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How to Source Profitable Games from Gamestop to Sell on Amazon

How to Source Profitable Games from Gamestop to Sell on Amazon

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today I’m gonna run you through yet another Game Stop tutorial now I
want to hit this home two times in a row so the last video I actually talked
about Game Stop as well but I really want to hit it home because I’m telling
you Game Stop and deal the day on Game Stop is one of the best places where you
can source oay products right from your laptop not just today not just in q4
although the sales obviously are increased in q4 and things are flipping
faster and there’s good profit margins and obviously deals deals of the day cuz
game stops trying to push products as well or a little bit lower as well so
you know your margins might be a little bit higher but also the rest of the year
right this is a website that you can continually have in your arsenal going
forward where you just hop on and you check whatever deals of the day they
have so are they good buys okay they are great I’m gonna buy a couple oh are they
good buys today no they’re not okay I’ll check tomorrow all right
and it’s really that simple and that’s how you can approach it so I want to
give you another tool in your metaphorical Oh a tool belt so that you
can find profitable products from your house which you can then ship into FBA
for a profit so I’m gonna literally hit SHOP NOW right here on the home page on
deal of the day and we run you through exactly how I would sort through to find
these now I did take a look at some of these to make sure that there are good
deals and there is one good deal here on today’s you know actual deal of the day
so I’m gonna show you that by the end of this video which you can literally turn
around because this video will go live today and you can also buy this deal and
make some profits so I’ll show you how to do that so here we are on the deals
of the day and basically what you’re gonna see is it’s gonna show you the
retail price and what it suggests that it usually sells for both at Gamescom
and in certain GameStop stores and it’s also gonna give you a potential deal now
sometimes you’ll notice that there isn’t a deal there and I just usually avoid
those unless they look relatively decent and you’ll get better at sourcing and
kind of seeing these deals specifically so that you understand what I mean by
that the more that you do it but I generally speaking avoid these ones that
don’t have a discount here so I’m literally gonna run through all the
deals and check to see if they have if they are good to actually buy from the
from Gamestop calm and then ship into FBA and I can make money on them and
anybody can do this guys I’m not special you yes you watching right now can do
this as well so generally speaking sometimes there’s more deals sometimes
there’s only like two or three sometimes there’s like 50 it all depends on
every day and you can see here there’s probably like what is that a 12:15 deals
today so 15 deals you can check to see if there’s a profit so all I really need
up is I need Amazon seller central to see if I can sell it
I need so I can do my product research I’m gonna right click on each
deal and open them up so this one says it retails for about 40 bucks I can
potentially buy an on gamestop for 20 bucks and I always usually when I’m
estimating to see if it’s profitable at $1 because they’re gonna tax you on that
or they’re gonna it ends up being like $1 per item extra tax wise when you
order from Gamestop so just keep that in mind in your profit estimation you’ll
learn that as you buy more and more deals from Gamestop but I’m just telling
you firsthand right off the bat so that you know that for your first buy so
right here this is a similar looking book although it is not the same but I
don’t really have to worry about it because if I’m only getting it for 20
bucks and it’s selling on Amazon right here
hardcover for $27.99 there’s really not that much of a profit margin to be made
so I can avoid this okay now the same exact thing goes for this book cause I
already did my product research on this book so I’ll just show you this as well
if I take this one going in right here and I also poked paste this in the
Amazon seller central well here is here’s the book right it looks it looks
relatively similar we got pokemon sword pokemon shield book pokemon sword and
pokemon shield book the official Regent strategy guide pokemon store book the
official Gallagher Regent strategy guide that’s the same thing right it’s a
different thought nail picture but so I usually avoid these unless unless unless
the profit margin is pretty ridiculous and I want to take a chance on it but
generally speaking I avoid them if they’re not you know 100 percent the
same same thing with with the book arbitrage right if if the cover image is
different it’s usually a red flag it could be the same book it might not be
but I usually just avoid those cuz there are better buys out there but I only
have to worry about that because I’m getting this for 13 bucks
obviously 17 is not profitable again I’m just running through these examples to
show you guys examples of bad products so that I can also show you examples of
the good ones right because it’s it’s half the battle is avoiding the bad
products and then half the battle is buying the profitable ones as well okay
so let me show you if I pull up the AMC scout calculator if I get this for 13
bucks right it’s not gonna be profitable but also I want to add a dollar here
because I would taxed on that dollar as well on gamestop
so already without even putting the shipping in I’m negative five dollars if
I sell this for 17 bucks so that is not a good buy so now we want to go back and
let’s X out of this really fast and I’m gonna show you other examples of
products that may or may not be good now what I genuinely like to do is all right
off the bat I’ll search through all the games because there’s usually good game
deals not every day but most days there are good game deals on Gamescom that you
can buy for a cheap profit because they’re running a sale or a cheap profit
a cheap price cuz they’re running a sale on gamestop comm give them in the Amazon
and make some money so let me run through all the games and I’ll show you
examples I already know which one of them is profitable and which one I’m
gonna recommend that you buy but I want to show you different looks of these so
that you learn firsthand what my process is so you can replicate that process
yourself and you’re gonna go through all the checklists yourself because if I
just give you the product it might be difficult for you to replicate that or
you might try to replicate it and make a mistake and buy a bad product okay so
let’s take this in right here yugioh legacy duelist link evolution and that
is Nintendo switch and looks right here that if I click on it and I don’t always
like to click on it this is a renewed edition so I’m not after that one but
sometimes I do click on it because if it looks right here like it says $29.99 so
you don’t just want to take its word for it because if you click on it it’s yours
you’re gonna see that it’s 32 bucks right so I’m getting this for 25 but
it’s selling for 32 so obviously that’s probably not a good product right
because even after all the fees if I’m profitable it doesn’t make sense to
spend $25 to make like a buck right so let me show you and I’m gonna what what
the numbers are here but I’m probably gonna lose money here so it’s not 25
it’s 26 right because you have bad taxes and on top of that you’re gonna I’m
gonna estimate that’s gonna cost me a buck to ship it in to FBA because I’m
gonna ship it in with a bunch of other things I never ship it off one-off
products sometimes it cost me like 50 cents to ship each product in and that
ends up being my product cost into FB I if I just drop it in a big box with a
bunch of other stuff and sometimes it cost me like a dollar 50 if I’m only
shipping in like 10 things at once it really just depends but usually it’s
around $1 most times it’s a little bit less so if I match the buy box price at
32 bucks right and I buy this for 26 bucks and it cost me a dollar to ship it
into FBA then I’m gonna lose a dollar 85 per unit so this is also a bad Buy
and for those of you that need to know I use jungle Scout right here if we’re on
the product listing I use jungle Scout to run the sales velocity of each
listing right so that’s gonna tell me the numbers it’s a little my computer’s
being a little slow right now of course and you’ll see here that’s telling you
this sells fourteen daily sales and four hundred twenty monthly sales so that’s a
good indicator if you know if it’s a good product if it has sales how many
sales you can estimate a month so that you can make an informed decision based
on how many sales it’s getting a month how fast the sales velocity is right and
also how many other you know sellers are on the listing so you can make an
informed decision do you want to buy one of these do you want to buy five do you
want to buy ten do you want to buy fifty right all those things are gonna be
involved in the set in the sales velocity so that you understand that you
don’t just want to buy one of these right you want to buy a couple of them
right the other one that I want to talk about and jungle Scott will be linked
down in the description if you want to go ahead and grab it the other one that
I recommend for this specifically is a MZ scout calculator that is a free
plugin that you can download those are the two main ones that I use for this I
use other plugins like the online seller add-on but that’s really not you know
for this bulk deal arbitrage right here because you can already see that there’s
77 used and new if you want to go ahead and download that that’s also a free
plugin as well okay and then other things like keep a grass also are gonna
help you you know look at the price history if you want to go ahead and
download that as well okay so now let me show you examples of potential good
products and we’ll go through a couple more okay so right here grand theft auto
5 premium edition and that is ps4 so if I copy this and I take it in to Amazon
and I say ps4 right here we have the the ps4 Edition right here this is the
online edition so that it’s not the same edition when you’re doing this make sure
that you’re buying the right Edition right and then you’re listing it on the
same Edition right so if you bought this and then listed it here thinking you’re
profitable you would be mistaken because you have two different things could you
get away with it potentially but sometimes obviously customers gonna find
that out and then it just an issue for you you don’t want to get in trouble for
that make sure you’re listing on the right correct listing always do a little
bit of extra spend a little bit extra time doing product research and making
sure that you’re actually looking at the correct listing okay so right here right
off the bat it’s already through it’s 13 bucks we know that’s not a
okay so now on to the one that is a good one which is grand theft auto 4 premium
edition for Xbox one okay so if we take this back in and we just
go premium edition Xbox one I already know that right here but obviously you
just copy that and this is the one that is actually profitable so we click this
one right here grand theft auto 5 premium edition for Xbox one it is not
this one right here because if you look at the thumbnail you could probably get
away with listing it under this one although I don’t recommend it if you
look at the thumbnail right here is an 18 right there and that’s as it has a
mature so right here this is there’s a mature 17 Plus this one’s 18 I’m gonna
go after the one with the same not thumbnail the same description because
it just protects me as a seller so that I can use my invoice to prove to Amazon
if I need to that I did actually source the correct item and I did actually have
it okay so right off the bat what is this selling for is it profitable
2450 if I match the buy box right and I can get it for 13 bucks so let’s use our
MZ scalp calculator and we’re gonna look I already put the numbers in right here
13 bucks so this should be 14 and this should be a dollar for shipping and boom
if I’m spending $14 right and it’s gonna cost me $1 to ship it in I’m gonna end
up making 325 per unit so that is a decent ROI it’s not the best ROI ever
but it’s probably like a 20 percent ROI spent on your on your money and it’s
gonna flip fairly quickly because while there are 74 people on the listing most
of them aren’t at 24 50 if you match the by box you’re probably only really
competing with a couple of different prime new sellers if you ship it into
FBA and by the way if you use the jungle Scout Chrome extension it’s selling
about 40 daily sales right now and we’re in q4 and it’s probably a great
Christmas gift so chances are if you buy this while you are spending $14 to buy
each one right and then you’re gonna ship it in to Amazon to make that profit
though they should sell relatively quickly and if you do it right now they
should definitely sell before Christmas so let’s run some numbers just to have
some fun because I always like to run some numbers and use my calculator it
makes it a little bit of fun so if we spend $14 right for per product and we
buy 10 of these right that’s 140 bucks that we’re gonna spend so we’re spending
$140 how much are we getting back from that right so if we spent $140 we’re
gonna get for our $14 back right plus 325 profit per unit
so $140 to get 14 plus 325 equals 17 25 times 10 so we’re turning 140 bucks into
172 dollars and fifty cents probably in like 10 days so you then need to ask
yourself is it worth it for you to spend 140 bucks to make 30 to 50 and profit in
like five to ten days probably not although it is a profitable item that
you could buy so today is not the best example of deals on gamestop deals of
the day but there is a profitable item there that you can go ahead and buy I
plan on going ahead and buying this I’m probably gonna buy like five to ten of
them I can afford to wait on it a little bit not only do I want the profit
obviously which goes hand-in-hand but I also want the sales knowing full well
that if I match the vibe awesome by box I’m going to get the sales because like
I’ve talked about countless times I’m going after maximum approval and I’m
trying to hit that 2,000 sales in a six-month period so if you want another
example of you know sorting through gamestop deals of the day that’s a
little bit better with a higher profit margin like I said that video is down in
the description at the bottom of the description feel free to check it out so
hope you got a lot of value out of today’s video and with that being said
I’ll see you in the next one

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