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How to Replace an Engine in Your Car (Swap)

How to Replace an Engine in Your Car (Swap)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel,
if you need to change the engine in your car, then today’s your lucky day,
because today I’m going to show you how to change an engine in your car, now you
have to take everything off the old engine, including the exhaust manifold
and the intake manifold assembly and the fuel injectors have to be taken off, then
you hook the engine puller chains to the holders, there’s one here in the back
and one on the front to pull it up, then pop it up to clear the engine bay and out
it comes, then you slide the new engine in make sure you have the hoist on nice
and tight, the hardest part is sliding the engine into the transmission and
that’s why I have this engine leveler here I can crank it to tilt the engine
to get it in, now you might think this engine hoist and the stabilizer costs a
whole bunch of money, but I bought it on sale at Harbor Freight tools, the engine
hoist is only 110 bucks on sale and the leveler for it was only $45, so when you
consider the thousand bucks or more mechanic will charge to put an engine in,
hey it’s worth it, then once you wiggle and shake and bolt the transmission on,
put the exhaust manifold back on and bolt it up and then both the intake
manifold on too, and before you hook everything else up, it’s a good idea to
start it up to make sure the engine works, well here goes nothing and now we can hook up the alternator
and everything else and get back on the road, it was a big job, but hey it’s worth
it, knowing that you did it yourself and you did it right,
and remember if you got any car questions just visit Scotty

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100 thoughts on “How to Replace an Engine in Your Car (Swap)

  1. ⬇️Things used in this video:
    1. Shop Crane:
    2. Engine Joist:
    3. Ratchet and socket set:
    4. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    5. Wrench Set:
    6. Shop Towels:
    7. Disposable Gloves:
    8. Common Sense
    9. Full HD Camera:
    10. My computer for editing / uploading:
    11. Video editing software:
    12. Thumbnail software:

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  2. Yes, this video is informative indeed, but now the question is….. is it easier these days to swap a engine, or just trade up?

  3. This video is really helpful for guys who think you should put the new in engine before you remove the old one.

  4. Don't even try it if you are not a real mechanic. You can screw the rest of the things that are working properly too.

  5. You forgot to mention (among other things) that you have to remove the gearbox also, you cannot lift the engine with the gearbox on.

  6. i have a question, anybody welcome to answer please

    if u have a car that have 150k to 350k miles on, and you replace the engine with a brand new one, does make your car a new one since the engine is new ?

    another word does changing your engine makes your car a new one engine wise ?

    please i need your opinions / advice/ experience

  7. I bought a new engine at Tesco. Unscrewed my old engine with couple of bolts, and put the new engine in. Took me 40 mins. Then went off to the black tie dinner.

  8. i love these videos but does anyone find them useful? it skips so many steps i'm not sure how you can actually use it unless you already know what to do.

  9. is this video a joke? no pulling cv axles so draining oil and coolant motor mounts removing and replacing an engine is an extremley involved job , i dont understand how his channel is so succsesful

  10. Hi scotty i hope you are all well.
    I have vw golf 1.6 2002 automatic.
    Engine is gone.
    Is it difficult to change automatic engine or its the same procedure as manual engine ? And also should i take out the engine with the transmission or just the engine out ?

    Help please

  11. how to build a space shuttle , the video time 2 minutes 11 seconds first get the parts , then put them together , sow the next time you want to go out in space build it yourself.

  12. Its an really easy way and take only 2 minutes
    No need to unbolt the engine mounts,
    No subframe separation
    No axle taking out
    No transmisiion mounts loosing
    Just need to unbolt exhaust manifold abd intake manifold that it
    Only 2mins

  13. Hey Scotty. I've got a 08 dodge Dakota with a blown engine 5.2l. A friend offered to give me a v6 out of a Dakota he had laying around. I was wondering if the engine would bolt up to the old v8 transmission. And if it does what would I have to do with the ecu. Should I use the one from the v6 or keep the one for the v8. I've looked online and can't find anything I could understand.

  14. Need to remove my MERCEDES ENGINE, study/learn dissembly/re-assemble.

    So I can make/replace/repair myself DIY, with pre-preg carbon fiber!

  15. But scotty I've been trying to shake my motor and tranny back on for 2 days. I dont get it 🤷‍♂️🤯

  16. Maybe you could give us a video that goes into a little more detail than just; pull the old one out and throw the new one in! HAHA!

  17. Replacing an actual engine is like the 10 hours of compulsory reading on course material and this video is the one page of a slide show that the prof spends on talking about said content.

  18. is it possible to change engine from a 4cyl boxer engine to a inline 4 and iis it possible to chanmge from a 4 switch engine to a 6 switch engine

  19. This video is worthless. Left out so much important info. Didn't show unbolting the trans(including flex plate if auto) didn't show removing the mounts or unplugging the harness. Also must be really nice to just have the engine come out of the car that easily after unbolting it. He didn't show the wiggling it out of the trans or angling it out around obstacles in the engine bay.

  20. Did you know Scotty did time. Killed a guy over a sandwich. Ronald Reagan commuted his sentence for changing his oil.

  21. I want to do this with a Nissan 300zx z31. Thing is it needs a new wiring harness and computer which got water damaged. Did you install a new wiring harness in this celica?

  22. Now I'll show you how to play the piano. Just press the keys on the piano so that it plays a song. Don't forget to ring that bell.

  23. Taking it out and put it back in, is the easy part. Getting it all out back together properly, with the right short/long length bolts in the right holes, is the hard part. 🔩🔩??? – Humpty Dumpty had it easy.

  24. Just remove the three clips get the new engine out of trunk pop it in put the three clips back on and off you go. Videos over a year old but still the same

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