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How to Replace Rear Brake Pads : How to Jack Up a Car

How to Replace Rear Brake Pads : How to Jack Up a Car

MARK BLOCKER: In this segment, we’re going
to cover jacking the vehicle. We’re doing the rear brakes on this vehicle so we’ll be
jacking it up from the rear of the vehicle. Prior to jacking the vehicle, we want to make
sure that the vehicle is in park. The parking brake is set. In a previous training video
on front brakes, I put out a tip about breaking the lug nuts loose prior to jacking the vehicle
because this vehicle is equipped with rear wheel disc brakes that use a parking brake
system, interacting with the disc brake system, we’re able to apply the parking brake and
that will hold the wheel while we break the lug nuts free when we got it up on the jack.
And later, we release and that will give us the ability to rotate the wheel for any servicing
that we might need to do. So, once we’ve got–make sure the wheels are pointed straight on the
vehicle since we’re lifting it from the rear. We want to make sure the front wheels are
pointing straight forward. It gives a more stable platform when it’s on the jacks. And
parking brake set and in park, we’ll go ahead and jack it up from the back using a floor
jack. On this model Acura, the rear vehicle is equipped with a solid rear axle and that’ll
give me a good place to jack up from. I can go into the center of the rear axle and jack
up the entire back half of the vehicle, both sides simultaneously and apply jack stands
up underneath the frame and that will give me a good stable platform to work on and plenty
of workspace available. I’m going to slide the jack up under the vehicle, turn down the
hydraulic lock, turn it all the way to the right clockwise, and then just slowly, slowly
lift up the jacking points where it contacts the rear axle and you make sure that you got
it centered correctly, comes up into contact with it. And you know you got the jack exactly
where you want it to be and as you slowly starting jacking the vehicle up, watching
the vehicle as you’re doing so to make sure it’s going up evenly and the jack is staying
in proper position. Just continue jacking the vehicle up until you get it into the work
height that you’re after. We’re going to raise it up pretty high until we got jack stands
that need to go up underneath and they require a little bit of clearance and that also gives
us good working space and environment. It makes it easier to do what we’re doing on
the ground. Okay, that should be high enough. I’ll go ahead and place the jack stands at
this time. With the jack stands on this vehicle, I’m
going to go ahead and place them directly under the rear axle right behind the tire,
and that provides a good stable spot to hold the vehicle. And you just slide the jack stand
right directly underneath the axle and slide up the adjustment until it contacts the rear
axle. And when using jack stands, you want to make sure you have both jack stands set
at the same height so that the car sits stable and level. If you’re using wood blocks, you
need to use the same procedure, make sure you have the same amount of height involved
with each set of blocks so that the vehicle when you lower it down onto the load carrying
device it sits level. Okay, now that we’ve got both jack stands placed underneath the
rear axle, what we want to do is lower the jack down, let the jack stand carry the load
of the vehicle. And as you release the jack, it’s going to be kind of tighter. At first,
you’re going to feel some stiff resistance so you wouldn’t want to twist. You’d be real
careful ’cause once you break it free, you want to just slightly open the valve so it
lowers your car down gently. There we go. Now, we’ve got the load of the vehicle, its
weight is applied to the jack stands. I’m going to go ahead and leave the jack underneath
here, just right underneath the rear axle, turn it back, make sure it’s locked then I’ll
just jack down just a little bit just so it’s snug and that provides a secondary line of
defense in case we have some problem or it slides off the jack stand. It just gives you
a little bit extra security and stability on the system you’re working on to ensure
that we don’t anything to knock it off the stands. So, that concludes our segment on
jacking a vehicle. Watch our next segment on removing the tire.

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