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How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

today I’m going to show you a clever
little trick to stop the inside of your car windows missing up and getting wet to do this we’re going to use a pair of
socks and I’m gonna fill them with cat litter i’m using this silicon crystal cut
letter which is super absorbent it helps remove any damp odors and it gives off
hardly any dust if you’re using old socks make sure they haven’t got any holes in
and to help fill them I’m going to stretch a sock over a roll
of tape like this then go ahead and tip in the cat litter when you filled up to the ankle remove the tape and tie a knot in the
end and finally to make it all of it stronger I’m going to tuck the whole thing into
the other sock when you’re done it should look like this and it’s now ready
to put into your car you can put on the dashboard will hide it under the seats
and it will slowly absorb any moisture in the car after a few days you should start to
notice a difference and hopefully fogged up windows will be a thing of the past I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this
video if you want to see more click on the links on the right hand side or take
a look at my youtube channel page happen and as always thanks for watching

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100 thoughts on “How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

  1. Seems like everytime you open the doors to load groceries or whatever, the moisture level goes back up. To keep my vehicle windows from fogging I simply turn on the air conditioner and adjust the temperature control for a comfortable setting.


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  4. do not put the sock thing under the driver seat because if that rolls over the gas pedal, VROOOOOOOM!!! crash or you might just blow up your engine if it rolls over the clutch

  5. Will Wool socks work? I️know that they dry easily, so I️ wanna make sure that’s not a factor. I️ just have a few pair and they’d hold quite a bit of litter.

  6. You could have just used silica gel packs you get from sneaker boxes. They are already closed. Just put under the seat.

  7. You are very clever! Today I found in a Dutch newspaper (on the internet) an article about this problem and with the link to this video.
    I was surprised that the video is nearly 4 years old. But since physical laws don't change, this video will be actual "for ever".
    Thanks for sharing. I'm subscribed to your channel since 6 months or so and I did watch also some of your older videos. But this one not (yet).

  8. in a few days you see the result. Oke, i normally just open my windows a bit, dont turn the heating on to 300 and i have result in 5 min.
    Reason, get the temperature almost the same as outside and voila. You know how you get damp right ??? indeed temperature difference, warm inside cold outside.

  9. Does this work with bicycles too ?

    Just kidding. Will try it out next week when we're due for another pack of cat litter 😉

  10. Yeah, got a little camper van and dont want to mess up clean windscreen with rags and/or waiting for 30 mins for the screen to clear, SO, was looking at moisture absorbers on amazon…….. then thought !CAT LITTER! …. would that actually work in tights/socks? ……………. = YouTube will know….. and here I am, and here you are = Cheers DaveHax for (not giving me the idea, but for….:-) moving my plan forward with the same brainwaves. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours.

  11. Thanks so so much, I really appreciate your help and you making this great video. It was quick, straight to the point and informative. I will definitely try this. Your Awesome….

  12. I got confused with the instructions, I put my partners cat in a sock! It jumped out of it when I was driving down the motorway, needless to say I was in the dog house when my partner found out!

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