100 thoughts on “How to Repair Rust on Your Car Without Welding (No Special Tools Needed)

  1. I have been painting for years and still found a couple things that I learned from you I really like how thorough you are in explaining your process

  2. I've got an old Volvo 145e that had a big rust hole on one of the wheelwells. I've had it covered over with duct tape for the longest time, and I've had no idea what to do about it. Thanks so much.

  3. Total waste of time, once you start mucking about with it, you letting more oxygen into repair and accelerating rusting process, only advisable if you getting rid of vehicle, because it,s back within 3 months, due to the fact body filler is porous, paints porous as well, if you intend to keep vehicle, cut out all rust by about an inch more into good solid metal, weld in patch, grind it as near level with surrounding metal, if you can get a shrinking dolly which has a groove in it , place it behind panel so that weld seam is in groove , you can hammer seam into groove so that it,s below level of surrounding metal, apply body filler until it,s level and paint, Scottish Panel Beater 5yr. time served journeyman. if you don,t want to use filler, use body solder.

  4. i wonder if those are areas that usualy rust why not have like a thick rubber like protection? so when its thin just replace it

  5. i cannot believe that somehows gives thumbs down to the video. You gotta love the enthusiasm and knowledge of chris.

  6. a flux core mig welder with a roll of wire and mask costs 100€….in america it is probably even cheaper….even a blind one can mig weld…. so WHY this????? and why would any body shop hate such a crappy repair?body shops dont need broke ass customers that dont wanrt to pay for proper work…. and why do most people "eat with their eyes"???

  7. Hey Chris! My car's clear coat on the door turned yellowish. It was crashed and repaired but the door looks a slightly yellowish color. I can tell it's the clear coat because where there is no clear coat the paint looks good. Any suggestions on how to fix that?

  8. I have a couple of small rust areas on my car. A little bubbling coming up in the area where the doors close. Do I still need to use the bondo fillers etc.? Would you please address very small areas? Thanks. Really glad I ran into your channel.

  9. Chris, you never fail to amaze this old timer. Thank you, I learned a lot watching this. Unfortunately I can only use some of these techniques as I'm trying to find a video on how to repair the rusted out area on the cowl, below the windshield frame under my 1988 Jeep Wrangler. I thought it would be easy to find a video on it as most 87-96 Wranglers rust out there. Do you feel like flying to Sunny Orlando and doing a video on it? lol I always enjoy watching you work, with your attention to detail, making things simpler, and using tools that most of us already have. Tom

  10. first take hammer and crack down the non fix parts of the rust to save sandpaper. also think about "salzsäure" (dont know in english) this will also clean the pores and also save lots of sandpaper. the problem is if u buy all the material for just one job its financially not optimal, u will pay nearly what u pay in a cheap paintshop and they at least use 2k materials which are much more durable. one drop of gas on that repair, it will get ugly. 20:20 lol

  11. You lucky dawg…
    My 01 Seville STS has rust behind the wheel wells I sand them with rust removal disc by scotch, does the job, a few months later the rust returns I use rust treatment gel, then sand primer paint and clear.

    From simple bulb to cancer and steady well past the first by foot or so.
    Frustrating, tried rust converter, rust gel nothing works.
    Yet my 03 regal driven all minds of weather only the rockers have decayed I formed stainless stove pipe to exact match.

    Some people have all the luck

  12. То чувство, когда почти нихрена не понимаешь по английски, но интересно))

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  14. My 1988 c/k 1500 has a rust hole near the passenger side door towards the bottom. Do you think doing this would work to fix it?

  15. Chris, I really like a number of your videos! Unfortunately now I need to scold you. This is not even close to correct. Not really any of it. First most rust around the wheel wells start from the inside, chips or damage being number two cause. Next, you don’t EVER add steel mesh, rookie move. If there’s no metal or bad metal you replace it by fabricating that piece. There Is No Repairing Rust! Entire affected area needs to be cut out and replaced. Even using fiberglass filler (which your not..?) moisture will enter from the backside where i it originated and push it out. This is what I do for a living both at a dealership and at home (Facebook @ Nate’s Custom & Detail, specializing in Rust Repair aka cut out and replace)

  16. For those who do not know.All you have to do to get the exact paint for your car is get your paint code which is sometimes in the door frame or check owners manual and just google the number and touch up spray

  17. The hardest thing to get for this job is Talent. Body paint, Finishing an precision requires talent, not only products from the shop.

  18. My only question is, if I don't have a hole, just minimal rust, and cracked paint. Do i need both of the bondo fillers that you used?

  19. Check the recalls on the windstar! I had a 2003 and the rear axle rusted and had a split about 1 1/2' long. Dealership replaced the axle. Next was a recall on the front suspension. Ford dealership bolted components to the body. That's when I traded it in for a Honda.

  20. I came to watch a video on rust removal. Another one. Another one I will never understand and.. Suprise! I loved it. I can literally do it myself, and those are not just words! Finally someone who actually understands who mere mortal needs to make it work! And best part? Everyone says in the end "leave a like, subscribe". You went subtle: "if your not, consider subscribing". And that, Chris, is what gave you a new sub:) click

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