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How to RENT A CAR in Japan

How to RENT A CAR in Japan

Sherry! Hi! Please come this way Okay Please sign here You can fill up the tank at the gas station here at the shop Could I have your passport and driver’s license? Umm that’s a good question.. I don’t think I have any You know what? I can do this! Here you go All right, let’s go! Wow, look at this! This is just so gorgeous And it’s long, too All the way down there You know what? I think this is gonna make a great Instagram picture Let’s do it Ready? Say cheese! And the best part is… You can get a free towel You wanna see inside? Ta-da! Pretty huh? And now we came to the beach We are on the boat! So we hit the spot where you can see those spirals It’s kinda cool We came all the way to the ocean So we have to eat some seafood, right? Itadakimasu Some octopus Super hot! It’s a little burnt lol I got the shrimp out of the shell So good You can get Sashimi, too It’s a lobster Sashimi This is actually my first time having lobster Sashimi but this is really good So we got some surprise We got ice cream! So this is lemon and that is orange Itadakimasu Cheers! Yum This is sour! Like it is lemon Like you don’t see that but it is lemon Is it good? Oh, ah, yup, good Ah this is so good And why don’t we stop for another ice cream I think it’s like Ramune or something Ramune is like a kind of soda in Japan Look at this! This is what you should get Ta-da It’s hard to see but she’s got the same blue ice cream And then on top of it, she got soft serve! So we came out to the backside of the shop And… They’ve got a beach And that’s the end of the adventure

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43 thoughts on “How to RENT A CAR in Japan

  1. Such a cool concept!! I know everyone says that at every new video but this editing!! So damn good!! Looks like so much fun! I really want some vacations now xD pls teleport me xD beaches and ice cream yes!

  2. Wow, sooo cool! You manage to amaze me every time you upload something, that editing is always on point and always improving, I loved those transitions, gotta learn to do them myself, nice work!
    And… Now I'm here looking at the rain falling outside, missing the beach and ice cream, and that's your fault xD

  3. Norm is going to have to up his game😂 You do know though you have set the bar high so now everyone expects the next vid to be at the same level😉 Shikoku tourist board should commision you!

  4. Just planning a trip to Ehime and Oita in September. I was just looking for rental car options. Nice timing 🙂

  5. Typo! How to "Dive" a car; maybe you mean how to "drive" a car. Nice video. Is this what Norm came down to help with?

  6. Yay, #Sherrytime!
    I was worried I wasn't getting notifications for your videos either. Apparently I've missed like 3 of Norms. I love the energy and tone of this video Sherry! Probably some of the best and most perefctly well timed editing you've ever done! You even included Food Porn!

  7. Wow! Love your editing. You made an ordinary video extra interesting. Hope to visit Ehime in the near future.

  8. Excellent editing!👍🏻💖👍🏻💖👍🏻💖. What a fun video. I really appreciate your hard work to give us something different. Yoo are very talented.🙏🏼💖🙏🏼💖🙏🏼💖

  9. いつも楽しみに拝見させて頂いてます😁 今治市に小島というスポットがあります。日露戦争時に建てられた煉瓦造りの建物が、島の、あちらこちらにあり、インスタ映え間違いなしです😆 これからも、我が町愛媛を世界に発信していってください😀 フレーフレー🤓

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