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I Can’t Fix This Car

I Can’t Fix This Car

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna show
you how you can find out what’s wrong with a car when it has no trouble codes
but it’s acting up so I’m working on this 2012 Honda CRV with an automatic
transmission and it’s got an oddball problem it’s been doing it for over a
year sometimes when a customer drives the car under light acceleration all
things shutters then it goes away not a check engine light is not so I hooked up
my uber expensive stand tall it’s an autel that I just updated for
Honda when I plugged it in it showed that there was nothing wrong with the car
except for a minor problem with the airbag system which isn’t gonna make the
car judder while you’re driving down the road now check engine lights only go so
far because if the data isn’t more than 15 or 20 percent off and often won’t
triple code but this didn’t have any codes of any sort even the mechanic only
dealer supported codes it didn’t have any at all now I had to drive this thing
around about an hour and a half and finally it did some of that juddering
she wasn’t making it up the whole car we’re a little bit and then it would
smooth out and it would only do it under light acceleration if you floor it it didn’t
do it and it didn’t do it hardly at all but
I did feel it but having felt that it felt like a transmission failure when I
really go bad they shake they judder inside the engine runs fine but then the
transmission doesn’t work right and when it’s trying to send power to the wheels
instead of a nice continuous power under light acceleration it was jerking all
over the place one time when she was driving with me in a car I felt at once
and I thought she had run over something in the road and the strut were worn and I
said did that happen when you hit a bump she says no you don’t have to hit bumps so
I drove on flat surfaces the whole time and it
did jutter on a flat surface so they’ve nothing to do with the suspension and I
did it more than one one side of my house because it’s hot as Hades out here
and used today after a rain storm so I’m going to my air conditioned house and
my laptop I typed 2012 Honda CRV technical service bulletins and look
what popped up furnace service bulletin 17-040 vibration while driving
their light acceleration after software update now these TSB or technical
service bulletins these days anybody can access it on the Internet this thing
is 2012 so it’s eight years old it’s not on your warranty Honda was fixing these
things under warranty for 60,000 miles and I don’t know how many years but it’s
long out of warranty I called up the dealer just to seen it’s well on a
warrant now it said that sometimes you can change the filter reprogram the
computer and it’ll fix the problem but it’s already been changed on this
program he’s already been gone and it still does the jogger and she had that
done last year and it still does the jutter so it’s gonna need a torque
converter at a minimum now at the Honda dealer replace the torque converter
parts and labor was over a two thousand dollar job no this cars only got 70,000
miles on it but she’s been complaining about this juddering
for about a year a year and a half so it really hasn’t gotten much worse and she
told me she’s thinking about getting another car but she doesn’t want to do
it right away so my response is going to be hey look for $2000 since you’ve been
driving it this way for a year and a half and only does it once in a while
just keep driving there what the heck I don’t know the customer with the same
exact CRV told her the same thing and she said I’m not gonna spend that kind
of money and she just kept driving a thing around
she put another hundred thousand miles on it and now it jutters a little bit more
than I did before but it still goes down the road so really it’s not something
that unless you’re an absolute fanatic would be worth spending $2,000 to fix
something that judders every once in a while only under light acceleration if
it was a serious problem when you really were accelerating fast on a highway
started acting up could be dangerous but this thing only did it under light
acceleration whatever you Florida it would just go and take off and with all
the computer control crap on modern cars most people that have brains are gonna
realize there’s some things that hey I’m just gonna live with as long as they’re
not dangerous and it runs pretty good most of the time it’s not really worth
putting all effort money into something it’s eight years old I mean obviously
they have planned obsolescence written all over this with sometimes they say
well bring it in and we’ll do the software update because the original
ones had some shifting problem and they had to upgrade the software so
that they’d work quite a bit better but as they age hay and things wear some
more the software updates can only do something for the actual physical
wearing of the transmission they can’t pick something perfectly when there are
actually things like the torque converter that’s starting to wear out
and let’s say this was a serious problem I contacted my transmission expert and
he said that Scotty really if you’re gonna mess with this thing we would
replace the torque converter but we’d rebuild the whole transmission and it
would generally go between twenty-five and thirty-five hundred dollars we
should make more sense if the stupid thing actually did break and wasn’t
drivable you wanted to keep it rebuild the whole thing correctly just
don’t replace one part of it but when 99% of the time it’s working okay and a
fancy scan computer like my hotel doesn’t pick up anything wrong and when
I analyze the live data there’s nothing that’s really off more than a few
percentage points and like I said it’s got to go 15 to 20 percent off before
it’s gonna trip any codes my advice is something like this would be just leave
it alone if it’s only gonna happen less than one percent of the time it has been
doing it for like a year and a half and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better
or any worse I live with that too because on this model CRV they really
never have many transmission problems this is a regular transmission with
gears now if you’re talking about the later model CRVs that have the CVT
transmissions quite a few of those have had failures that’s another story entirely
but this pretty sure that yeah it is the torque converter wants to spend 2 grand
to fix something that works ok 99% of the time and at least now you learned a
good way to diagnose problems when there is no check engine light no bad data
that anybody can find start looking at technical service bulletins because
these are machines they’re all made in the same factory by the same robots and
humans so if there’s a known failure that’s the first thing you want to check
and those technical service bulletins give all that information and with the
internet today it’s very easy to search them down,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
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  2. I have a Subaru xv 2.0i 2015 CVT. Converted to LPG.

    The car is jerking when moving from a full stop.

    If I disconnect the battery and reconnect it drives perfect for a day or so.

    And then it's jerking again when its about 1500rpm and moving from a full stop.

    When is write jerking (shudders) I mean the car is jumping …

    I did the throttle relearn. And it's the same.

    I can not figure this one out and neither the garage.

    May one of the computers in the car cannot calibrate itself that which one?

    I replaced the CVT ECU and it did not help…
    tested the camshaft sensors and got 5v from them when no metal near them when putting a metal its drops to 0v. remove the metal again it stays at 0v putting back metal it goes up to 5v… so I think its the camshaft sensors but didn't yet replace them as they are pricey 300$ for a unit and this car have 4 of them.

  3. My moms element had done that since new. She had brought it to the dealer and they said software update and blah blah blah. Literally within a year of new, garbage. Crappy underpowered 4 cylinder with worse tranny. But she has been driving it forever and it still works 99% of the time. When I drive it I drive it like I stole it and usually shift manually turning the OD button on and off when necessary. I keep telling her trade that pile and buy a Toyota.

  4. Bottom line, Honda could never make an automatic transmission that's worth anything. Everything they make is weak and under built in their automatic transmissions. Stick with a manual tranny and be happy.

  5. Anybody that has run a machine for any length of time nows that they always have little quirks. A good operator knows how to adjust to the variability. Just give it a little more gas, problem solved.

  6. So she was thinking about getting another car.Good luck with the trade in or sale when the buyer takes for a drive and feels the car judderin' and jerkin' around….pass.

  7. The problem is Honda manufactures all of it's transmission in house while Toyota outsources it to Aisin. No man is an island don't try to do everything yourself or pay the price.

  8. Had the same issue on my 2010 F150. Put in some Instant Shudder Fixx and it took care of the issue. hard to believe but it fixed it.

  9. My dads Mazda 5 2008 dose the same thing but the difference is that it does it all the time when it is under light acceleration and he spent 1400 in to it for a reprogram and it didn't fix it.

  10. Scotty, you left your hand prints on a few of the windows, I think that car is now at least double in value even with all the issues…..

  11. I have a 2000 CRV with the same issue. Its got 256,000 miles on it. Slight shutter, has not gotten any worse. You get used to it. Its no big deal. Love my CRV!!!

  12. I have a similar issue with my 2012 camry, there is a tsb for the torque converter. Toyota said my vibration / shuddering isnt bad enough to replace it….

  13. I stopped going to the dealership because they charged me $880 for a repair on an 11-year-old Yaris hatchback. Scotty is right.

  14. change the oil in the transmission, run through all gears stationary, then hold the brakes on and power that thing for ten seconds in drive, then do the same in reverse ….. worked for me !!
    Not had a judder since. xx

  15. I love the part when he put the capitalism picture when he was describing the rarity of the problem, long live capitalism!

  16. There is lots of things that I “just live with “, but then again I drive a Chrysler Aspen Hemi so…… I knew that going in.

  17. My 1998 Crv shutters at low acceleration, my issue is that I just recently replaced my transmission. It had about 25k miles on it. I had to towed to the shop and the driver took it on the two front wheels, I didn't realize until after since I had my backed turned talking to someone. I feel he messed my torque converter up since it didn't do that before. This is why I dont trust people… Even if they're supposed to know how to tow an awd vehicle. 🤦‍♀️

  18. Why did you not try Lucas Transmission Fix ? I have used it over the past 2 decades with amazing results. Well worth at least trying it as i have Never seen any adverse affects, and Always noticed marked improvement i all transmissions.

  19. Notice the mexican flags hanging from the visor in the auto. Why not hang an American flag. First, they flee across the border leaving mexico, seek refugee here and start a new life. Yet, they display the flag of the country they fled from. Do we actually want these type of people in our country?

  20. Even though a different car and year I had a shifting problem between 2nd and 3rd on my 1997 Buick Park Avenue but it wasn't such a serious problem that I was going to do a transmission job. I bought the car when it had 72,000 miles. I have regularly changed the oil and filter and it is still running with 232,000 miles and occasionally it will give some problems but it is probably the electric solenoids in the front of the transmission starting to hang up a bit but after this many miles you just can't beat the mileage. I used Amsoil in the engine with 2 oil filters and use Amsoil ATF.

  21. Yeah my 2003 Kia Sedona 3.2 v6 does that at like 45 or something going down road same thing does a shaking or shuddering crap and if I let off the gas or hit the brake or push gas more like passing gear it stops but yea same thing torque converter is tore up in it but it's fine other than that

  22. my transmission in my 95 sable wont shift from 3rd or 2nd to 1st under full throttle going 16mph or up. everything else perfect, i'll live with it! been doing it 25k miles

  23. If it happened after software update then it is about the software not torque converter. Needs an ECU remap.

  24. 3:56 yeah, newest cars are computers, a nightmare to repair. And 2 years later it's value is less then half, just like a smartphone

  25. Myself, I'd look at the problem being a "glitch" within the main computer itself. Although they are usually built and inspected thoroughly before being installed, there is a small percentage that might "slip between the cracks" and this might be one of them. When it comes to being perfect, there is never 100% of that being the case. One minor flaw in its production may get it installed, yet cause a problem later down the line. JMO.

  26. My '05 Honda Accord (4 cylinder) auto also does this "stuttering" on gentle acceleration from time to time. The car is not worth that much now and a big repair bill will see it go to the scrapyard. So I've been doing what Scottie says and just living with it. Might get another few years out of her yet.

  27. i was having this issue with my 2013 Skoda Octavia .,. i sold it same week to a mechanic ! .. trans issues are no joke ! .

  28. I had a 03 Acura TL that did the exact same thing. pretty much what I figured, but it would be the value of the car to repair it. 😒

  29. My wife's Honda Insight she use to have did the same thing. This happened from day one of ownership. We just learned to live with it and drove it for five years without any issue. Still not a good look for Honda, a company that should be top two in reliability.

  30. Decades of technological innovation and we're still forced to "just accept it" and shudder on down the road … because of planned obsolescence. This will not end well.

  31. Honda transmissions are finicky. They will judder, hard shift etc. Only occasionally. But they will still last another 100k.

  32. Scotty, you should buy that car. Here's why: That problem seems to be going worldwide with people trying the usual fixes. When it gets worse, you will know what ultimately fixes it or be able to detail the transmission work or both.

  33. I question if Scotty actually lives in Houston. He has "Live Free or Die" all over his videos and merch, and the car in this video has a New Hampshire license plate.

  34. I think mechanics need to physically look at different things on vehicle than 100% depending on computer systems?

  35. I had horrendous popping/clicking on the steering column, honda dealer said no problem.
    Turns out there is a Service bulletin for a lower bearing being mis-set. Thanks scotty for the idea to check these.

    SB-10045139-5082 if anyone else has a Honda with this problem.

  36. I have a car with manual transmission, that occasionally i cannot downshift into 3rd gear.

    but it only happens sometimes, and only happens when shift slowly
    and I have been sending to mechanics and they cant seems to find the problem
    me myself suspect will be a worn synchro but to replace it will cost a few thousand bucks

    so i just live with it ..
    and learn to double declutch when even i downshift

    and shift smoothly and not too slow

  37. Hey Scotty, try Lube Guard please, wont regret it. This is less additive and more a restorer, by restorer I mean it renews the fluid and helps cut down on shutter. I have saves many transmissions with this and there are specific ones for hondas and chevy's ect.

  38. My only question..yes, my SINGLE SOLITARY QUESTION is this: Does this shuddering happen under light(or heavy) acceleration?

  39. Notice that all the car manufacturers design their cars to start making annoying shakes/vibrations/shudders just so they can get over 2K to "fix" it or have you give up and buy one of their new cars.

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