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I got a car?!?

I got a car?!?

– So here we are yet again. I swear I’m- it’s just
literally Groundhog Day. – Third time’s a charm. – Literally, Groundhog Day
we’ve done this so many times I’m not even like, I haven’t
had like the license, like hype anymore. It’s just like come on. Let’s just get this over with. So Carlie’s here. Good
luck charm this time. She seems to have good DMV luck so she’s decided to come with us. The lady who dealt with us last time said that if we, like
said her name at the door they’d let us cut the
line because they felt bad about how long we had
to wait last time so… – Yeah, because I’m not
waiting five hours again. – Yeah. And I’m just hoping we
get in there and get it done and I finally just end up with my license. We just pulled up and the line
is practically out the door almost around the corner,
so there’s prolly like 40 people -ish out the
door so we’re really hoping this chick’s number pulls
through because if it doesn’t then I did not bring a coat
and it’s 30 degrees outside. Please let us in and skip the line. (pop music) – Alright, so I just
picked up Kamri’s Jeep. – [Dad] We bought it in Utah
and had it delivered here and it took a couple days
longer than we had thought. But she has no idea it’s coming. I’ve just cleaned it inside
and out and exicted to see what her reaction will
be when she sees it. – [Mom] Here he is gettin’ her Jeep ready. Cute. – [Young Girl] Ooh, what does that do? – [Mom] One of your presents
just arrived finally. – What? You guys are all smiling. – [Mom] After he like, wrapped it… – [Kamri] I’m just kinda scared. What? Wait, what? (laughs) – [Mom] Go outside. – Should I go outside? – [Boy] Yes! – [Kamri] No way! (gasps) It’s so cool! (laughs) That is so cool! – [Girl] I like it. – I love it! – [Girl] The tires are cool! This is- that is the coolest! (laughs) When did you guys even get it? This is so cool! (gasps) – [Girl] It’s nice! – Look at it! – [Girl] Smells like a new car. (laughs) – [Young Girl] Kamri! Drive us around! – I’m just so just in shock right now. – [Boy] Kamri! – [Girl] Hey, just so you
know, you have subwoofers in your car. – What’s that? – [Girl] You don’t know
what a subwoofer is? – Oh, is it a sound system? – [Friend] It’s that big speaker. – Is that the one you guys have? – [Friend] No we don’t have… – [Dad] They have 8 speakers you have 9. (laughs) You have the subwoofer they don’t. – [Mom] And a back up cam. – What? Yes! I actually needed that!
I’m very bad at backing up. Especially right there.
It always freaks me out when I’m driving around the driveway. – I miss a new car. (laughs) – [Dad] Kamri didn’t
want my old family car. – It was fun! – [Mom] Brooklyn. (laughs) This one’s too big for Brooklyn. – [Brooklyn] It is too big! – [Mom] Did you see her climbing in? – [Girl] She was like… – I walked downstairs and
there’s cables on there and I was like oh what’re
these for and Dad’s like, “My car, I’ve been
needing them for forever,” and I was like okay. – [Dad] It’s because
you opened the packages you weren’t supposed to open. – Well mom didn’t tell me I couldn’t! – No, I don’t… I don’t
know why dad said that I would’ve just said
like oh, for the Lexus. – Your Lexus, yeah. – [Dad] Even he likes it huh, buddy? – [Brooklyn] And you
also want other people to be able to play music. – [Dad] So does it feel natural to you? – Yes. (engine starts) Here, we need to test the sound system. – No it needs to work
perfectly! We just opened them. – [Dad] Good. (ding) – [Boy] Close the door! – [Friend] Yeah. – Dang, the back up camera’s so nice. – [Dad] So what do you think? – I think this is awesome. I cannot wait to roll up
to school in this car. This is the best birthday
present I’ve ever had. – I can’t wait to get
picked up in this car. – I can’t wait for
Kamri to bring me lunch! (door closes) – [Dad] She wants you to bring em lunch. – Yeah, I know I told her that
as soon as I got my license I’d bring her lunch, so… I have to say, this is amazing! – I like this a lot. – Thank you so much, Mom and Dad. I’m gonna be driving all
the carpools in this now. – Awesome! That means she can
drive me to cheer and tumbling (overlapping speech) for lunch. – [Kamri] Oh I’m gonna be…
just gonna be doing stuff. – Oh, you’re like getting
them lunch. (laughs) (loud bass) – [Kamri] Guys, listen to that. – Look at that bass! (singing) (laughs) – [Kamri] What do you think? (laughs) I like flipped! – [Friend #2] Do you
wanna take me for a ride? – [Kamri] Hop in! – [Friend] Jump in the back! – [Friend #2] This is so fun! Oh my gosh! – Alright, we got all the windows… I think someone’s barbecuing actually. – [Friend #2] Yeah, it
smells like barbecue. – Smells like campfire, smells good. You’re like two laps down the neighborhood – [Kamri] What do some of
the buttons do in here? Like what is this thing? I feel like it’s like
a drift wheel like… – [Friend] It probably
is like honestly cuz this is like an off-roading kinda Jeep it’s a little different that’s why. – [Kamri] But I’m feelin’
like that’s totally wrong. – [Friend] No, I don’t
wanna pull it cuz… – [Kamri] No, I don’t
wanna pull it either… – But I… Kamri thinks it’s a drifting and I think it’s a drifting but… – [Kamri] I don’t know
what it is I just… – [Boy] I will! – Let… no, we are not gonna touch that. Uh, let’s not do that. But, yeah. (gentle music) (door closes) (engine starts) (ding) – Guys, it’s so cold in here right now. I’m trying to heat up the car. Hello guys, I’m in my car right now. I’ve been driving it for about a week and it has been awesome,
like it’s the best thing ever and I think I figured
out mostly everything that the car can actually do, like every week I’ve been like… Or every day I’ve been like
pressing different buttons trying to figure out what everything does and I think I’ve kinda
figured everything out. Finally got my aux cord thingy. So in the Jeep it doesn’t just
use like your charging cord it uses an aux cord and
I didn’t have an adapter so I ordered one and it
went to our old house and not our new house
and I didn’t know that until like a couple days later. So I finally got it. (angels singing) So now I don’t have to
listen to the radio. I can listen to my own
music which is so nice. This is my wheel, everybody. It kinda has like a weak
horn, I’m not gonna lie. Like, it’s kinda high-pitched, let’s see. (horn honks) Oh, that was louder
than last time I did it. Anyway, then a half tank of gas and I’m in park, by the
way, so don’t worry. Oh, this is my lanyard.
I got it for my keys. It’s so cute. And then
I don’t lose my keys. I put this air freshener in here because I wanted my car to smell nice and my mom got me so many. Look at this. 30 air fresheners:
Leather, new car, vanilla strawberry, and like five other scents. Did I say flavor? I meant scents. This is so cool. One of
my friends gave me this and it’s when all of her friends turn 16, her mom takes like all
these Jesus bobble-heads and goes and blesses them at their church and then she gives em
to all of her friends so that like, we’re all
protected in our cars. So I thought that was super cute so I wanted to show you guys that. Other than that, I’m like trying to think of what else is in the car. I have a back up cam which is awesome because I’m not the best at reversing. There is nothing back here like… it’s just empty. There’s the seat, um yeah,
that’s about it in the back seat. And then in the trunk,
oh they threw in like this brake light thing, which pretty cool. This is the trunk. I
think it’s pretty awesome like I like the little… this thing. I guess will shield me
from the rain. (laughs) So back here, I just have
some like safety stuff like I guess that I use.
Um, I had jumper cables but they’re like, battery
powered or something like that so I had to charge them, so
they’re actually inside charging but I also have this back here. I’m gonna get in the trunk. So that is like an emergency
kit and it has like a lot of stuff, looks
like there’s some gloves glow sticks, okay, pocket
knives, a whistle, jumper cables and a lot of other stuff that I can’t really tell what it is. So that’s pretty cool. My parents got that for me just in case anything ever happens, I have
everything I need right there. And then, also for my
16th birthday road trip, I have an Atlas in here. If there was like an
apocalypse or something and like my GPS and my phone
for some reason didn’t work I still know the roads, but
I feel like at that point I’d prolly just like pull
over and just like… I don’t know. But, um… I also
have an umbrella back here. For some reason right now,
it’s super rainy in Texas so I’ve been trying to like,
not get wet before school. I love my tires, I got
like different tires than some Jeeps have, but
they’re a little bit bigger and it also makes like
the ride a lot smoother which I really like. Also, I found out that there’s hidden Jeep
like, symbols everywhere. Like look at this, there’s one here. Right there on the tire, and
there’s one up here in front it’s on the other side, I think. It is right there. See that little Jeep thing right there? And then there’s a few…
Oh, there’s one right here. It’s a Jeep face. I know there’s a few more but I don’t remember where they are. Let’s see what’re some
other things I’ve learned. Oh, there’s a Jeep wave. I
don’t know if you guys knew that but like if you see
anybody that drives a Jeep if you’re in a Jeep then
like, they’ll wave to you. And it’s like a certain like…
some people will do like two fingers… I don’t
know what it is exactly. I need to learn that cuz everybody does it if you’re in a Jeep. Also yesterday, I figured this out. I didn’t know what this meant, so I asked one of my friend’s Dad. And it’s like this times two… Oh, I don’t know if it’ll focus. Maybe… There, like that times two button. If you press it twice
it starts my car, like Just wait… (horn honks) Oh, oh my doors are
open so it won’t do it. But yeah, it like starts
my car so if I’m inside I can start it so it’s
like not as cold in my car which is awesome. It’ll
start defrosting my windows which is so nice in the
mornings, cuz I leave so early but yeah, other than that
I have some few things on my keychains.. uh, or on
my key- keychain… lanyard? I don’t really know. But I
have this little keychain here it’s like a little girl riding a moped. Lily gave me this for my
birthday and it is so cute. I get compliments on it everywhere… I don’t even know where she
got it but it’s so cute. And then I also have this
thing that my grandpa got me which is basically like an alarm. If I’m in a parking lot and
something happens or something If I pull it like an alarm
goes off, it’s really loud. I’ll show you guys. Hold on. I’ve only done this once
before like testing it so… It’s gonna be loud. (alarm sounds) Scares me every time. But
yeah, so it’s just kinda like a safety thing that
my grandpa got all of the grandkids that are girls
to put on their keys or their backpacks. He even got one for like
Paisley so it’s super cute. But yeah, there’s like
Bluetooth in this car but I just use my aux cord. I mean I guess that’s about it. But yeah, I love this car
so much it is awesome. It’s so nice to drive to school. I’ve been giving lots of
people rides and stuff, cuz I know how it is to be so close to 16 still having to get rides from people. I hope you guys enjoyed
this video, seeing my car. Yeah, I love you guys so
see you guys next week.

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100 thoughts on “I got a car?!?

  1. Guess which car I’m getting when i get my drivers license!

    NO CAR! How lucky am I!
    No hate or anything, just jealous haha! We have extremely high taxes on cars here in Denmark (over 100%) and so not a lot of young people get new, expensive cars

  2. The Jeep wave is the funniest thing ever especially when your with people who don’t have a Jeep and they ask if you know the person you waved too😂

  3. So I drive a Jeep and there are a ton of all girl jeep groups on Facebook. Just be warned not to call it a car, you are driving a Jeep. Also if you see another Jeep Wrangler two or four door you are suppose to wave, it’s a Jeep thing

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  5. Just hope u know ur so lucky and blessed to be able to have a car like this without having to work hard for it some of us don’t got it like that lol but congrats !

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  8. Congrats Kamri!! NOTE: Be careful not to put too many things on your key ring. The weight of them can mess up your ignition. I learned this from a mechanic years ago. 🙂

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  12. I bought my first car last summer when I was nineteen years old. It is a maroon 1999 Renault Twingo, which imo is the ideal starter car. I really love it. But, my ideal car would be a Mini Countryman

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