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so you’re under the age of 25 and you’re
trying to rent a car if you fight rent a car in the United States under the age
of 25 you’ll notice a young driver fee added to your check out and that fee
ranges anywhere between fifteen to twenty-five dollars extra per day for
renting your car in this video I’m gonna show you one trick to avoid paying that
rental fee and still rent a car underneath the age of 25 it’s to rent a u-haul a u-haul is a
utility van or truck which can be rented for $19 per day and the cool thing about
these cars is that there is no young driver fee so whereas traditional rental
car companies charge on this extra fee a utility van or truck that you rent
through a u-haul will not have this fee so it’s a really neat trick to rent a
car if you’re under the age of 25 and you want to avoid paying that fee the
cool thing about u-haul is that there’s so many across the country that it’s
really easy to find one there are franchise and there are so many
franchises in the United States for you holes that it’s really easy to find one
in any city where you normally find a rental car company so this is what we
did when I went on a trip to Colorado so I was under the age of 25 and I didn’t
want to rent a rental car I figured I’d save a few hundred dollars by just
renting a u-haul instead so the cool thing with the u-haul is all you have to
do is show up there and they don’t really ask you what you’re moving or
where you’re going just you just pick up the van you pick up the truck and you
take it like a normal rental car the only difference is that they charge you
per mile in addition to being charged per day so if you have yes basically do
the math and determine if it’s worth your while because if you can do a lot
of driving then renting a u-haul as a post chilren ttle car may not be
worthwhile so here’s a quote that I found for enterprise and this is a
week-long rental in Colorado and the price that quoted me was three hundred
and eight dollars so as a part of this three hundred eight dollar fee $90 of
that is a young photographer so basically I’m paying $90 extra just for
the fact that I’m under the age of 25 right so let’s take a look at u-haul
instead so get the you whole website I put down a week-long rental and I
selected a pickup truck and so the price that I was quoted for the week-long
rental was $140 so right off the bat that’s a savings of over $150 by using
the u-haul but what we have to take note of is that the u-haul adds an additional
fee per mile and that per mile fee in this case is fifty nine cents so if we
if we assume that I was going to drive 100 miles over the course of that trip
then the total price would be $199 so if you compared 100 mile trip with either
option comparing the u-haul option versus the traditional mental call
option I’d be saving $100 so you should take a look at how
you’re planning on driving over the course of your trip to see if it’s worth
your while so conflate the break-even point and find out if renting the u-haul
for the models you’ll be driving is actually a savings compared to paying
for that young driver fee with the traditional rental car company another
thing to note is that these new hauls are all two-seaters so if you’re
planning on taking passengers you’ll definitely need to rent a car that has
more seats so this is actually what I did with my best friend when we did a
ski trip in Colorado we opted to rent the u-haul as opposed to renting a
traditional rental car because we calculated that it would actually save
us money and we actually took our rental car and we drove it up Pikes Peak and
Pikes Peak if you’re not familiar is a 14,000 foot mountain in Colorado so it’s
a pretty crazy drive and that new haul truck made it up that mountain without a
problem and it was pretty funny cuz once we made
it to the top of the mountain we found another pair of guys there and they
looked at us looked at our u-haul truck and they said damn I should have thought
of that that was genius you know and that’s kind of hilarious because they
had paid for a rental car also but they had to eat the dumb driver fee you know
they had to tack that onto their their cart so it worked out in our favor and
the resident cars are super reliable they’re very clean it’s very comparable
to what you would get with the rental car company in terms of quality and
they’re very modern cars very recent models so there’s no issues there really
to be worried about one disclaimer that I would add is to make sure that it’s
not gonna snow whenever you rent your u-haul because all of these cars are all
real wheel drive and if it snows you will get stuck but basically this is my
my hack for setting money when I rent cars and yeah what’d you guys think
about this about this tip if you guys want to see more videos like this one
here are two videos which are related I do videos about travel hacking finding
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