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How to Sell Your Car for the Most Money Possible

How to Sell Your Car for the Most Money Possible

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about five things that you should do when selling your car if
you want to get the most money you possibly can,
now the first thing you have to realize is people are like crows they like shinny objects,
if you’re missing a hubcap hey then do what I do, go to a place like autozone get a set
of 4 nice shinny hubcaps, they don’t cost much maybe $30-40 believe me you get more
than your money back when the car looks better with all shinny hubcaps,
and speaking of shinny, either wash and wax your car or take it to one of those places
that does it and get everything detailed, the shinier it looks the more you’re going
to get for the car it’s just human nature, and speaking of human nature look under the
hood, you have a dirty greasy engine like this, people are going to look under the hood
and think, oh it wasn’t taken care of, now yes I don’t normally advice cleaning under
the engine, it doesn’t really serve any purpose but when
you’re selling a car, a lot of people don’t know that much about cars, they open the hood
and it’s clean and they’ll think, oh it was taken care of,
their not going to get a compression gauge and check the compression in your cylinders
in most cases, they’re just going to be looking, so you want to make sure that it looks good
under there, pay a detailer to do it if you don’t want
to do it yourself, they got spray waxes and stuff to make it look a lot better,
now the next thing you want to do is figure out how far do you want to go in fixing your
car before you sell it, take this dent on the bumper where the plastic
is ripped off, to actually fix this, most body shops these days are going to cost $400-500
to either fix it, paint it, or replace it and paint it, in that case you have to decide
how much is your car really worth, now if it’s a late model car, it would probably be
worth fixing because your going to get a lot more money for it, but hey this Toyota is
20 something years old, you know you’re not going to get that much for it, so something
like this, you knock a few hundred bucks off the asking price of the car, and the same
thing goes for the paint, let’s say you got a car and the paint is all
faded and it looks like garbage then you might think, oh you’ll go to one of those $200-300
paint jobs where they’ll paint the whole car for $200-300, it won’t look perfect but it
will make the car look so much better that you’ll get a lot more than $200-300 more when
you sell it, but if you’ve got a car that has a sort of
bad paint job, putting on a cheap paint job actually may make the car go for less money,
somebody might decide, oh their going to buff it all out, maybe reclearcoat it, but painting
a whole car correctly these days goes anywhere from $3,000-5,000 and up,
so you’re not going to spend that kind of money when you’re selling a car, unless you’re
selling a real high end car, now the next thing to do before selling your
car is make sure that it’s full of oil and the oil is clean,
I’ve had customers bring me used cars that they were thinking about buying and when I
checked the oil and found out that not only is it really dirty,
but it’s low on oil, that tells me hey, the engine is worn, it’s burning oil, it’s dirty
it hasn’t been taken care of, I tell them not to buy that car,
so even if you’ve been kind of bad and haven’t changed your oil enough,
change it before you sell it, then it’s full, it’s clean and you’re going to have a better
chance of getting more money when you sell it,
now the next thing to do is to check the tires, these are pretty good tires they have a lot
of tread they look good, you just leave them alone, but let’s say you got a bunch of bald
tires, or their old and their all cracked, you might
think about putting on the cheapest tires you can buy that at least will look good,
sure I don’t advise you to buy the cheapest tires you can get your hands on if you’re
going to be driving your car a long time, but if you’re selling it, new tires that are
shinny, that aren’t cracked, they look safer, they make the car look all around better,
and if you have any kind of a minor problem with your front end or something, new tires
that are put on and properly balanced, their not going to shake or shimmy and the car is
going to be easier to sell, and when it comes to making your car looking
good before you sell it, don’t forget all the rubber trim, this is old faded trim,
and I found that this all American armor silicone based cleaner and conditioner works best on
trim, silicone cleans really well and protects and
makes it real shinny, you just wipe it all over the rubber, just
look at all the black crud that comes off of this thing,
and strangely enough, this stuff smells like an old fashioned cherry soda, it actually
smells good, then you buff the heck out of it and now it’s
nice and shinny, and above all, don’t forget to do the interior,
if somebody is driving the car they sit in it, that’s the part that they want to see
nice and clean, now the last thing I’m going to talk about
when it comes to selling your car is large mechanical issues,
if you know the car has an engine problem or a transmission problem, you’re generally
never going to get your money back if you have an engine that’s starting to go out you
don’t put another engine in the car and then sell it,
because you’ll never get back that large amount of money in most cases,
now of course, if your brakes are grinding, yeah put new brake pads on so their not grinding
anymore, you can get brake pads for $19 at some places,
that kind of stuff yeah you got to fix that, but if you have a transmission that’s starting
to slip and stuff, you don’t have it rebuilt before you sell the car because you’re never
going to get back your investment, if you want to get the most money for your
car, you try to sell it yourself, if you try to sell it to a used car lot, or a place that
sells cars for a living, their going to give you as little as possible because they have
to sell it themselves and make a profit, but if you don’t want to deal with the public
when selling your car, my advice is this, find a good consignment seller, theirs guys
out there that they’ll take your car on consignment and they get a percentage of the price and
they try to sell it for you, because if you have a car that people really
want, these guys know which cars are most popular,
the most they can possibly get and of course their going to try to sell it as high as possible
because their getting a percentage of the sales price,
if it goes cheap they won’t make much money, and above all, if you are selling your car,
don’t trade it in, when you trade them in, they give you practically nothing for the
car, always try to sell it yourself or through a consignment dealer,
because I know a car dealer here in Houston, he sells used cars and he tell people, if
you’re going to buy a new car come to me, I’ll get you a better deal, all you have to
do is sell me your car at the trade in value, he made so much money getting the trade in
value and selling them higher, he would buy you a car, go to the dealer, he was a car
dealer so he know how to barter, and you’d get a few thousand dollars off, which you
could have done yourself anyways, but then he got your car cheap and he made most of
his money just selling all these used cars that he got at the trade in value, so now
you know the best way to sell your used car to get the most money for it,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. I bought a new 1999 Saturn SL1 1.9L manual with no AC and no electronic doors or windows for $10K and it was a great little car that got good MPG (29 City / 40 Hwy), but in December of 2016, it was getting rather old at 186,000 miles and I wanted to trade it in for something new. One GM dealership said it was only worth $250, but another GM dealership had a deal for $3000 for any trade-in for a new vehicle, so I bought a 2017 1.8L Chevy Sonic for $14K. I guess that was the best deal I could get for that car that I otherwise might have sold for $500 or so, but now I'm stuck with a new car I don't really like that much (Sonic only gets 28 MPG combined
    , 24 City / 34 Highway and it looks stupid).

  3. recently saw a guy sell a Honda accord. in his pictures the car was pretty plain, but in person it was a beautiful 'shiney' looking car. It was a v-6 with a standard in it. He had bought a chrome extra package that put chrome covers on the handles and trim on the side of the car and covered well worn parts inside, the chrome cover pieces made the car pop. I passed cause I ran the vin and found out it had been in several fender benders over the years and had been totaled out twice by insurance (red flag) the odometer had consistent miles issues (red flag). The car looked like show room condition, but had well over 200,000 miles, he said just over 100… looking under the car I could see lots of new front end parts and a dripping oil leaks around the pan, Muffler and pipes where rusted worse than my 66 ford and inside the car the seat mounts were really rusted, but the carpet looked brand new. I think he bought it thinking it was good and it was a poor rebuild with lots of new parts. He only owned it 3 months. Was asking $4000 for a 2007 with title issues , odometer issues and 6 owners


  5. People that sell high-end cars such as you mentioned in your video Scotty, those people don't watch your videos. The rest of us watch your videos and we have lower in cars. Thank you for what you do and thank you for your videos. We'll keep watching!

  6. I use dawn dish detergent clean all under the hood. Cheap environment friendly and works great

  7. Yup all this advice is true
    I found all that out the hard way. Wish I seen this video 20 years ago lol. Would've saved me and made me a lot of money.

  8. I drive 2011 VW Jetta and I liked it (GPS, sunroof, …. Fancy). It's getting old and I think it's right time to change it. I want something around same range in budget wise. Probably second hand with very less miles in it.
    I am not big fan of Honda, Toyota because a lot of people have those.
    Can you give me some guidelines or suggestions please.

  9. will that product work for the black trim around the rear windows of my G37 coupe? I don't think they are rubber, more like black plastic. They are getting a little faded and blotchy. I can post pics if you want but im sure you know what im talking about

  10. When you see armor all on the air filter box. But you check the AF and its filthy. You dont buy. !!

  11. Hey Scotty love your videos and all the knowledge that comes with your 51 years of being a mechanic can't thank you enough you really are the people's mechanic I wanted to ask you what kind of gas you use in your Toyota Matrix I also drive a Toyota Matrix 04 and my manual says 87 octane is recommended

  12. My son was trading in his F150 on a $60k F150, same dealer he bought the 1st one from….2006 STX , glass lid loaded. They offered $2k for trade. I took it home , detailed it out myself . Advertised for $6k and had a line of 20 people to see. First person 6k, do not under any circumstance trade in ! 2006, 106k miles and gone 👍

  13. Check the age of the tires. Using the code on the side, even with lots of tread, they could be rotten and ready to blow.

  14. Hey Scotty I’m in Houston in the river oaks area and need to sell my car. Any consignment dealers you recommend me selling my car with?

  15. Worn tires and wheels. Buy a set of wheels with reasonable tires from a salvage large yard. Probably half the price of cheap tires mounted and balanced. This may fix the wheel covers too.

  16. Buff the chalky scaled clear coat with old school $5 Turtlewax rubbing or polishing compound and a $20 buffer. You may be amazed. Then rub it with the old oil or kerosene to get the white wax out of the pores and crazing. Polish dry.

    If you just painted the old car at Macco then I assume you had a bad accident last month.

  17. i have some minor issues with the car—leather is off emergency brake, tinted window is peeled off partially, etc—should i fix it(probably expensive) or sell as is?

  18. Maybe sell my crap test car with prototype installed for 10 billion dollars? No wash or wax included in the deal!

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