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Hyundai H1 Mini Van Costa Rica Car Rental

Hyundai H1 Mini Van Costa Rica Car Rental

Hello everyone in this video I have the Hyundai h1 minivan. I’m going to show you what this car is like including the number of passengers that can fit and the luggage you can put inside. The H1 van is a great car for families or
large groups. We recommend this car for parties up to 9 people but it can fit up to 12 without any luggage. This car comes with an automatic or manual transmission and all the basic features such as air conditioning, a radio, an auxilary
port and an USB port. Now let me show you the seating space starting with the front row. You can fit 3 people in the front row by pulling up the section in
the middle between the driver and front passenger seats In the back of the van, there are 3 rows of
seats and there’s a jumper seat in each of the first two rows you can use if needed. When using all of the 12 available seats, this van doesn’t have any space for luggage so in order to fit luggage in the car you have two options. You can lift the bottom part of the last row of seats up and put your luggage in that space as you can see in this video. Or if your group is bringing a lot of luggage, you can let us know when you make the reservation and we’ll ask Adobe to remove the back row of seats This will give you a lot of space in
the back for luggage. As you can see we fit three standard check in luggages and 3 carry ons with plenty of room for more. Both of these options will leave you with
only 9 seats available. I hope this video on the Hyunda H1 minivan was helpful for your guys. If you guys want more information about renting a car in Costa Rica and getting our Mytanfeet discount, please click on the links below and thanks for watching.

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1 thought on “Hyundai H1 Mini Van Costa Rica Car Rental

  1. Samantha if you have more then 8 people in a group you don't need a mini van you need a bus lol
    P.S. thank's for taking the time in making a helpful video

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