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How to Sell Your Car Truck Van or SUV FAST!

How to Sell Your Car Truck Van or SUV FAST!

greetings folks.. Bob Assadi, Deals on
Wheels, guaranteeing to sell your car, truck, van, or SUV within one to five business
days, you get paid within two business days after clean title delivery … now, the
benefit to you is that you make up to thousands more verses trading your
vehicle in that the new or used car dealership, or trying to sell it on your
own in the online classifieds to bargain basement shoppers. from months
and months. all while your vehicle conveniently takes a swan dive in
depreciation. that expensive vehicle that you’re going to continue to pay
registration and insurance on… i’ll sell it in one to five business days, you get paid
in two business days after title delivery… and you won’t have to worry
about the private party buyer knocking on your door the following day, because
he has buyer’s remorse, telling you that the transmission slips, the check engine
light came on, or that it developed a leak sitting on the driveway overnight…
once I sell it, it’s gone… hey, if you like what you hear [email protected] again, [email protected], link in the description down below… ok,
now it is very important to establish everything in this video is on the up
and up… for one, your vehicle will be sold at one of 100 selling facilities,
nationwide, one will be near you… also, everything that we discussed in this
video, in addition to by telephone, by text, Skype, screen share, email, in person,
fax… do they still fax? I don’t know, fax…
everything will be put in the form of a very easy to understand one-page
consignment agreement, setting forth the price at which I’m permitted to sell
your vehicle, after we discuss it, and also I won’t get paid unless your
vehicle is sold… in addition to that, since talk is cheap,
it’ll be backed by my hundred thousand dollar dealer bond with the Nevada
Department of Motor Vehicles, and my A+ rating with the Better
Business Bureau, just to completely rest your mind at ease and ensure your
complete satisfaction. now let me share a little inside baseball with you… I’ve spent the last 15 years buying and selling for myself,
buying for other dealers here in Las Vegas, buying for dealers out-of-state,
buying and selling for you, the retail customer, saving you
thousands in the process, and one thing I’ve learned at these dealer only
auctions that you don’t have access to is that certain vehicles bring a premium
price, consistently… Kelley Blue Book private party , minus a small selling fee, okay, and I want to discuss those vehicles with you in just one moment…
but before we do that, even more importantly, let me help you determine
exactly how much more money you stand to make with me, so you can decide what to
do with all the extra money… okay, download the car
buying telephone application, the one with the 4.2 stars that you see here,
from either the iTunes or Google Play Store, enter your zip code, year, make,
model, trim, the options of your vehicle, the condition, and the mileage, and you
will get five tiers of pricing like you see here …now really, we’re concerned with the trade-in range and the private party price that you see on the bottom here…
when you take your vehicle in to trade it in it let’s say Carmax, if you’re
not simultaneously purchasing a replacement, new to you vehicle,
regardless of how clean your vehicle might be, you will get an offer between
the low Kelley Blue Book trade in and absolutely no higher than the average
trade in price at 87 33 that you see here, period!… now, if you will also be
purchasing a replacement vehicle in addition to your trade-in, depending on
how much extra you’re agreeing to above and beyond the dealers targeted profit
on the replacement vehicle, you might get a little more than average trade in here,
but it ends up being a wash… for example, if you overpay by a thousand dollars on
a new to your vehicle, you might get an extra 750 to a thousand
over the Kelly Blue Book average trade-in for your vehicle from a new or used car
dealer, but when the dust settles, at the end of the day, you will do no better
than this figure, that Kelly Blue Book average trade-in at best…
now what if I could get you though, between this figure, which would be the
high Kelly Blue Book trade in, to this figure, this is more like it, this is all
the money right here, the private party price or more, shooting up to this fair
purchase price, and I have seen this in the past… okay,
we’re talking nine thousand three hundred dollars to $11,300 versus eight
thousand seven hundred dollars, my friend, that is a lot of money to
leave on the table… all right, again, one to five business days, you get
paid within two business days after title delivery, everything backed by my
hundred thousand dollar dealer bond, again, a lot of money to leave on the
table… now, this is what the dealer will be getting close to when he takes your
trade, your clean trade over to the dealer only auction anyway… okay, I’m
offering to give you basically the lion’s share of the profits here that
dealers make off of you when they take your vehicle down to the auction… I’m
offering you a quick turnaround, because hey, time is money… okay, hey extra added
bonus, if you’re gonna get close to Kelly Blue Book private party at the auction,
anyway, why bother with Craigslist? why bother with CarGurus? eBay auctions? local classifieds?… total waste of time! … number one, they’re gonna know where you live, and they’re gonna do that knock on the
door, trying to negotiate after they purchased the vehicle, or they get
buyer’s remorse… number two, they’re gonna waste your time and gas… number three,
you’re gonna drop about a hundred and fifty to two hundred bucks
detailing the vehicle, if you want all the money, and you’re gonna have to wash
the vehicle before you show it each time, and you know what, after you show it to
them, at the conclusion of the test-drive, even though
your ad says the price is firm, they’re always going to give you a lowball offer,
it’s going to be half of what the vehicle is worth, and if you say no,
they’re gonna say we have a couple more to look at with less miles than yours, in
better condition, or they’re gonna say hey I love your vehicle, I gotta talk it
over with the spouse, I got to bring my six-foot-five son over to see if he fits
in the vehicle, or… or my very favorite is that I have to sell my truck before I
could buy your Porsche …okay, that’s what you’re gonna get… oh, wait a second, in
addition to that, you’re also gonna get the guy who you know grinds your gears
as he’s driving your Porsche, okay… or he’s gonna step on the accelerator and
yank your mounts back and forth, I love the guy who turns to you and says hang
on, oh man, that’s the kiss of death, he’s gonna slam the brakes on at 45 in
traffic, endangering your life, or the old-timer who’ll be driving a.. you know,
four or five-year-old car that’s just outta warranty, it’s got, you know, I
don’t know, sixty thousand miles on it, now and he’s gonna take his hands off
the steering wheel on the freeway to see if you need an alignment.. okay,
endangering your life… these people are a hazard, some of them… okay, it’s like an
accident risk… I’ve had them actually scrape up my wheels on the curb, now how
am I gonna collect from this guy? okay… who needs it, again, one to five business
days, you get paid in two business days after clean title delivery… okay, let’s
talk about the vehicles that get all the money over at the dealer only auctions, now, they tend to be right around three to seven years old, and they are in
exceptional condition, inside and out, we’re talking wheels, tires, all the glass,
all the way around, excellent condition… okay, mechanically sound, the vehicle has
to have a clean title, that means no salvaged or rebuilt title, no frame
damaged… okay, no hail damage, you don’t have flood damage, you don’t have a
vehicle theft recovery or a lemon law buyback.. okay, clean title vehicles gotta
be paid off, no lien holders,,, title in hand, ready to rock and roll the dealer
auction …and the vehicle is going to have right around 10,000 miles per year on it…
provided you could meet that criteria and it’s not dumped to the floor, because
somebody cut the springs and altered the suspension, and put 30 inch wheels on it,
you’re looking at getting all the money, right there at the dealer only auction…
it’s the only way to go! now, there are two other situations in which, hey, let’s
say your vehicle is older than seven years, you could still sniff Kelly Blue
Book private party, right there at the dealer only auction… I’ll tell you the
two situations… one of them, Japanese vehicles… if you own a Honda, Toyota,
Nissan, or Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, and it it is an excellent condition like we just
went over, with the three to seven year old vehicles, now you’re gonna sniff Kelley Blue Book private party, even if the vehicle goes back as much as 12 years
with around 12,000 miles per year on it… it’s amazing! also, the second scenario in
which case your vehicle can be older than seven model years, going all the way
back to 12 model years or three body styles, is if it’s a truck, with four
full-size doors, not suicide doors, four full-size doors, and the truck is
equipped with at least sunroof and leather… okay, if you could meet those
requirements, again, you’re looking at getting Kelly Blue Book private party
for that truck… okay, now there is one other situation in which you’re gonna be
in a really tough spot and I’m gonna be your ticket out, and that’s if you own
either an exotic or a luxury vehicle… we’re talking about a vehicle that’s
worth let’s say thirty to one hundred thousand dollars, this is a tough spot,
because the buyers for this vehicle already know that your vehicle is, number
one, out of warranty, and number two, these buyers, not unlike you before you
decided to purchase this vehicle, brand new, are thinking to themselves… hey, not
only is your thirty thousand dollar vehicle out of warranty, but it’s already
one body style back, and I’m a professional, I have good credit, I have
the money to buy it cash, if I want to, but I have better opportunities with the
money, so just gonna go ahead and go to the
dealership, plunk down three or four thousand dollars, and then just finance
the depreciation portion of the vehicle, rather than the entire vehicle… okay, so
they’re gonna just lease it instead of purchase it is what I’m trying to say…
and make very small payments, and of course get a tax write-off in the
process… in many cases that’s what the smart buyers like yourself do when
they’re in the market for these… so as you can see, you’re in no-man’s land, you
have a fantastic desirable vehicle, but because it’s an exotic or a luxury
vehicle, it takes a swan dive in depreciation, it’s very tough to sell to
that particular market, because like I said, they want the latest and the
greatest, they have very small lease payments, and it’s still under the
factory warranty… well, here’s what we do in that situation… like I said, you’re
over a barrel, and I’m your take it out… we’re going to take your vehicle down to
the dealer only auction, all right… where there won’t be just two dealers bidding
on your trade, like in your town, you might only have two Mercedes dealers and
you have an S body Mercedes that you want to trade in, what I want to do is
take it over to the Highline sale at Mannheim, I’m going to upload the
condition report, and I’m going to showcase your vehicle, showing off the
desirable attributes, showing off the options, showing off the flawless wheels
and tires, and now we’re gonna have ten Mercedes dealers instead of 2… 15 Mercedes dealers instead of two, watching your vehicle, looking at it, looking at the
condition report via simulcast on or, and they’re
waiting for your little vehicle to swim across.. and they’re circling it like great
white sharks… okay, they’re gonna get into a bidding frenzy over your vehicle ,and
that’s how you’re gonna get all the money in one to five business days ,you
get paid in two business days… while it might be true that you won’t get your
money today, like you would if you were to take it down to the Mercedes
dealership in your town, I think you’ll agree with me that if you’re going to
come out two, three, four thousand dollars ahead, it’s worth waiting one to five
business days and getting paid two business days after title delivery,
isn’t it?… exactly! now, let’s go ahead and put a bow on this and wrap it up… okay,
folks, if you like what you hear so far, you’re gonna love my next video, so be sure
to hit the subscribe button and the little bell next to it so you don’t miss it…
it’s gonna be on how to save thousands of dollars purchasing your next vehicle
from the dealer only auction… now, you kind of already know the formula… okay, I
think you get the gist of it from the little demonstration we went over on
Kelley Blue Book’s telephone application… look, a clean vehicle at the auction goes
for between hi Kelly Blue Book trade in to Kelley Blue Book private party,
that’s what I’m gonna pay for it, and I’m also gonna get charged a buyer’s fee
when I purchased that clean vehicle, and then I just have to mark it up a little
bit and sell it to you… now, in the description below, I want to include a
couple of other items… number one, I want to include a link to the Manheim
Pennsylvania video, I want you to watch it for sure… it’s fascinating!… it shows
you the quality of vehicles that are available at Manheim for purchase, and it
shows you exactly how they sell your vehicle for maximum dollars… you watch
it, it’ll blow you away, you will be sold… second thing I’m going to list down
there would be a link to all of my social media, make sure you send me a
friend request, because when we establish which vehicle it is that you’re looking
for, what I’m going to do is upload a video just for you to Facebook, Twitter,
or Instagram… I’m sending up a brand new Instagram account, just for this, so that
you could take a look at the vehicle and you can give me a yay or nay, and I will
acquire the vehicle in your behalf right there at the dealer only auction… so if
you send me the friend request, you sign up for the social media, you will get
heads-up, in addition to subscribing to this channel with the little bell, before
anyone else on the best deals, nationwide, at dealer only auctions… I want to thank
you very much for your time, thank you for your continued viewership,
don’t forget to Like, share, subscribe, share it on your social media, if you
have any questions, just ask them down below, I’ll
answer them as fast as I can to the best of my ability… in the meantime, see on the
next video!!! πŸ˜€

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