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How to take the ferry to Ireland with a rental vehicle

How to take the ferry to Ireland with a rental vehicle

We now got to Holyhead. We started in London with a full tank of fuel. And here we are in Holyhead with just over half a tank. I’m in Holyhead now, down on
the beach waiting for the ferry. We’re on an 8 o’clock ferry tonight. Often the ones that leave in the evening or right in the middle of the night… are often quite a lot cheaper than the ones in the daytime. So if you do want to save yourself some money, then pick one of those. And obviously you’ve got your beds in the back of your camper as well. So you can queue up for your ferry and go for a sleep in the back.. And when it’s time to board they wake you up and on you go. We’re just heading to Holyhead port now. I’ve bought my ticket online. It’s normally better to buy it online, if you can. It’s almost always cheaper. And obviously if you just turn up at the port there’s no guarantee you’re gonna get on the boat. Make sure you got your booking
reference number. They don’t seem to need a printout. Just have the booking reference at hand… And they need your passport as well. So here we are at Holyhead port. There’s lots of confusing signs. Best thing to do is to look overhead. Find your ferry company… And make sure you follow the signs that got pictures of cars on it. So I’m Irish ferries, I’m gonna stick in this lane here. When I booked my ferry I didn’t know what the registration of my vehicle was going to be. Instead of entering the
registration I just entered the words ‘hire car’. All the ferry companies accept this. You just need to make sure when you get to the terminal, you know what the actual registration is. That’s why I’ve taken a photo of mine, so I don’t forget. [talking to ferry agent] Hi there, I got the number on the phone. There you go [ferry agent]: Thank you. Terminal number 3. Terminal 3. Perfect. Thanks a lot. Cheers. Alright. Now we go through the Customes bit. This is the bit where we need not to look guilty when we go through. Although, every time I go through here I always feel a little bit guilty. And the nice lady stopped me. [to Customs agent] Hello. Yeah no problem at all. Alright… Survived Customs… Off we go. There’s normally people telling you
where to go… Like this nice guy here. Now, Holyhead port is not blessed with
wonderful facilities. I suggest if you wanted a bit food and you might be in a queue for a while… Get some food in Holyhead before you actually go into the port. So you’ve got two options when you get off the ferry… You can either take the port tunnel, which is a toll road. That takes you onto the main ring road of Dublin. Or you can drive right through the centre of town. If it’s rush hour the port tunnel is definitely the best option.

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