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How To Steam Clean Car DIY

How To Steam Clean Car DIY

ELLO MY FRIEND (Intro) Welcome to another episode of Mighty Mods Now this episode is all about the crap in your car Now, I don’t mean the crap like the old club locks the videos that should have been returned a week ago your girlfriends socks from the gym and… I don’t even know why you still have them in there. *Sniff* *Sniff* BUT! We’re talking about the crap you can’t see particularly when you buy a second hand car so we’re talking about dirt in the seats grunge… I don’t know what grunge is , just crappy, soily Scummy kind of stuff that you would normally find in a shower Its In your car Its not cool, So today we’re going To teach you how to get rid of it Now we’re going to hire an upholstery cleaner for about 30 bucks You can get these from your local supermarket, Very easy Very cheap. We’re going to show you how to do it We’re just going to find someone who knows a little bit more about it than me Lets go say G’day to Marty *Transition* Now this might look like something out of Star Wars but it’s basically a heavy duty carpet cleaner and they give you this handy little upholstery attachment that we’re going to use in the car Now you basically get this upholstery cleaner and in one single motion it squirts the cleaner on and vacuums it all up with a really high powered vacuum So, it’s going to work really well. The machine comes with instructions Which will show you how to setup up the cleaning and anti foam solutions. We’re going to start with the passenger seat and see what kind of intergalactic crud the rug doctor can capture try and overlap your previous pass each time so you don’t miss out on any of the intergalactic germs as you can see, rug doctor doesn’t mess around! You can also do the carpet in the footwells and make sure you get right into the cracks to rid the car as much human slime as possible. You can do all your fabric services including door trims and the boot *Transition* So we’ve just done the passenger seat and um.. just the trim on the passenger door and um.. we’re just going to have a look inside and get your eyes on that. That’s human slime! Now it looks like the previous owner had some slime issues So lets rectum.. I mean rectify the problem First wet the seat down and check this out human slime.. gone! So 2 cars later, one gti R and one micra, this is the fun bit Time to see what we collected This isn’t just human slime It’s dirt, crud and bacteria So for your own health, its a good idea to do this at least once a year. Now remember this is from two relatively clean cars Moog, what the hell is this?!? Pfft, that’s not from my car! The confusion that followed over who actually owned the heavily soiled boxer shorts has lead to some uncomfortable silence.. *Awkwardness* Okay, so we’re all done and as you can see, it’s amazing the type of crap that you can clean out of your car What do you reckon Marty? Especially out of your car.. Yes, and what do you think rug doctor 5000? *Robot voice* “I am the space wizard” That’s weird… *Amazing singing*

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100 thoughts on “How To Steam Clean Car DIY

  1. Great video, like all of the rest but you should update the title. It is not a steam cleaner you are using there, it's a carpet cleaning machine, sometimes called an extractor. It uses hot water and soap along with a strong vacuum to clean the carpet. A steam cleaner on the other hand uses steam without soap or the vacuum.

  2. Pro tip: Use the hottest f'ing water you can in these things, especially if they don't have a built in heater for the water, that way it not only cleans better, but whatever the vacuum doesn't pull back out evaporates much faster. If you're doing this on a hot day, start early, and can park it in the sun when you're done, this'll be completely dry by nightfall.

  3. My car has been smoked in before I bought it, and it has been smelling smoke for a year. I recently took it in to where I work and borrowed the steam cleaner they have. Now my car doesn't smell smoke anymore, and is so much better to be in!

  4. I found some grunge in my seats. Nirvana in the drivers, Pearljam in the passenger, and some nasty old Soundgarden in the back.

  5. Watching these videos makes me miss owning a janky old car and the random fixes and cleaning that has to be done to them.

  6. i know you can rent a rug doctor, but is there a steam(spot) cleaner i can buy and get the same results? My seats are leather but my carpets are shot. i bought my car used and it wasn't detailed.

  7. Man, it's weird going back and watching old MCM videos, brings back so many memories. (been watching since season 1 over here, seen every episode)

  8. thanks so much for this video! was going to buy a wet vac but now will be hiring this machine for just ยฃ20! my car seats are so filthy!

  9. This is super cool! I actually found service in Utah that does this really well. <a href="">My Super Green</a>. Steam cleaning rocks and completely fixed my passenger seat.

  10. I am high wizard king of the horse-head nebula, I do not come in peace!
    I shall use my magic to refresh your fabrics so, BOW. TO. ME.

  11. You should pre spray the upholstery with solution and leave for 10 mins and then agitate and inject/extract with with the wand with hot water after. Do a few dry runs to finish to cut drying time.

  12. so pure. i love these old mcm videos! just a different vibe to them. their new stuff is great dont get me wrong. but the old stuff is just classic gold.

  13. Very good advice, I followed it and found out I could rent it from my local grocery store. Only thing is it undid the cloth trim on one of my passenger door. It removed the glue. Car was a 7th Gen civic, cheaply made.

  14. Glad I stumbled upon this, I usually send out to the dealer… and I should invest my $200 a pop in one of these machines…

  15. The Rug Doctor is an excellent machine. Technically a carpet extractor not a steam cleaner. I have used this machine several times and enjoy using it.

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