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I Gave My Cheap Lamborghini’s Ugly Wheels A HUGE UPGRADE (For Not Much Money)

I Gave My Cheap Lamborghini’s Ugly Wheels A HUGE UPGRADE (For Not Much Money)

How’s it going guys? My name is Tavarish and today my baby is getting some new shoes. So, if you’re new to the channel, thank you so much for showing up. Hope you guys like it. Subscribe if you like what you see. This is my 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, and it is under construction right now. I’m actually doing a lot of work to it, and it’s currently not in driving shape mainly because it doesn’t actually have any wheels at the moment. Well actually not mainly. Mainly because the engine is completely taken apart, but today We’re gonna be focusing on the wheels (or lack thereof). So some of you will have remembered that I had my wheels Powder-coated. The stras forged, CNC’d custom wheels made for this car. now I just got the call that the wheels are ready to be picked up, and I am really excited. Really excited. So let me actually take you around the car just so I can show you where they’re gonna go (Excuse the mess) but Here is the car And I can’t wait to get these wheels on. Now the thing I’m a little bit concerned about are these calipers. The calipers are blue. They don’t match with anything on the car. I think we’re gonna be ending up painting those. They don’t look good. They don’t look good with the color scheme of anything else on this car, but for those of you that forgot, what the original wheels well the wheels that I got this car with look like then here’s a picture No, I did like the red color I actually dig it a lot I just don’t think that it worked well for this car I think that it was a little bit too loud and maybe if the car had a wrap on it Or I want it to be a little bit more flashy But that’s not me that’s not my style I did mention to you guys that I do want to have this look a little bit like the Spyder Performante something really really clean and elegant, I’m Excited I’m rambling so let’s get to Enjuku. Oh Man! That, that looks freaking awesome man. Put it in the sun. Yeah, let’s put it in the sun Is that heavy? Is that…is that a heavy wheel? It’s not terrible really. -Yeah, that looks really nice. -Wow! That’s actually like alarmingly similar to my wheels. yeah to what, to what you got -Dude, that looks so good. -So this is a color called cosmetallic. -The best name ever. Yeah, it’s a really cool name and Also, it’s it’s like it has this like translucent quality and also it’s a has a clear coat on it, so you think that Red calipers or… I did a little more thinking today actually on the caliper situation. Red of course is gonna have the classic look. Uh-huh What if you do silver? Silver would, would be f… See, I have no problem with silver, but I think it will clash with that. That’s a gray and silver I don’t think that they’re part of the same family. Oh, we’re not we’re not putting it in there No, no these are much too nice. These are going inside. I’m putting seat belts on them Look at this, guys! This looks freaking amazing! now I’ve never had wheels powder-coated before but if they all look this good Then that’s definitely what I’m gonna do from now on. This looks like a brand new wheel. So for those of you who don’t know How powder coating works I’ll give you a 30 second explanation. First, the wheel is dipped into a chemical bath and it’s cleaned all the paint all the debris all the Muck and grime is removed from the wheel then it’s cleaned again then it’s put on a rack where a small current is I believe it negatively charges the metal and The powder it’s basically like a dry paint so the powder is is shot from a gun from like an air-powered gun Onto the metal and the powder is positively charged so it sticks to the metal really really well. The powder is then brushed off like the excess powder but it provides a really uniform look after which it’s put in an oven and Allowed to dry and it creates this really cool effect It’s really very hard and after that it’s clear coated just to make sure that it has that extra bit of protection Against the elements because these are wheels after all but that’s basically how powder coating works, and it works I mean you can tell that it’s it’s just a really really good job. So to get these looking like this I had to pay about five hundred thirty bucks Which is not a bad price considering that these are pretty big wheels a lot of lot of area here and Also the powder coating job is very on point It looks absolutely brand new that these are flawless so I would very much recommend Going to Scott you can check it out at Enjuku Racing. All Scott’s stuff is gonna be in the link in the description below But these wheels won’t be complete without a set of brand new tires, so let me show you what I got So my friends at Michelin sent me four brand new Michelin Pilot Sport Four S’s. these things are awesome So these are not like the R Triple Eight’s that I had before those are R compound tires They’re meant mostly for the track and they will wear out very very quickly But these these are a street tire, but a ultimate ultimate performance street tire. You can see that the tread is Just straight up these things do not play around and I got the sizes I needed, two ninety five thirty nineteen and two thirty five Thirty five nineteen these things are gonna be amazing now I haven’t actually driven on these I have driven on their older pilot sports when I went to Leipzig to drive the Porsche 911 In fact in about a week or so and about a little more than a week I’m actually going on the Michelin Pilot experience which is in Florida it’s at Sebring and I get to drive on these tires as well as some competitors tires Just to check them out in some really really cool cars so you guys are gonna see that as well But for now this build continues And we’re actually gonna put these wheels These aren’t wheels they’re tires these tires on those wheels in my truck in there And we have to take it to I don’t I’m not gonna take it to the regular shop I usually go to lake tire and auto But I wanted to go to a shop that specializes in this sort of thing Because these are really really low profile tires, and I want to make sure that the wheels don’t get scuffed up So I’m actually gonna take it all the way to shop in Orlando so without further ado Let’s get this back in and let’s go to the shop So we made it to dynasty auto and this is actually the place that I saw in one of the obsessed garage videos, Matt Mormons videos and If he had his Porsche gt3 worked on here, then I should have no problem with my Lamborghini wheels so let’s go check that out Guys the wheels and the tires are mated finally and take a look at how this looks oh, oh man This is a good looking combination Wow So the Pilot Sport Four S’s really set these things off And I hope and I know that these things are going to be really really good performers and in the light You can see this nice sparkle. It’s very subtle, but it is there. So let’s go home and get these things on the car And boom look at that. It looks so good it looks so much more Refined and elegant now. This is just a mock-up I still have to do those brakes, and I still have to make sure that the brakes are in working condition I’m gonna bleed them and Also, we have all that mess to do in the next episode I will be putting in all the mechanical components, and we’re gonna be buttoning this up so we can take our first drive Let’s take a closer look at this thing now God it just looks so good, and I love the profile you can see the tire from the side Yeah, this is this is just awesome Now this is very very similar to what the wheels were before Nothing about the stance changed. The tire size is exactly the same But the color just sets it off so much better And it’s the same thing in the front so big shout out to dynasty tire for putting these tires on It was actually harder than I thought to put something like this on a wheel because people didn’t want to While other shops didn’t want to deal with the low profile of these tires, and they’re even lower on that wheel over there Yeah, I called around to a lot of shops And they said they wouldn’t touch these and the ones that would they they didn’t have availability until after spring break, so Dynasty tire they said yeah, it’s no problem literally Just come by and it was like 35 bucks a tire Mounted and balanced, and they did do the road force balance which is a more dynamic balance. It actually accommodates the height of the tire at different measurements at different intervals to Basically give you the best Balancing possible, which is really really good on a car like this and big shout out to Michelin. Michelin sent me out these tires, and I couldn’t thank them enough now I can’t wait to put these tires on the car and actually get the car running But we do need to do a few things before that happens But I would recommend that anybody get these Michelin Pilot Sport Four S’s They are literally the best tire that you can get for a performance car actually a quick aside I was just talking to two guys one guy with a Jaguar XJR and the other with a McLaren 720S And they have OEM Pirelli tires on them And I always ask how do you like those tires and they go, ehhh they’re alright, but next tire change I’m going for the Pilot Sport Four S’s and That’s what they told me so These tires must be good They definitely have a good reputation, so I’ll recommend you to get these things if you’re into performance driving And you have a car like this that should make a ton of power also big shout out to Scott the powder coater that made These awesome Cosmetallic wheels and they look like they look really really good But that is gonna be the end of the episode now a lot of you have told me that There’s no reason why I should be worrying about the cosmetics on this car when there’s so much mechanical to do and while that is sort of true I’m getting to things as they come so I took out the engine so I Realized that I can get to a lot of things when the engine is out, so that’s why I did the gold wrap that’s why I started doing all the painting stuff because when Everything’s in its gonna be that much harder to get everything out now in the next episode. That’s where all you guys Wishing that I do mechanic work. That’s where all your dreams come true, so I’m gonna be putting in that transmission. I’m gonna be Buttoning everything up, and I’m gonna be mocking everything up because I am redoing that exhaust we’re actually We’re actually Doing some real good welding work on this car and I have a friend who’s gonna help me with that and He’s gonna teach me to weld and he’s gonna teach me what he’s not gonna teach me to weld he’s gonna teach me how to weld a Lot better and we’re gonna use a lot of different things We’re gonna do aluminum welding TIG welding and a lot of stuff that you guys will really geek out on and I will really geek out on so Having said that If you guys want to contact me for any reason you want to let me know How you like these wheels please let me know some people like it some people don’t I understand that to each his own But let me know in the comments below Or you can reach me @therealtavarish that is Instagram and Twitter and [email protected] is my email. I’ll read every single one and you guys have been really awesome with giving me comments and well wishes and just cheering me on for this project because sometimes I mean this project is daunting, but it’s gonna get done, and I can’t wait till it gets done. It’s gonna get done, and I can’t wait till it gets done. So you can reach me there and If you want to buy a shirt, this is the original wrench everyday shirt you can buy that in the link below I have the “I am the warranty “t-shirt along with the new style “wrench everyday” shirt. And I will have new styles coming up so all that stuff is gonna be down below, but until next time This is me telling you that on cars like this. They now have awesome wheels and still need a whole lot of work. You guys need to wrench every day.

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100 thoughts on “I Gave My Cheap Lamborghini’s Ugly Wheels A HUGE UPGRADE (For Not Much Money)

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  15. Powder coating is extremely similar to the way laser printers work. The powder consists of tiny granules of plastic that are colored with a dye. The powder is attracted to the metal target through electrostatic attraction; a typical voltage is 25,000 volts at an extremely low (very safe) amperage. Once the metal is coated, the product is baked for approx 20 minutes at about 375 F. This serves to melt the plastic granules, which then embed themselves in microscopic crevices in the metal product being coated. The final result is a very smooth coating which is extremely wear resistant; powder coating is one of the most durable forms of paint coating available, and is commonly used on surfaces which will receive a lot of wear. Powder coating can be easily done by most people in their garages; Harbor Freight sells a powder coating kit for around $100, and Eastwood – the acknowledged leader in automotive powder coating – sells a similar kit for about $120. You can purchase a special powder coating oven, but most amateurs buy a cheap used oven for $50 or so, and use that. Powder coating paint is available virtually everywhere; powder by the pound and eastwood are two good sources, as is Amazon. There are many demonstration videos on YouTube.

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