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How to Pump Fuel in Switzerland | Driving in Switzerland

How to Pump Fuel in Switzerland | Driving in Switzerland

So, when you come to Switzerland and you travel by car, either by rental car, or by normal car, you eventually need to fill
up. Even though it’s a small country the time will come.
So we’re here at a normal regular Swiss gas station and I’m going to explain to
you today, how this is done in Switzerland. Not in Zurich, in Switzerland. So we have
here a normal car. Normally these sort of machines you will find everywhere. Even
though there are different type of gas stations. There are small ones like this
one. Very small, you can check for the tire pressure as well. There is a pump and of
course there are some, which are assisted. Some gas stations… I know of one gas station where someone is actually filling you up.
There, there is a shop nearby you can you can buy stuff. Normally these shops
are called Migrolino or Coop Pronto. Or from AVIA gas stations, there are shops as well. They close at 10 o’clock at night and open at 6 am. So if you miss
out on your shopping on regular days, this is place to go. But all of them have this kind of of 24/7 machine. So what you can do is two options: normal bills 10, 20, 50. Also with the bigger gas stations they don’t accept 1000 Swiss Francs notes, because obviously means if you… You’re up to something.
Or we have here by credit card as well. Yeah normally, the color scheme is I’m
going to show you. Basically it’s everywhere the same so. We have green is unleaded, black is diesel and there is light green which is unleaded but it’s a
bit higher octane. That’s normally the color scheme for all the gas stations
except Shell gas stations. So yeah, we’re here. Very simple to use, so when you play
we put everything in and then you’d select either here. It’s one, two
it’s written at the top which pump you need to use and then you do it.
You can tell what you need to fill. Normally when you go abroad or when I go abroad, for me it’s normally it’s a bit Russian Roulette. I don’t know
what to do. So we have also with numbers… We have Bleifrei 95, which means unleaded 95. Unleaded, 95 octane, dark
green. We have light green, it’s unleaded 98. So normally those cars who need it
you know, which ones they are. Normally it’s a bit sportier cars and then you got
black. This iis called diesel. If you have a rental car normally they write it
at the top of the of the hole you put it in. And that’s it yeah.
So we are here at one gas station, which is also… Is maybe the one gas station you
need to visit if you are in Switzerland. It’s in Beckenried and Beckenried is
in the centre of Switzerland and it’s got a very cool hotel. you should follow
me a bit. It’s a cool hotel it’s called It’s called Seerausch. Seerausch it’s
a very good place to eat and sleep. We’ve got is wonderful view and if you’ll come
as well. It’s on the Grand Tour. It’s on the Grand Tour and there is a ferry.
So normally we are at Lake Lucerne. It takes hours to drive around but is ferry
in summer it takes you straight across the other side to I think between Weggis
and Vitznau. Yeah this is the place to go. Here at Beckenried. Also if you come
by electric car this is the best charging station in Switzerland. We’ve
got a small one which is free at the moment for your non Teslas. Which is
normally in addition to Tesla Superchargers, it’s right over there. You can see it over there.
So if you drive electric, if you drive a hybrid, if you drive normal petrol car
you come here this place to be. I suppose. And also if you look up there, I think
yeah… Can you see it? The prices? Mm-hmm.
So this is for now, it’s per litre. We recalculate it and yeah it’s for now
since I drive cars, it has been between 1.20 and almost 2 Swiss
Francs, which is about today in Dollars. In Euros we have maybe you know we deduct about 20
percent. That’s your Euro value in Switzerland. Normally the gas is
little bit cheaper than in France and Germany.
That’s all you need to know, that’s what it looks like. Bleifrei 95, that’s your normal unleaded. That’s what you’re looking for and always make sure to put it right back in if… You
know how to use that, right? I’m not gonna… I’m not going to show you that. So that’s it. Thank you and wonderful choice of you to come here by car and/or to
take out the rental car and, yeah… Take care and see you!

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2 thoughts on “How to Pump Fuel in Switzerland | Driving in Switzerland

  1. took an electric to a gas station isn't that a fire risk? you supposed to turn off all Electronics when working with the gas pump haha

  2. This is a real incident that happened to me, I fueled up at a ENI pump in the night in Lucerne and it was self operating one because it was late night I gave the machine 100CHFs and it gave me a coupon of remainder amount , I tried to get it refunded in Zurich but it seems it just happens in French side or depends on Canton to Canton.

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