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HyreCar – Rent a Car, Drive for Uber or Lyft

HyreCar – Rent a Car, Drive for Uber or Lyft

have you ever wanted to drive to uber or
lyft but didn’t have a car? now you can! meet HyreCar
the only peer-to-peer car rental platform where you can rent a car to
drive for uber lyft postmates or any other number of ride-sharing services
even if you don’t have a car with HyreCar we make it easy to get
on the road here’s how it works to to search for cars you
like to rent and pick the dates you like to drive that it will also assign a
personal agent to help answer any questions you may have now since it’s
your first time renting with higher car we’ll do a quick check of your driving
history hire car will connect you and the vehicle owners via email and text so
you can arrange a time and place to pick up the car what about insurance well I’m
glad you asked. HyreCar Insures both you and vehicle
owners with comprehensive ride-sharing insurance so it’s a win-win
HyreCar’s dashboard makes it easy to access and upload documents required by
ride-sharing platforms once you upload the required documents
the ride-sharing company you’re driving for will register the vehicle under your
account taking you one step closer to getting on the road and making money now
all that’s left to do is pick up your car from the vehicle owner and hit the
road success if you’d like to finish your rental simply contact the owners
and return the vehicle so they can confirm drop of hire car com rent a car
for all your ride-sharing

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