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How to Replace a Radiator in Your Car

How to Replace a Radiator in Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel, if
your car’s radiator has holes in it, stay tuned because today I’m going to show
you how to replace a radiator on your car, now radiators these days are made out
of plastic, so when they break you can’t really fix them, you have to replace them,
now the first thing you need is a drain pan, then jack up the car to access the
drain plug on the radiator, and there it is under the car in the middle, just on
screwing with your hands, and the coolant will start flowing out into your pan, there it
goes, now while the radiator is draining, take
off the overflow tank, move it out of the way, then unplug the electrical cooling
fan, and then take off the upper radiator hose, wiggle it and pull it off, now in
these Honda’s, the lower radiator hose is kind of hard to get to, so here’s a trick,
I just follow the lower radiator hose to where it connects to the engine, and then
pull it off from there, and since this is an automatic, we have to take the
cooling lines off for the automatic transmission, they can often be on pretty
tight, so I get a hammer a big screwdriver, put it on, and hammer them
off, and off it goes, then the last bit is to take the mounting bracket off the
radiator, unscrew it and take it out of the way, then just pull the radiator out, then get out your new radiator and put
next to the old one, you want to transfer all the parts from the old radiator to
the new one, change the rubber mounts on the bottom, swap the radiator hose then swap the cooling fan, and don’t
forget to change the transmission cooling lines, put it on the new radiator,
then slide it back in place, put the support back on, bolt it up, make it nice
and snug, hook the transmission lines back on, plug the cooling fan
connector back in, till it snaps, and put the radiator hose back on, and don’t
forget to put the clamp back where it belongs
on the front, and finally, fill it with a mixture of fifty percent antifreeze and
fifty percent water, then you’re done, so now you know, changing out a radiator
isn’t that hard after all, and remember if you have any car
questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer Channel and I’ll answer them

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100 thoughts on “How to Replace a Radiator in Your Car

  1. Hey, I just got a chrysler 300 2004 recently and the radiator gave up. How should I go about the replacement for this model and is it more complicated

  2. Great info here! What if coolant is leaking from the radiator cap? I've already purchased a new cap to see and it stopped the leak for a while. But now it getting progressively worse. The main hose is firm when the car is warmed up though. Please help

  3. omg I'm a lady and I can totally do this…..subbed..liked…even made your own personal playlist for me to go back to…..thanks a gazillion! onto a serpentine belt.

  4. Does anybody know how to change or pull out a radiator out of a Buick Rendezvous 2005 there doesn't seem to be a video on what I need

  5. Any advice for connecting/disconnecting the lower radiator hose on a hyundai accent 2008? The damn thing is impossible to get to and i can't even see where it connects to the engine.

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  7. Thank you Scotty Kilmer for the guided instructional video. This really did it for me with replacing my radiator! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sir!

  8. I really appreciate that there are people who will shoot videos on how-to stuff like this. Scotty, please. If you had any kind of teacher this obnoxious you'd drop the class and lose your money just to not have to suffer through.

  9. hey scotty, do you have to drain the auto transmission fluid first? if not, how much fluid do you expect to replace when changing the radiator out?

  10. I just want to let you know you are awesome! You have helped me more than all the mecanics I've met combined. Keep doing it! You are amazing.

  11. Did you leave out bleeding the cooling system of air intentionally? Or does the Honda not require you to do that?

  12. I wante to put an aluminum radiator on me 2003 s 10 4.3 cause it runs a little over 210 in the summer but I have heard that some of the fittings are not exact,so what radiator would you use and is it better? Plus I thought about putting a metal fan on it. Thanks Scotty for reading

  13. Mr. Scotty. I have a 2001 sebring coupe, 3.0 motor. My problem is, the only time my radiator fan come on is when I turn my heater-a/c blower on. Radiator fan goes off when hvac blower is turned off too. What would be the problem there. Thank you for the help.

  14. I am just about to place my new rad in. Any concern with air bubbles in the transmission cooling lines?

  15. How about a vehicle with the A/C condenser mounted forward of the radiator? How do I separate the two when swapping the radiator?

  16. It could be the radiator because when i drove my 1972 Jaguar XJ6 into the garage it started leaking green fluid everywhere

  17. Getting conflicting answers. What coolant should be used for a 2000 Corolla in lieu of the Toyota Red Colant?

  18. He makes it look so easy. It's really not lol. I was at a salvage for about an hour trying to take out a radiator

  19. I just have a question in my car it’s a 2008 Nissan patrol and it’s a used car my question should i put a foam seal/insulation between radiator and condenser

  20. @Scotty Kilmer

    My radiator fan wont turn off. When i start the car, the fan does not turn on immediately but as it reaches a temperature, first the low speed fan turns on, then the high speed fan turns on and it stays on forever. I have the low speed fan set to 210F, but it turns before it reaches that temp. What could it be?

  21. For an automatic do you have to top off the transmission fluid? Is much transmission fluid lost during the switch?

  22. Dude I changed the radiator by this video.. awesome. But, I didn't know I had to run the car with the radiator cap off to get the air out of the system before driving. I went thru 2 of them before I learned… it still bubbles.. now I know thru Scotty's other video that I may have a water pump issue. 1997 Honda Accord

  23. Hey Scotty,I got a big problem i brought a all aluminum radiator but I stripped the threads on the transmission lines in the radiator it's for a 2003 s-10 4.3 I was gonna retread it but I don't know what size tap I need. What do you recommend I do?

  24. I called around to a handful of different repair shops and they all wanted almost $500 to replace the radiator that was leaking in my 1996 GMC Jimmy. I was pretty hesitant to fix it myself, but I decided to be brave and do it. I ended up spending just around $100! The whole process was actually easier than I thought it would be too. Thanks Scotty for the inspiration!

  25. I did only with my weak hand coz I got broken thumb so it took me a lot of time.. over 2 hours just took off the parts. Big thanks you gave me an idea.

  26. Bar leak clogged up my radiator and my car overheated. The bar leak seemed like it worked fine till apparently it messed up my radiator now i’m wondering replacing my radiator alone would fix the issue. Probably I’m going to end up selling my car. Hopefully someone will buy it with a semi fixed blown head gasket.

  27. So how long does this typically take? And can I just recycle the coolant that was already in the old rad?

    My mechanic quoted $220 for the rad and $100 in labor on a 2000 infiniti i30. Is that a good deal? I just purchased a rad from rockauto for $85, hoping to save some money… Is it something that I should attempt on my own; having no mechanical experience; or should I get a professional to install it?

  28. I threw my metal drain pan…and it caught a thermal lift and took out my headlight…need a video now on replacing that…thanks Scotty, you're a bad influence!

  29. You might want to disconnect the battery first! Not all fans are connected to the radiator and they could turn on and take your hand off.

  30. Hi scotty. I have a 2007 Vauxhall Astra, about 2 months ago it had a new water pump as the old one was leaking. I have now found the coolant has turned rusty despite the coolant replaced for new coolant at the same time. Can the rust mean a bad radiator?
    I intend to keep the car as long as it lasts so i dont mind spending a decent amount to keep it running right provided it doesnt turn into a money pit. It seems to drive fine and doesnt produce white smoke and has no white stuff in the oil but the engine is a bit noisier than normal

  31. Who ever your Neighbor are dam shure lucky i would always invite you and your wife over for BBQ dam for shure cause when my car or wife car gos out who to call scotty rev up your engine 😎

  32. What happens if you accidentally put the cooling lines on backwards? I just want to say, you've helped a lot of people mega heavenly rewards.

  33. Scotty I need a mechanics check on some info that I think is phony. I have a Mitsubishi Montero that overheats only every now and then. I replaced the thermostat, didn't fix it. I took it to the dealer to have them replace the water pump and was told that if they take off the old radiator to access the pump that it cant be placed back on the car and has to be replaced with a new one. Is this correct or is this a sales pitch to make some extra cash?

  34. After watching this video a few times I felt that I could do it myself so I bought myself a radiator and it took me about 30 minutes to swap over and it saved me a few hundred dollars!

    Thank you for this video.

  35. hey Scotty I need to change the radiator in my 2006 chevrolet hhr LT. I would really appreciate any advice or tips you have for me because I cant find any "How-To's" online. Thank you!

  36. Hey Scotty, I need to change the radiator of my Mitsubishi Eclipse 2007… Something that I have know about it? Thanks for the video.

  37. Sir, when you’re pouring in the new coolant. How are you sure air will not get in the system?

    That’s the only thing that confuses me or concerns me.

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