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I Just Found the Worst Car Ever Made

I Just Found the Worst Car Ever Made

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about one of the worst cars ever made the PT cruisers now PT stands for
personal transport it turns out that Chrysler was trying to pull a fast one a
call it a truck to try to raise the average cafe gas mileage in the United
States but it didn’t work out that way so it’s still classified as a car not an
SUV not as a truck now these PT Cruisers were produced from 2001 to 2009 it’s
particular one is the 2003 and right from the gate big mistake every single
one of those was produced in Mexico now here’s why she listened to Scotty
and not to these nuts in magazines and Award winners
it was acclaimed at one of the best 10 cars in the years when it first came out
and they called it the North American Car of the Year now come on now you come out with a new model it’s made in Mexico how can you call it the car of the year
what are the top 10 cars come on now yes we do have the advantage of hindsight
it’s now 2019 well at least it was when I made this video in the future it’ll be
later but at least you’ll understand back when they were making these things they had
no idea how they were gonna last you call it car of the year top 10 car they
just started making them you got no idea what kind of qualities in them no not
being a Chrysler fan even back in 2001 I didn’t expect much from these things but
I really didn’t expect them to be as bad as they came out let’s start on the hood
you know the plastic crap yes plastic everywhere it cracks it breaks look at
the cheap faded bumper supposed to be black no it’s white that’s more than
just superficial stuff with these these engines are notorious for blowing head
gaskets all the time they overheat I’d say at least eight out of ten wants to
come here with overheating problems first thing I do is use my block link
test find out yep that gaskets blowing I said just get rid of the car don’t go
any further yeah they look cute it’s how they sold
1.3 million in these clunkers but man looks can be deceiving in this case
aside from the engines blowing head gasket the automatic transmissions we’re
basically garbage one they could barely get out of their own way even though
they kept trying to make the engines a little bit bigger and a little bit
bigger they never were all that fast but Americans mainly drive automatic
transmission and this car man it had one clunker transmission this particular one
to 2003 PT Cruiser has amazing a little four-speed automatic it’s 3 speeds with
an overdrive on it you know they don’t have much acceleration they don’t get
very good gas mileage for a car this size either this particular one gets in
the teens and stop-and-go traffic it’s about 18 miles a gallon
now Chrysler’s quality control actually the ones made in Mexico hey it’s
notorious for being horrible those dodge neons were made by them they were horrid is no exception if you ever made the mistake of buying a faster one the one
that’s turbocharged whoo that’s just turbo charges the head
gas keep blowing faster that head gasket will blow so fast with the turbocharger on them I’ve seen them go with as little as 40,000 miles and that goes the engine
basically comes back to pretty much a chrysler paradigm they often make
good-looking cars it’s just fall apart you want a lawn
ornament a parking on your a lawn it looks cool you know but driving it every
day for hundreds of thousands of miles you can forget that unless you got deep
pockets to keep fixing it heck even the heaters on these things break down
there’s the cheaper heater car and the stupid things either clogged up or
leaking you gotta get the whole dash apart to replace them and here’s the part I
really don’t understand when this thing was brand new a base model was three
thousand dollars more than a four-door Toyota Corolla yeah back then the
Corolla didn’t have the cool gangster styling of his PT Cruiser but it
wouldn’t run circles around these things there you go three four hundred thousand
miles or more and this thing cheer you’re lucky to get 80 or 90 before the
engine blows if you ever owned a Chrysler Neon you were probably smart
enough to realize I’m not gonna buy its replacement because the original one was
bad enough they were handy seats going on in the back
you got all kinds of space to throw crap in like my customer has all their junk
in there it makes a big Locker good storage area but has a vehicle for
dependable transportation this is one of the last things you never want to buy
now this one’s got a hundred and eighteen thousand miles and believe me
it’s on its last legs we’ll start it up you can hear her squeak a nerve and in
the back you can hear the muffler vibrating they just had poor cheap build quality anybody in their right mind that would say this is North American Car of
the Year what are the top ten vehicles of that year they got rocks in their
head at least if they were honest now I mean if they’re in the old paola what
the heck a lot of people do that these days old Scotty knows they’ll tell you
the truth about these things I have no ulterior motives other than showing
people what’s out there what’s good what’s bad over the years I’ve had a lot
of women buy these because they thought they looked cute just like the minis the buy them because they think they look cute only to find out that cuteness is hiding
an endless money pit under the hood six months ago out of customer buy used one
and nit was a convertible they actually turned some of these into convertibles he had just
bought the vehicle for like nine hundred dollars brought it to me couple months
after he bought it said what’s wrong and there was a typical PT Cruiser the head
gasket was blowing and it had overheated he put some of the sealer in it he
bought an autozone we’re pretty good the bar sealer for head gasket leaks and he
just got rid of thing you said sure I’m not going any further on and you’re
gonna even see look in here it’s a small engine but there wasn’t much working
room pennies plastic intake manifolds they crack and warp all the time besides
from the engine head gaskets blowing and their air conditioning compressor is a
notorious clunkers that break down after a short period of time
hey these things are made in Mexico you think at least have good air conditioning it
gets hot down there you know it’s like ages ago the Germans that cars had
horrible air conditioning systems a hot day in Dusseldorf is probably like 75
degrees now the Germans make better air conditioning systems no arguing that but
this hey supposedly an American car you think they could have put good I see
but no it was just the usual chrylser crap that would blow up and the
compressors would blow up long before their time the condensers they used on
were a little bit too small so they didn’t cool it down right so the
compressors would always run hotter than other cars and then go on I’ve seen that
so many times not just on the PT Cruiser but in many Chrysler products they tried
to make them too cheap to save money then they don’t hold up over time in
this case it’s a truism marketing trumped engineering and manufacturing in
his PT Cruiser so don’t be suckered by oh look it’s a cute little car maybe
I’ll get one for my kid to go to high school and don’t the engine problems the
transmission problems their conditioning problems the heating problems the
electrical problems that these things had it’s truly amazing that Chrysler
suckered 1.3 million people to buy these things now eventually they stopped
making them in 2009 people wised up and I guess Chrysler figured hey the jig’s
up we can’t fool people anymore there’s such a bad reputation nobody’s going to
be buying these things anymore these SUV type vehicles crossovers
they’re so popular these days to fail at selling a model that tells you there
were problems and problems on top of problems which PT Cruisers which leads
me to the old joke why did it make a PT Cruiser so I could comfortably hold five
people well that’s so four of them can get out and push it while the fifth
person steers the car to the nearest garage so now you know the truth about
the PT Cruiser and why you’d really have to be out of your mind
to buy one of these things used today and here’s some bonus questions and
answers average guy says I’ve learned a lot it’s nice to see an honest
mechanic there’s a lot of junk out there I’m thinking about getting another
vehicle I got three choices a 3.6 liter Ford Edge 4.0 Nissan Frontier and on the
CRV EXL alright crv hands down that’s better than any of those by far out of those three that is the most wise choice
I’ve got customer with CRVs that have 400 something thousand miles on them
they’re still running down the road yeah they might make a little noise and
bounce around a bit but they’re still going down the road with original
engines original transmissions get the Honda CRV those things really can last a
long time and you didn’t say whether you get new or used but you know if you’re
talking about buying new definitely get the Honda because it can just last and
last I like to rav4 is too but the crv and rav4 their kind of neck and neck
connect they’re pretty good vehicles if if you like the CRV go ahead and get
it don’t get the other one especially not the Nissan they don’t hold up in the
Ford Edge it’s a decent vehicle but it’s not gonna last near as long as the CRV
well Bob a42 says I got an 08 trailblazer with a bad wheel bearing in
the front driver’s side I replace and still have the noise that’s a problem
with noises you know you never know exactly where to come for I’ve had
customers say hey I got this noise in the front and then I find out that it’s
a wheel bearing in the back that making a noise noise travels around so what you
want to do is I got a video finding the source of car noises what I use is this
sound listening machine for sending units they’re like little transmitters
and they have magnets and straps on you put them in different areas of the car
then the receiving unit which is like a radio is in the car and you were
headphones and it’s got clicks that go one two three four so you can go from
each sending unit to here where the noise is coming from then you know with
yours it can very well be that the other wheel bearings worn to or that that was
the noise in the first place that’s why if you really want to fix a noise your
best to pinpoint it perfectly before you start and the problem with wheel
bearings are a lot of people say well checked up now I pull the wheel it
didn’t wobble so the wheel bearings okay ah that’s a mistake because wheel
bearings when they first wear and first start to make noise a lot of times it
will have no play at all and they’ll only make noise when you’re on the road
driving with the weight of the car then they won’t even make a noise when you
Jack it up and spin so you got a listening device you can hook it up
drive it down the road with the weight of the car on it you can count which
side is making a noise and fix that side so I’d say have that done first and somebody puts it on the other side and says the
noise is coming from the other side then change the other wheel bearings, so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell

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100 thoughts on “I Just Found the Worst Car Ever Made

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  2. They had two major selling points, it had Opera rear seating where the seat sat up higher than the front ones. But the biggest selling point was you could put extremely fat people in them and actually get the doors closed. They are still popular in certain areas of town to this day.

  3. My mom has a 04 Honda coupe 3.0 auto I promise all original pArts( well one window motor). Still runs as strong as it did when we droves it.

  4. everyone i ever knew that had one of these complained about the poor fuel economy. they all loved the space in the back, but shitty mileage.

  5. My father bought one in late 2000 , drove it till 2008 when i inherited it with 450.000 km . i drove it untill 2012 when i bought a new car and then the middle son got it with ~615.000km . he drove it untill end of 2017 and now it has 770.000 km and sits parked in a garage waiting for june 2020 when the youngest son is going to get his licence so he can drive it. Never had any major issues , 1 alternator died and 2 radiators cracked and the rear wiper motor failed , had rust on both front fenders which i replaced with used ones and rusty exhaust which was also replaced . intake manifold seals and headgasket were replaced once and the carburetor cleaned 2-3 times. besides that only oils and other fluid changed regularly . the car runs same like the first day , never died on the road or left someone stranded. hopefully it gets to the 1.000.000 km

  6. I have a mechanic friend who swore by Dodge trucks back in the 80s and 90s… and his brother raced Dodge Vipers and trucks professionally for Chrysler. When the PT Cruiser first came out, he immediately urged customers to NOT buy PT Cruisers because they were so awful… Even when they were new he told people not to buy them even though his family had Chrysler sponsorship!

  7. If it went 118,258 miles thus far, how can you say they don't last? Does that one have the original motor and transmission?

  8. No room to work on those engines.
    A friend of mine sold his because of the quote to replace the timing belt/chain.

    Stay gold.

  9. I had one of these as a rental. The gas mileage was atrocious. This 4 cylinder was getting way worse mileage than my 3.0 v6 Avalon. And boy was it slow. Just a complete dumpster fire.

  10. If it ain't a 1995 Celica or a Matrix or a Corolla, Scotty will make a video like this for it some day. Get over it.

  11. I have the cousin car..Chevy hhr …290k miles..was just looking for a's the vonvo at car lot;

    Salesman: here's a nice Nissan
    Me: no Scotty says too many electrical probs
    Salesman: ford focus
    Me: Scotty says bad as a neon
    Salesman: Mlitsubishi
    Me: Scotty says weak transmissions don't buy over 100k miles
    Salesman: what DO you want.
    Me: toyota or Honda
    Salesman: who's this Scotty guy?
    Me: my mechanic
    Salesman: he's gonna kill my business

  12. Chrysler stole the basic design from the Renault Scenic. We had a Scenic down here. Great car, until the electronics went silly. Sad, we loved it when it ran. Best seats ever.

  13. My Uncle, (an auto mechanic for 60+ years) instead of swearing, and using the Lord's name, would say "Jeeps 'n Chrysler". 😁

  14. Wow Scotty, I had a '03 GT High Output Turbo with the 5 speed. I got 120K miles on it with no issues. Everything with a Chrysler badge is not crap..

  15. The "PT Loser" as we like to call them. Lol. You can do some really interesting exterior mods to them (like old school rocket style tail light lenses) and do them up real nice, seen some awesome ones. But yeah, this is basically a reskinned Neon and total junk, with even more problems than the Neon and just as horrible gas mileage. My 2000 Hyundai Accent has a little gutless 1.6, but man, that thing is great on gas (and doesn't blow head gaskets, lol).

    The 2 litre on this these things and Neons is only slightly bigger and surprisingly, they do NOT get good gas mileage for their size, especially the PT, because it's even bigger than the Neon overall. PT Losers and the Neons both suffer this weird crappy city gas mileage problem and they have transmission issues, yup. Specifically a leak that develops between the transmission and engine and you lose transmission fluid. I heard this was also common on PT's and it happened on my old 2000 Neon and lots of following Neons I've heard. And yes, the heaters are garbage on those as they age.

  16. It has the classic BERNIE FOR PRESIDENT STICKER THAT NOW IS STANDARD ON OLD PT CRUISERS. Cue his greatest hits. The PT Cruiser …. GEEZ! It was the marketing and look at the time, not the quality or anything else. The GREAT SCOTTY has spoken. If I don't hear "Ultimate Money Pit" in this video…I won't be satisfied. (5:30 mark = Endless Money Pit…There it is.) –Lean on em' Scotty.

  17. The regular PT Cruiser had a 2.0l. the PT GT had a 2.4l turbo charged engine….. Same as SRT 4 Neon, but the power was down rated for the PT GT…… SO, NO SCOTTY, THEY DIDN'T JUST THROW A TURBO AT A REGULAR NEON ENGINE!!!!!! Get your facts straight….. By the way, I have owned both, I beat the hell out of both of them!!! THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAD WAS SPEEDING TICKETS!!!!

  18. Yugo was the worst car made. I personally saw one leave a dealership I was walking by, that was brand new (no plates) and the entire exhaust system fell off as it turned onto the street.

  19. I ran a PT Cruiser CRD for 14 years and I was very satisfied and happy with it ! I then sold it after retiring but then regretted doing so, as it was still in great condition after running 200 000 km. The diesel engine is a modified one from Mercedes Benz, and is fast and economical, but the petrol engines are, according to reports, crap.

  20. I'm replacing the head, waterpump, timing belt, etc in my Dad's 2003 right now. It only has 48 thousand miles on it's . Major overheating issue! You had me cracking up with the lawn ornament comment. It's sitting in the driveway all nice and shiny! P.o.s. !!!

  21. the average gas mileage thing was(is) the stupidest thing to try to actually cut gas consumption ever tried.

    I mean it would have kinda worked if trucks and suv's were cars I guess.

  22. Idk… I had a stratus that had a a 2.4 in it. They also used that engine setup in pt cruisers. It wasn't bad to me. I drove that car like i stole it. The trans held up fine, never anything more than a cv shaft seal. Engine used some oil but not much. Maybe a quart between changes. Never any head gaskets issues. Had to put a coil and fix starter solenoid contacts in it. I put close to 50,000 on it. I'd buy one again, no queastion. The only complaint i had was for a 4 banger it was harder on gas than i expected. To be fair though, i kept my foot in the pedal most of the time. Honestly, that 2.4 wasn't even slow. It would run with v6 engines of the time for the most part. The taurus with a duratech i replaced it with, not so much but older ohv engines no problem. Normally i agree with scotty but my experience with the 2.4 non turbo was pretty good. They do have a lot of plastic and really tight spots under the hood. I'm sure that pts and my slightly older stratus have that in common.

  23. In 2011, I rented one in Las Vegas, beeped in 20 second intervals while the engine was running. Took the car back and said get me another one as I was ready to take the bus. They changed it for a Corolla:)

  24. Just remember that just because it was made in Mexico doesn't mean that Mexico makes garbage products It was designed in your "PERFECT" United States. China also makes a lots of crap but depending the designer and quality requests is how you get the product. Now what can you tell me about VW beetles golfs and jettas guess what they were also made in Mexico.

  25. My sister-in-law just came home with one of these… I tried to warn her. But somehow it passed muster with her mechanic son-in-law, he says it actually doesn't leak any oil (which I certainly can't say about my 1998 Maxima or the 2001 Accord I had before that). I guess I'll cross my fingers that this one is the exception?

  26. Can u make a video on newer Chrysler products like 2014-2020 I really believe they have made much better vehicles lately! A lot of friends and family have newer jeeps and rams with 50-100k miles with zero issues what so ever.

  27. It's rumored that during the government bailout, Chrysler's plan for the future was rejected.
    They went back to the office, made one change, and was then approved for government funding.
    That one change?……….
    Completely drop the PT Cruiser.

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