take my sweet time in this unit I hope y’all ready for
a bunch of videos nice young Buffalo Bill
these have a market interesting we got so much research to do ports that if ceramic made to look like
wood yeah gives me the feeling that is ceramic right there this one looks a
little nicer I know some of these could be valuable what kind they are I don’t
know we’re gonna have to have so many things looked at it’s gonna be like it
7,000 that better this rule class is beyond me dan Barry mints I like it I
like it this one doesn’t look Danbury Mint ish moto max but still a cool car back in here that’s a few bucks there
somewhere I know it is then we have cap service women’s I feel like this person collected
military stuff that’s what I’m guessing I’m guessing there’s rumor that this
this owner had lost the unit from a gun store they had a long time ago there’s a
rumor going around the rumor mill because somebody came in the office was
a friend of theirs and these people lost the unit that had a lot of money and
guns because they had a gun store I just don’t even know where to begin like this
right here looks like it could be something special it doesn’t look it
doesn’t look special all to get any first see it but then you see this genuine model C 271 Pro Stock Jackie Robinson air seasoned genuine model m11 Oh pro stock
Louisville Slugger they just keep coming they just keep coming Henry Aaron oh my god whoo
Roberto Clemente that’s a good one that is a good one
what is this hmm look at that King this is crazy guys who
would anyone to think right now they have so many things just coming out I
know I’m probably got to go do some Reese who I thought it was a spider on
that nope it was that that’s cool there’s some good stuff right there Greg and you tell us to get back I just set
this it’s just crazy how much type of stuff there really is in here
vintage C CAP vinyl white womens service right now what do you guys think
stop the music pause pause button $7,000 in this you know we barely even dent it
in it how do you feel so far about this unica’s 7000 is a lot to bite off to get
back we got all this to go with who finished doing a little more bats and
stuff like that and I got a call her at night but what do you guys think we can’t read that there number 125 oh my God look at that right there this is crazy wow it’s getting insane guys it’s
getting insane approved literally bat
Wow this is nuts it’s not a bad way to start a $7000
storage unit you cannot hit a home run unless you swing the bat w yes bunches of these things right here are
these for like when you’re golfing or something portable chairs this several
of them I see one here I see one here I got to take a nap I gotta stop this the
second one all right we’re gonna pull all these out and then show you them all
this next to each other real good work some good work boots and I don’t know
much about cowboy boots but these could be nice
Golden Gate fifty they kept these shoes in real good condition they have these
like neat little boot holders nice I’m gonna need some help Kanon ae-1 program that’s not bad the
sterling silver Johnny Walker hundred and fifty years
anniversary it looks like sterling I don’t know
because I never drink from Johnnie Walker’s nikon in mm no no about this camera that
looks like it needs to be a little cleaned it looks like a good one card
escape here’s the lid nuts are these lock your nuts
I like laughter now I’m laughing at your locker nut everywhere locking on my
homey locking nut tearing it up on YouTube well just miscellaneous stuff that you
have on your workbench that’s exactly what it said there’s no way I can go
through all these things there’s no way we got here 20 feet of sanding paper oh
my lord what is this what is this go to ladies
and gentlemen we got some stuff coming out of here running dill tap kit Brownells sight and
scope mounting so that’s shooting stuff all right we have cleaning stuff anvil
this one says Made in China this one is the old handmade one I believe this is
for bullet making or it’s for something to do with something like that we got
micrometers micrometers for days but I love the word rich when I open up a
toolbox the waltz all right Oh rigid wall the
wall cordless drill another Richards we’re not bad we got
some books in here I’m not interested in the book so much but that is a nice haul
of tools for sure we’re not even done I guess we should look at the books to
make sure we can see an idea of Theodore Roosevelt like that I’ve seen an
exploration Pendleton kind of small looks like a woman’s and this is neat
too hand-woven in Norway measured we’re very interesting very interesting
pulling stuff out of this box I don’t know what neatest stuff is looks
like something modern Danish they get all out he is massive look at that and
this mirror I don’t know what this is this seems like something quality made
just by the way doesn’t seem like you go to the store and buy this thing is heavy I’m gonna have to have that looked at
that it’s not even it’s a magnifying glass there is a whew I gotta call it a night here soon we
just keep finding stuff and I don’t even want to quit now look at these lists
super scope mount range ring super scope mountain base super scope mount base I’m
here it’s dark I can’t even see and I can’t stop now I waited one whole week
to come in this unit I was a little nervous now I start to see all the
things that are in here and I can’t stop what is in there this is kind of nice
very Native American 14 karat that’s what’s that love it okay
when the pens have 14 karat on you know it’s gonna be good okay what’s this mean
it has bullets I’ll be nice that was gold silver two Spears what that is
Alyssa good I don’t even know about what any of this
stuff is guys we gotta stop cuz it’s getting dark now that is nice right
there Wow sterling silver and interesting I don’t
have to say guys I’m just flabbergasted what is this right here hmm this is nice so much stuff to have
looked at and and then there was this what do we kind of here what do we got
here steps falling oh my god here Wow I don’t even know that’s like a bronze nice and then we got the boats around
soon so that’s a good item right there right off the bat you know Bose is good
so if this whole system is here now we got the wait to see that Cousteau masts
module I mean there are hella cubes that’s a little bit of money right there
in itself all right that is the first video in this seven thousand dollar unit
let me know right now below if you think this is gonna be a good unit with what
you see right now let me know how much you think I can make back just on what
you’ve seen so far I’m so excited there will be many many videos that come in
this probably at least twenty videos of unboxings and a couple major recap
because I’m have to do a major recap just to show you everything by the time
it’s done but anyway don’t forget the like button don’t forget the share
button and say something like pirate scare money don’t make money and I’m
glad you had the balls to go seven thousand dollars on this storage unit

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100 thoughts on “I RISKED IT ALL! $7000 1 unit STORAGE WARS STYLE! I bought an abandoned storage unit

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  7. Hey Pirate, I'm not an expert by any means, but a couple tips on the bats. Obviously the Signature is very important. The 125 is the hardness of the wood that the bat is made from. The # on top handle is how many ounces it weighs, sometimes it's also the length,ie 28= 28 ounces or 28 inches. The name is pronounced Louie-ville forget the S it is Silent. If you would go into any sports memorabilia place of business and say Louis-ville I'm afraid they would try and take advantage of you. Good luck !!! I know you took a big risk, my gut feeling just watching the video, this risk is going to PAY OFF BIG TIME !!!! I look forward to finding out. You might consider containing Jebus or Jeremy from What the Hales, they both seem to have knowledge with sports stuff. My knowledge is just common sense and being 64 and lucky enough to be able to see guys like Johnny Bench, Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente and who I believe is the G.O.A.T. of baseball Willie "the say hey kid" Mays play. I grew up in Sunnyvale, Ca. About 45 miles south of Candlestick Park where the S.F. Giants played. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and videos, RODNEY

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  39. You really ask what we think? I've been dealing antiques and collectibles on the east coast since before you were born, and all I can say is that you should read a few antiquing periodicals, so that you have at least an IDEA what you are talking about. You are treating some of these items like they are firewood, then going ga-ga over something that's worth a dollar or two. The only reason I subscribe, is to see how wrong you usually are! EDUCATE YOURSELF! You can't go by thhe prices you see on the I'net … especially E-bay. Go to shops and do some research. It is a good feeling, knowing what you are talking about. AND you'll feel good when you know approximately what something is worth on the spot, instead of making wild guesses, or waiting weeks or months to pop out a video with the REAL values listed. Still . . . a fun site to check once in a while.

  40. The Mantle, Bench, Parker and Maddox bats are all little league or “store model” bats. They don’t have much value. The K100 is a “Fungo” bats used by coaches. The M110 is probably the most valuable if it’s not cracked or broken. Maybe $30-$40 on the secondary for someone looking for a bat to play with in a wood bat league.

  41. You might have better luck selling those bats if you pronounced the word “Looey-Ville” slugger instead of “Lewis-ville”. But congratulations on that locker. It seems to me you stand a good chance of making some good money. Twist those canes with the metal rings on them, they might have swords or knives built in. That one name you could not read is “Campenera” I’m pretty sure. I’m not sure those bats are worth very much because they seem like they are sporting good store items, not from the majors. The signatures are branded in, not signed on. Looks like you have a lava lamp there. Some of those decoys are very valuable. The previous owner was into reloading his own ammo. Some of those textiles might have high value. Look for “Remington” on that horse.

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