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Hyundai, Kia See Sales Drop in the U.S. 현대기아차 미국 판매량 30개월 만에 하락세

Hyundai, Kia See Sales Drop in the U.S. 현대기아차 미국 판매량 30개월 만에 하락세

Korea’s leading carmakers Hyundai Motor and
Kia Motors are having a rough start to the year in the U.S. After a record year in 2012 the two auto heavyweights
are seeing signs the world’s second largest auto market will be much tougher this year. Ji Myung-kil reports. After a banner year,
Hyundai Motor and its sister company Kia Motors are undergoing a minor setback. Kia saw its sales drop eight percent in February
from the previous year, while sales for Hyundai increased by just two percent the same month,
according to a release from Hyundai. Together, the two companies saw their combined
sales drop three percent in February compared to the same month the year before. Market analysts say a variety of factors have
contributed to the Korean carmakers’ drop in sales. “The drop in global demand for cars, the weakening
Japanese yen, trade protectionism by the U.S. and the slow release of new models all have
led to the drop in Korean car sales.” But despite the dip in U.S. sales, Hyundai
and Kia models have been doing well in the Chinese and European markets, with the automakers
earning market shares of 10 percent and six percent. To win back the U.S. market, analysts advise
building more fuel-efficient cars. “Recently, Volkswagen was able to maximize
its fuel efficiency by reducing the weight of its cars by 100 kilograms, and the cars
have received positive reviews from consumers. So apart from quality and design, it’s important
for Korean carmakers to do the same and build more fuel-efficient cars.” Experts also advise the companies to build
on popular models that helped boost its sales in the U.S. last year for Hyundai there were
two models that sold particularly well, and for Kia, one. “The redesigned Santa Fe and the Elantra model
seen here have helped drive sales up for Hyundai but for Kia, the Optima was the only model
driving sales.” Hyundai and Kia say they plan to follow the
experts’ advice and plan to release a new Hyundai Santa, a new Kia K3 and Soul in the
coming year. Ji Myung-kil, Arirang News.

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  1. As an American Hyundai owner, I'm very pleased with my car's mileage, style, and performance. Hyundai-Kia should be proud of their work.

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