How Video Marketing Skyrockets Car Dealership Sales | Benny Mazzier

What’s going on everybody Benny here
with Marketing Solutions STL I just wanted to go ahead and share a quick
success story with you guys so one of my car dealerships implemented the video
strategy on YouTube and other platforms in October 2018 Oh in November 2018
December 2018 and January 2019 they had three consecutive
record-setting sales months the reason that I’m so excited is because I know
the months not over yet we still have a couple more hours to go to finish out
the month strong but I just received an email from the GM letting me know that
we broke another record for March 2019 so more cars sold this month March in
2019 then we have since 2007 video marketing is not a fad! It’s here to stay
folks do online research folks go to YouTube folks go to other platforms to
watch the videos to watch the test drives to watch the reviews to watch the
walk arounds and to get enough information to learn about the vehicle
before they go into the dealership now it not only makes it easier on the
consumer who’s looking to purchase the vehicle but it also makes it a lot
easier on the salesperson whenever the person gets on the lot to be able to
sell them the vehicle they already know ninety percent of the information about
the vehicle because they watch the video they watch the review they watch the
walk around they saw somebody do a test drive in it so now they’re there to make
a purchase if you’d like any information on how to implement a video strategy
into your dealership go to my website WWW.MARKETINGSOLUTIONSSTL.COM Benny Mazzier

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