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How to rent a car as an American in Germany

How to rent a car as an American in Germany

we’re on the Rhine do I I do
going guys well we’re now a couple days in Germany and everything looks a little
bit Rui like you can see back there rainy yeah and we got not too much luck
with weather in general when we wasn’t Hawaii and rain now we’re in Germany and
rained at least it’s not snowing yeah but in general we are not lucky yeah four days or something like that so we
did not do much so we didn’t make any meat just because of that and also we
was like ice skating ice skating was kind of cool but I never made a video
but I maybe show a clip and it was cool we had the whole ice all oh yes break3
yeah we have the whole ring parts and it was actually really nice and now we try to catch a train and then
rent a car and visit a friend and then we’ll be one of our highlights and after
that we go to Cologne and I’m really excited about that and we will yeah
make a little documentary about how it is Trent is American a car in Germany
what do you need how much kind of car is bullet cost and when it’s worth it yeah one of the things that is also untypical
is that we can now return the car in a different city and that’s why we
actually want to do it so we rented and folder and tried them to Cologne that
it’s also reason why we choose we’re on the Autobahn anyway we had a
kind of a getting our car
he originally thought that the car was that
translation but they moved so they weren’t there anymore we had to go get a
taxi and find them and it was just kind of a mess to get but eventually we did
got a car going to brown flag then we’re going to go to Cologne
so we’re driving girly on me out of a miniature it’s a bit of adventure
Rachel’s doing 150 and she’s scared hundred fifty kilometers
a little nerve-wracking in this so as an American getting a German car
in Germany one thing to kind of make note or the laws and things
like that another thing is it would be like seventy dollars more to get a
automatic so this is actually a manual car most cars in Germany are manual so
yeah you know just take sure before prepared to know how to drive stick
shift that’s why I’m not driving just so something to keep in mind it was very
easy they asked for our passport driver’s license and like the general
information that you’d expect to know they typed it all in I was thinking them
but there might be something else going on but no really here you go here’s the
keys okay there’s also if you go into this
little town there are these cameras like this it just looks like a weird statue
and it’ll flash at you and then that they call that have you blitzed and you
I go too fast I’m so it’s not like they’d be going now yeah
we’re on anyway so I can’t there’s not really too
much I also on the Autobahn there are points where you can’t go infinite
amount they were there are signs to keep in mind it’s usually around cities where
they’ll or construction will they’ll bring it down to 120 98 km/h so just get out of the way see someone coming
really fast from behind or go faster check the left mirror in the bag our
fastest always and you go that was so getting the car
Germany as an American isn’t that hard however however use the eleventh know
how to drive stick shift or prepared to pay the price yeah if you have four
people it’s actually a really cheap if you can split the cost and if you drive
to two cities and you have you have trip land renting a car always cheaper than
actually driving everywhere most outré trend actually is it’s worth it but just
for wanting one time experience yeah where are we
in Korean cologne made it all the way here we went visit our friend and brown
Shrike and so now we’re alone and we’re about to drop it off we have about 40
minutes to get to somewhere five minutes late it’s so perfect
we filled up the gas tank that was kind of an adventure he also really need to
go to the bathroom so um but yay we’re here

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  2. You two look like you have so much fun together exploring new places. Did you go there on vacation? Have you been there before, in Deutschland? What state in the US are you from? Thanks for the video.

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